"Ok class, today we are going to learn the history of powered people. Does anyone know who is the first recorded powered? Yes Rob"(Teacher)


"Hohoho, don't let a priest hear you. It is true that religious figures like Jesus and Thor or important historical figures like Joana of Arc and Leonardo Davinci are believed to be powered people, but those were never confirmed as such. The first confirmed powered is actually David Stavisky, the first calamity in 1971"(Teacher)

"He was a famous boxer famous for never being knockout in a fight, only losing because of points. No one knows what happened exactly, but one day in the streets, he just became a 10 meters calamity and started destroying anything in sight. They tried shooting him, planting bombs and even a tank, but nothing hurt him. Only when a group of powered came and took him down, did the rampage finally ended. Afterwards, everyone started asking the government for some answers, and the government admitted both the existence of powered and calamities. Now, was he the first calamity?Jessica? Jessica? wake up Jessica!"(Teacher)


"This is not the time to be sleeping young lady! Now answer the question, was David Stavisky the first Calamity?"(Teacher)


"Why not?"(Teacher)

"Because there were calamities before his?"(Jess)


"I don't know"(Jess)

"Then don't sleep in class! Anyways, Jess is right. There are confirmed calamities that the government admitted covering up over the years, and other countries did the same later. They said they was getting harder and harder to cover it up, so they may as well come clean. Anyone knows why it was getting harder and harder to cover it up? Tom"(Teacher)

"Overgrowing population? My dad said that 40% of the all the human race that ever lived on the planet are alive right now"(Tom)

"I don't know if it's 40%, but it's true that one of the reasons is that there are a lot more people now than in the past, but that is not the main reason. Apparently, during WW2, somehow the potential of humans increased. Some say it was a consequence of a research going wrong, and others say someone opened a door that led to the 4th dimension. Anyways, the potential for humanity went from almost none to 5%, and if you add the increasing population, it was almost impossible to cover up. In the end, everything blew up in 1971, causing a world crisis"(Teacher)

"Since superheroes comics like batman and spiderman existed since the 40 and 50, as soon as it became public, people started dressing as superheroes and super villains while fighting all over the city. The military tried to control the situation for a time, but it ended in a disaster, so the heroes association was created, and works side by side  with the government since then. Yes, Mary?"(teacher)

"Do I have to join the Heroes association if I want to use my powers?"(Mary)

"Nononono, it is completely optional. Only if you want to fight crime while having a secret identity you must join them. And if you just want to fight crime, you can always join the police, FBI or even the military. Yes, Tom?"(Teacher)

"And what about Shadow? he isn't in the Heroe Association and fights crime anyways"(Tom)

"He is a vigilante, and what he is doing is actually illegal. Please don't follow his example"(Teacher)

"But he helps people, why is it iIlegal?"(Tom)

"Because they take the law into their own hand without proper procedures. It looks faster and more effective, but most of the time they work on assumptions and end up hurting innocent people that were wrongly accused. Imagine this, someone lost money and thinks someone in class stole it, then everyone say it was Kid A because he was the poorest in the class, no one has proof so another kid punches him until he confesses, is that ok?"(Teacher)

"But if he hadn't done that, we would never have known it was him"(Tom)

"Ah, but that is the thing, I never say it was him. If you were punched constantly until you say you did it, wouldn't you say you did it? Even if you didn't do it, you would say you did so he would stop. That is what vigilantes do, they carry punishment without gathering the proper evidence first, and even if they did, what right do they have to ..."(Teacher)


"I guess class is over, think in what we talked about, and Jess, don't fall asleep in class next time"(Teacher)

"Yes, miss Harrison"(All)


"Hey Jess, you ok? want to leave it for another day?"(Susan)

"No, I am fine, I just went to sleep late searching on the internet. Can we really leave your house without problems? won't your family get mad or something?"(Jess)

"No problem, as long as we don't come back too late, we will be fine. Let's just leave our stuff at home and look around for your sister. You think she will still be around your old neighbour?"(Susan)

"it's worth a try. If she survived, I am sure she would stick around those parts, at least for a while. I am sure someone saw her at leat. I wish I had known sooner she may be alive"(Jess)

"But how sure are you? If she was alive, shouldn't she have tried to reach you?"(Susan)

"I don't know, maybe she  just didn't know where I went or have no way to contact me. As for her being still alive, I am also not sure. Since I confirmed that both John and Max were dead and I never saw her at the hospital or orphanage, I thought she was one of the unidentified bodies that got they head crushed. It was after mom told me the whole story a few weeks ago that I realized she may still be alive"(Jess)

"But why not ask your mom for help? I am sure she wouldn't mind looking for your sister"(Susan)

"She tried, but she didn't find her, and she wouldn't let me go there myself since it is a dangerous area and I am "too small to go", so I have no choice but to do it behind her back "(Jess)

"But isn't going there dangerous? Won't someone try to rob us or kidnap us?"(Susan)

"I am sure nothing bad will happen, I use to live there, you know? We will be completely fine"(Jess)


Note; Thanks again for the help Neiden :D

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