"Wait! I am on drugs?(me)

To be honest, I panicked really bad

Most TV programs for kids put drugs as the incarnation of evil, and to be honest, I had been successfully brainwashed

Well, it is not exactly wrong

"Yep, we all are. It's a really effective antidepressant. As long as you take it, it's really hard to get sad or depressed. On the other hand, if you stop taking it, you will suffer severe withdrawal syndromes. The worst part is that even if you manage to get over them, they will just give you some more later"(Susan)

It came as a shock at the time, but I am not really surprised that they did it. I mean, what better way to control hundred of kids than with a leash. Besides, stopping them from feeling sad or depressed made it easier to control and research the kids

Still, all that didn't change the fact that I felt mortified after hearing about the effects and side effects. It also didn't help improve my impression of the place, and it was pretty low after everything I find out so far

"Anyways, I have to give you a tour if I want my 10 points, so get moving"(Susan) grabbed my neck and dragged me out while I was still a little confused by the news

"Fine fine, I walk. Let me go please"(me) a little embarrassed

"Good, you two follow me"(Susan) said and started walking

So, without much choice, I started following her with Meg by my side. For some reason, Meg was amazed and shocked instead of being surprised and scared

Wich is understandable to some extent, considering the place gave a futuristic feeling. It had automatic doors everywhere, cameras, turrets(Non-lethal) ventilation drafts, and robots in charge of cleaning and other stuff

Susan showed us around the place and took us to the different facilities. We had the dinner where we could eat whatever we wanted but was only open from 8-10, 12-14, 17-19 and 21-23

Well, they did analyse our "business" and told us to eat something specific if we were low in a type of vitamin or something( we lost a point if we didn't eat it). They also did it to check if we took all the pills

Other important places Susan showed us were the classrooms, teleport facility, recreation rooms(cost points), rest area and infirmary

She also warned us of what we could and couldn't do, and the 3 most dangerous individuals we shouldn't mess with

Finally, when all the explanations were over, she handed us 2 cell phones

"Here, it is locked individually and you can request a new one with all the data for 10 points. It can also save other people's numbers so you can call them or text them. It also has a calendar with the classes you are supposed to take and the class number that gets updated on its own, but the most important function is telling you about events. It tells you when there is an event, and what you have to do. It also tells you wich teleport to take, and sometimes who you are supposed to fight. It even allows you to bet on your fight or others since fights are not only schedule but also can be seen in one of the recreation rooms. But don't try to cheat the system, since you get punish if you get find out and no one has fooled it yet. Any questions?"(Susan)



"Good, if you need help with anything, I will give you a hand but after a month, you are on your own. Bye bye"(Susan)



And like that, Susan left. We were tired from all the walking and long explanations, so we barely could hold it at the end. We just dragged our tired bodies to our room and just sleep. Luckily, during the explanation, we went to eat something so we weren't particularly hungry and we were allowed to sleep peacefully

And I mean, really peacefully, since what woke us up was our alarms clocks telling us that classes started in an hour

I reluctantly got out of bed and started dressing in the wonderful pink clothes that I loved so much and went to the bathroom

After getting ready, I was just about to leave the room when I realised Meg was still sleeping in her bed without worries

To be honest, I was tempted to just let her sleep and go to class alone, but the idea of losing a dollar just for being lazy (especially knowing how hard is was to get one) made me throw her out her bed again

It was starting to become a habit

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR!"(Meg) said angrily from the floor

"School"(me) said a little annoyed

I am not a morning person. Never was, never will

"What is the point! I am never going to live a normal life so why go to school!?"(Meg) said angrily



"We don't get pay if we don't go, did you forget? besides, do you have something better to do?"(me) Answered truthfully, I lived in the slum so there are few things that I hate more than losing money

"But but but.... Look at me! everyone is going to be scared of me"(Meg)

"It's going to be fine, the school is full of scary things, what is 1 more?"(Me) said while petting her head a little


"Meg, stop it, we are going to school, so get dress or I will drag you down to school like that"(Me)sent the ultimatum since she was still in her underwear

I was sleepy, I wanted to eat and I wouldn't make it if we kept arguing so I forced her to choose

And to be honest, I may even have done it if she had refused. Pain all over the body, a headache, being sleepy, hungry and forced to go to school didn't put me in a good mood. And let's not forget I am not a morning person

Funny how all the fear I had of her disappeared after one night. Her easy-going personality helped a lot probably

"Fine! give me a second"(Meg) conceded and part of the reason may be that she saw in my eyes I was serious

She simply got dressed, went to the bathroom a minute and she was ready

So we got out of our room and went to the dinner to eat something

To be honest, it would look like a normal dinner like any other school, and it would pass as one except, of course, for its students. Besides the half beast, cyborgs and extremely buffed kids, you had kids using telekinesis to eat, twins that turned out  to be clones, kids using strange contraptions to eat, and a few "normal" ones

It reached such a point that the normal ones looked like the strange ones

Wich would make me a normal one, or a strange one?

I had scars all over my body at the time, so I guess I would look strange, but they were hidden under my clothes and hair, so I guess I looked "normal"?

Anyways, the dinner was full of kids with all kind of looks, that went from the age of 6 to 8 and it had a capacity of 200 kids. It was all automatic so you couldn't see an adult anywhere, only robots, machines and self-service

By the way, there was a second dinner, exactly the same as this one, just way further away from our room

So what did we do? We grabbed something to eat, finish our breakfast while trying to keep a low profile and went to class

We had our classroom number on the cell phone, and luckily, we were in the same class, so we headed there together

The room was exactly the same as the one we went when they did all those test, with a chair with screen and headphones attached to it. The only difference was that instead of having a desk and chair for the nurses, it had a giant screen on the wall

Also, since we did it before, we knew exactly what we had to do so we just went to two random empty chairs and after using our wristbands on the screen, the computer started

We could have said hello to other classmates, but besides not knowing anyone and being intimidated by more than half the class looks, they were all with their headphones on their heads, so it was kind of pointless and rude to disturb them

We just sat on our chairs and activated the screens

And exactly at 9 am, class started

It was a guy dressed as a scientist teaching about basic stuff through the screens and the big tv by the wall

Sometimes he would ask a question to someone in the class and he or she would have to answer

Pretty standard

Classes were of 50 minutes with 10 minutes of recess, and at 1 pm they let us go eat lunch

So after 4 hours of learning, Meg was on her last leg, barely holding herself from all that thinking and with dead fish eyes, almost looking like she wanted to die. The moment she heard food, the light came back to her eyes, her tail started swinging at full speed, and was just about to drag me to the dinner at full speed when I suddenly saw a face I recognised from before they made me this thing

Someone I wasn't sure I was ever going to see again

Note: Thanks again for the help Neiden  :grin:

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