Note: Happy Valentine. It was a pain to write, seriously. Don't hope for another of this character
Btw: thx for pointing out the mistakes Neiden and Zenla

What to do what to do...

They suddenly told all of us to make some chocolate and give it to someone

I mean, it sounds nice and all but those guys can be really evil sometimes

Considering that they made me this half wolf half human without asking, that they make us fight constantly, that they never let us go outside or that they do constant tests, they force us to study and force me to eat vegetables from time to time


I like meat! I want more meat!!!


Where was I? Ah yeah, chocolate

Can I eat chocolate? I heard you can't give chocolate to a dog or something like that

But I am a wolf-human something, so it should be alright, right?

I like chocolate, so let's eat it anyways

They heal my wounds properly after the fight, even when I lose, so they should give me something for the stomach if I feel bad, right?

At least, they treat me better than my old home. There they punch me and never care to treat me or something, and the food is better

I can eat a lot of meat! even if they force me to eat vegetables from time to time

I want more meat


why can't they give me more meat? I want more meat

I wonder what happens if I mix meat with chocolate?

Would it taste good? It should taste good, meat is delicious and chocolate is delicious, so it should be double delicious!!!

Oh! wait, I am supposed to make it for someone, not for myself

Does that mean that even if I make the delicious chocolate meat, someone else will eat it?


My chocolate meat!!!!!!!

That is unfair, I should be the one to eat the chocolate meat

What is the point of making the chocolate meat if you can't eat it? Sara was right, they are evil!!!

Forcing me to make something so delicious like chocolate meat and telling me not to eat it, only a monster would do it

I want my chocolate meat!!!

I am sure it's going to be super delicious

It's chocolate plus meat, two of the most delicious things in the world!!!

I want to eat it!!!!

Maybe if I ask nicely, they are going to let me eat some of it

Oh! I know, if I ask Sara to make me chocolate meat, I can eat it!!!


Chocolate meat, chocolate meat, chocolate meat

I wanna eat chocolate meat

Chocolate meat!!

I should find Sara and tell her my wonderful idea

Let's see.......

Her smell is........

I forgot

Let go back to the room


Here we are

Now, should I smell her clothes? She got a little mad the last time I did it, but but but

Ahh!! I am doing it!



Found the scent

Let's follow it

She went this way

It's not an old trace, right? Na, it's getting a little stronger with time

She went to the class, not here

She went to the bathroom, not here

She went to t




The scent continues to the dinner

I am kind of hungry, so it's probably eating time

I wonder if they have meat, I want to eat meat


"Excuse me!"(??)

Uh!? who is talking?

Oh! A boy is behind me, don't sneak behind me, it's rude

Why the angry face?

"The ball, please"(kid)


"Wfefw bdfe?"(me)

Oh! I have a ball in my mouth for some reason!

It happens from time to time

I want to keep it! but but but

Sara said I must give it back if someone ask for it :(

Let's give it back


Done, now he is holding it, so he can't complain

Why the disgusted face?

Didn't he want the ball back?

If you don't want it, can I have it?

"Maan, look at what you did to the ball, it has your teeth mark and it's full of your spit"(boy)

Hey, it's not my fault it suddenly appeared in my mouth!

"Just go, ok? I am going to wash it or something. At least, you didn't crush it"(boy)

Sheesh, what a rude boy

What was I doing?

A yes! chocolate meat!!


No! wait! wrong! I wanted Sara to make me Chocolate meat!


She was at the dinner, right?

Because of that rude boy, I almost forgot

Yeah, her scent is at the dinner, let's go



There is Sara, Sara is there, let's go to Sara

Let's hug Sara


"Hi meg"(Sara)

Ohh! she smells nice

She was eating Meat!


Let's get some meat!

"Hi Meg"(mei)

Oh, Mei is here too!

"Hi Mei!"

Mei is nice, but she eats too much rice, she needs more meat!


Let's go get the meat

There is a line!

let's wait in line......




yay! Meat!

Let's sit with Sara and Mei



Sara hit my hand

"Use the knife and fork! how many times I have to remind you"(Sara)said a little angry

I forgot =P

Let's see, knife....., fork..... cutting ........

I wonder why I can't use my hands? it is faster

But they complain if I don't do it



Why can't they serve meat more often


I want more meat!

Oh yeah, Sara can make me the Chocolate meat!

"Serghufsdfe ahfeuohfaea"(me)

"Swallow the food before talking Meg"(Sara)



"Can you make me chocolate meat for me?"(me)

It's sure to be delicious!!!!!!

"Chocolate meat? Ah! you mean for today's event. We were just talking about that with Mei"(Sara)

"Chocolate meat? what is that?"(Mei)

Mei doesn't know? Wow! that doesn't happen often

"Meat bath in chocolate of course!"(me)


why the disgusted face?

"Meg, we are only allowed to make normal chocolate. They don't allow extra ingredients"(Sara)


MY CHOCOLATE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Don't be so sad meg, I am sure that they will let you make it if you spend some points"(Sara)


"Yeah, so we can make it another day, today is just normal chocolate"(Sara)

Yay! I can eat chocolate meat!

