I don't want to be a hero



Chapter 33: Learning some ugly truths


I know I know, hiding in a room hoping everything goes away isn't really a brave thing, but what else do you expect from a kid?

I just went to my bed and started thinking

Nothing important actually, just trying to organize my mind a little after everything I went through

For starters, I noticed that my head was a little clearer than before. It's not like I had problems thinking in the past, but it was easier to think about stuff and it was also easier to remember stuff that happened before

Basically, I became smarter. I didn't realise at the time, just something I gradually learned over time

Also, even though my movements were a little restricted at the time, like trying to move your body after depleting your stamina, over time, it became easier and easier and after a few days, I would be faster, stronger and tougher than before

In summary, I was a jack of all trades, with improved capabilities in all areas. I was faster, stronger, tougher, smarter, healed faster, had better reflex and was more flexible than the average person

As to how they did it, it was a mix of body modification and nanobots with drugs to both stabilise and improve my body capabilities

Nice, right? except for the small little detail of not living up to 40 even if I am not killed before that, and the last years will be in a hospital bed eating liquid food from a straw while suffering dementia

Those would be the side effects of the surgeries I had and the drugs I must take to keep my body in top condition. I could stop taking the drugs, but it changes from 40 to 50 and I become a lot weaker

The price I was forced to take in exchange for super powers...

By the way, they never tell you all this on the facility, I had to find it later by unorthodox means

Anyways, Ying yang and all that bullsh-t

Like I was saying, at the time I was organising my thoughts while checking my body condition. I wasn't paying attention to Meg at the time, but for all I know, she was playing around with her tail or something

I don't know how long I was lost in my thoughts, but suddenly someone knocked on our door and while I just stayed on my bed confused about what to do, Meg just went and opened the door

I didn't have time to react and stop her. I mean, who would just open the door when outside was something out of a horror film? Isn't that common logic? Not that I would expect much logic from a werewolf...

"Thanks for opening. You must be Megan, right"(???) said a young girl voice

"Uhu"(Meg)just nodded while answering

I could only hear the girl's voice since she was behind the door, but the moment I heard her say Meg's name, my panic level went up 3 levels. Not only did she knew our names but how we looked like, so it wasn't just a social call

"Can I come inside?"(???)




No wariness......

If it was the me right now, I would have punched her in the face after doing something so idiotic.......


You can probably guess I wasn't murdered by this sudden stranger since this story is just starting, but if you allow suspicious strangers come inside without wariness or even asking some questions, you wont live a long life. Just a warning

Meg just moved aside and let the girl just come inside

She was a girl around 8, with blond hair, and no scary monsters parts(that I could see at least). Unlike the pink clothes me and Meg were wearing, she was wearing normal clothes, a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt with a unicorn

She looked like any other kid you see on the streets, and to be honest, that scared me more than an actual cyborg suddenly coming inside

Finding a rabbit among many rabbits isn't suspicious, and finding a wolf among many wolves isn't either, but finding a rabbit mingling among wolves? You know that must be one badass rabbit

"Hi! you must be Sara. My name is Susan. The researchers send me to explain some things to you two so you can adapt better to the place "(Susan)

Well, that explained why she came to our room at the time, but that didn't make me drop my guard, unlike someone else......

"And what do you get for giving us a hand?"(me)



"Yes, points. To put it simply, 1 points is around one dollar outside. With those points, you can buy stuff, ask for favors, pay for information or benefits, etc. For example, you wanna drink a coke?  spend 1 point and you get a can, want a shirt? depending on the design, it can cost from 5 to 50 or even 200 points. This shirt cost 7 points for example. Depending on what you ask, it may take some time, but if it is a common item, they get it pretty fast"(Susan) explained

Not really complicated, even though I had no idea how much a shirt cost outside, I did know a coke cost around 1 buck(depending where you buy it). It also explained why she would do this

"Oh! how much did you get?"(Me)

"10 points"(Susan) said happily

Of course, I had no idea if it was a lot under the circumstances, but I knew $10 was a lot of money(for a kid) so I understood why she would do it

"And how much do you get each month?"(me) asked to get a better sense of how much was 10 points in total

"Well, it changes from person to person. Everyone gets 10 points each month, but you can get points in other ways. Winning fights, gambling, acing the tests, helping around and events. The average is of 30-70 points depending on how hard you try. Of course, there are some kids that get only 10 points and others that get more than a 100 but usually is around 30-70 among everyone here. I, for example, get around 60 each month"(Susan) kept explaining

I was paying attention, but Meg on the other hand.....

Let's just say I started to notice she had the focus of a fish

"And I must use those point for food and other stuff?"(Me) worried a little, $30 each month would be barely enough if you take into account only food expenses, if you had to pay for lodgings, clothes, electricity, etc, it wouldn't even come close to be enough

"Nononono, that is for personal use. You will be provided food, education and a place to sleep for free. Classes aren't mandatory, but you get deducted one point for each day you don't go, and if you go in the red, you just don't get points that month. Besides that, it is mandatory to take all the pills they give us and fight 1 random battle every week. If you refuse to take the pills or fight, they will force you to do it, and let me tell you, it isn't pretty how they do it"(Susan) warned me

And I believed her. after everything they put me through, I knew they weren't saints

"Wait, I must fight every week? Isn't that kind of harsh?"(Me)

"No choice there. You get thrown into a fight each week like it or not, and it doesn't end until they say one won. You can refuse to fight and the only consequences are that the other will beat the sh-t out of you. It is only when both refuse to fight that things get ugly, and I mean really ugly, for both of them"(Susan)

"Just what is this punishment that is so ugly?"(me)

"Well, they just stop giving us the addictive drug they have us on"(Susan)


Note: Thx for the help Neiden and Dragrath, I ask forgiveness for the u/you part :(

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