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Chapter 32: From horror to horror


Have you ever seen a werewolf scream? let me tell you, with all those teeth, yellow eyes and hair all over the place, it looks scary as sh-t

I didn't know what to do at the time, surprised by not only meeting something out of a horror film but finding out it was panicking

The thought of my own problems slipped my mind and all I could think about was how I could stop her from panicking. It looked really scary you know? What if it went on a rampage or something, how could I stop a f-cking werewolf alone?

So I went to her side and started petting her head. Maybe not the best idea under the circumstances, since it was like going to a moving truck to stop it, looks nice on paper but is it incredibly dangerous

Luckily, it kind of worked, since 5 minutes later she finally calmed down. She just hugged her legs while hiding her face behind them

"Are you ok now?"(Me) said while still petting it head

It simply nodded but didn't say a word

"What is your name?"(me)

Awkward silence

"Megan"(Meg) said while still hugging her legs and hiding her face

I was a little surprised after hearing her says her name since I didn't know werewolf could talk! Well, not really, but with all that hair I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl

"So Meg then, I am Sara. Nice to meet you"(me)

"Mhm"(Meg) said while staying in her shell

More Awkward silence

Hey! don't expect me to suddenly become an expert at persuasion!

I did pretty well by stopping her panic state!

Sadly, I was stuck. I wanted to see if we were trapped in our room or if we could look around. On the other hand, I couldn't leave her alone after how she acted, I wasn't a monster(even if the werewolf kind of was)

So what did I do?

I threw her out of bed. Since she was half wolf and not half cat, she hit her head when she fell down, but I felt a little accomplished of what I did, besides, her attitude pissed me off a little. It not like she was the only one with problems

"Hey, why did you do that!!"(Meg)

See? she looked more lively after being thrown  out of bed

By the way, I regretted it a little the moment I did it. Think a werewolf is scary? Imagine looking at one that is pissed at you

Still, I don't know how I did it considering I was 6, but I managed to put up a brave front without sh-tting my pants

"Stop moping around Meg! We have more important things to do!"(Me)Acted all piss off and intimidating

It was more like acting tough than actually being tough, but being in front of a werewolf forced me to do it or else I was going to get eaten

"Like what?"(Meg) said while acting a little confused and surprised

So I guess it worked to some extend

Now, what did I say next? I kind of just went with the flow. I was improvising more than an actor that forgot his lines in the middle of a play

"Like finding out where we are, you moping around won't get us any answers"(me)

"Fine! let's look around!"(Meg)

Yay! It worked, but Meg got a little mad at me. At least, I didn't become werewolf snack

"Ok!"(Me) Said while acting like I knew what I was doing

Now that I think about it should I consider an acting career? I think I did pretty good then, and it's not like it was the last time I had to bluff myself out of a situation

Mmmm, Maybe I will look around a little bit

Anyways, I went to the door and after realising it had a panel and an image of a hand with a wristband touching it by its side, it didn't take a genius to figure out how to open the door

So I gave it a try, and moments later, the door opened just like that. So after the door opened itself, me and meg went outside the room to see what was out there

And let me tell you, it was like horror film number two


But it changed from the cliche werewolf horror movie to  one like Freddy

In case you don't know the classics, it is about a guy that hunt you in your dreams. First, everything looks fine, but suddenly, something goes totally wrong and a dragon comes out of nowhere and eats a guy

Well, the situation outside was exactly the same

First, outside the room, was actually a bigger room(since it had a ceiling) with a big playground in the middle and a lot of small doors and some big doors on the walls. They lead to other rooms like ours and facilities like dinner or the classrooms

Now, you are probably thinking, that looks more like another type of horror films like Saw, right?

But the thing is, the first thing we notice wasn't the playground or all those doors, or that the place had a ceiling

The first thing we notice were the kids playing on the playground

Like in a Fredy movie when he invaded a dream, at first, everything looked fine

Just a bunch of kids playing around happily and all that. Some kids were reading books, others were playing with the monkey bars, others were just chilling, etc

Good dream

Then, when you started to pay more attention, came the stuff of nightmares

A lizard thing playing catch with a guy with a bionic arm, a girl with seriously buffed legs playing catch with a panther and a boy with bionic legs, and who knows what else

Because I didn't dare to find out, I just closed the door and went back to bed

You can say something is wrong with a place when a kid finds the safest place there to be a small room with a werewolf in it.......


Note: Thanks again for the help Neiden :D even when I re-read the chapter I always miss a lot

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