"So, what do you think we should do Sara? you think it's a trap?"(Mei)

Chocolate meat!

"Who knows, All I care is that whenever they ask us to do something, they usually give handsome rewards. The only thing I am sure of is that it won't end in just giving chocolate"(Sara)

Chocolate meat!

"Yeah, you think they will poison us? Like with the free pizza Friday event"(Mei)


Oh yeah, that pizza day, it smelled funny so I didn't eat it. Sara acted funny after trying a little bit

"Or throw us into a prepared dungeon like "pick a friend" event"(Sara)

Dungeon! That was a scary one, I don't want to go back there

"So, how do we do this one?"(Mei)

"Mmm, Why not share with each other? At least, if they throw us into a dungeon, we will be three at least. Just don't eat all the chocolate in one go, you heard Meg?"(Sara)

Uh!? Not eat all?

"Why not?"(Meg)

"Just don't, ok?"(Sara)


I want chocolate.....

"So, we share with each others or m¡Meg-Sara Sara-me me-Meg?"(Mei)

"We see how it goes"(Sara)



Is there any meat?

no meat :(

"Ok girls, take a seat. Form teams of 2 or 3"(teacher)

Oh! the teacher is here! Is he explaining how to make it?

"Come meg, there are three sits there"(Mei)

Mei is pulling my hand! let's follow her

I can see some stuff on the table

"Do you smell something weird?"(Sara)


Mmhh, it smells good!

"It smells delicious!"(Me)

Why is there no meat? I want meat

"Everyone in place? good, heat the water in the pot. Careful with the fire"

Oh, there is a pot full of water there

Mei is starting the fire, I guess I will wait

"Now, Combine the cocoa powder and butter in a bowl. Cream together until you have a smooth paste. Use a fork to eliminate lumps"(Teacher)

"Here Meg, do it slowly"(Sara) handed me the bowl with the stuff

Yay! Stir, cream stir



"Good job"(Sara) is petting me!


Pet me more!

"Done? Add the cocoa powder mix to the hot water and stir. Allow the temperature to rise back up"(teacher)

Sara is doing it now

"Pour the hot mixture into a bowl"(Teacher)

*Sniff* Smells really good!

Why can't I add meat?

"Add the Sugar and milk. Blend until it is smooth"(Teacher)

"Any questions?"(Teacher)

Oh, I have one, I have one!

"Yes, meg?"(teacher)

"Can I add meat?"(Meg)


Why is everyone looking at me like that?


No chocolate meat :(

Why not? It should be super delicious!

Maybe too delicious?

Oh! It is too delicious!

Still I want to see how delicious it is

"I want to eat it!"(Me)

"ok, later we will get you some. Just write my name and Mei in the paper, ok?"(Sara)


Mei Lin Sao, Sara Mars


"Can I eat the chocolate now?"(Me)

"Yeah, but only part of it, leave the rest for later"(Sara)


It's good!

I want more!!!

"No more Meg"(Mei)

I want more.....

More is always better!

But but but, I guess I will leave it for later

"Girls, did you write the names on the paper? hand them over please"(Teacher)

Sara is passing the papers to another girl

The girl handed over to the teacher

Is it done then?

"Did everyone had it over? Good, you can go now, don't forget to hand over the chocolate"(Teacher)

"Let's go"(Sara)


"Should we prepare or something?"(Mei)

I can smell a little fear from Mei, I wonder why?

"Take a nap I guess, it could be a long night"(Sara) smelled normal

I guess it is ok, Mei gets scared easy

"Come Meg, we are going to take a nap"(Sara)




"Meg, wake up"(???)


Oh, Sara

"What is it?"(Me)

"We got a message in the cell, I am taking T-22, you are taking T-45. Mei also got one, T-8. Let's go"(Sara)


I hate the teleport, it always make me feel sick and there is always that noise after

I don't want to go.....

"Come on Meg, stop stalling"(Sara)




Put wristband at the thingy so the door opens

"Megan Wolf recognised"(voice)


Let's go inside


The door closed like usual

"Waiting for others"(voice)

I hope I don't have to wait much, I want to see Sara and Mei


Here it goes.......



ugh.... I hate teleporting

Nooooooooooooooo!! My chocolate

Was that why I was supposed to not eat it all?

Luckily I listen!

They always help me....

I wonder if they are near

Oh! there they are

Since the room is all wait and without anything in it, they are easy to see

Wait! Isn't this the fighting room? Are we fighting? Is the noise coming?

Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, me, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come, Don't come


Cover my ears!!! Don't listen,  Don't listen,  Don't listen,  Don't listen,  Don't listen,  Don't listen,  Don't listen,  Don't listen,  Don't listen,  Do

Two targets

Left looks weaker

Attack left


Right is coming, dodge

Left is coming, dodge

Can't dodge










Uh? oh, I am in a bed?

Oh, it's my bed

"Are you awake?"(???)


"Are you ok Sara? did I hurt you?"(Me)

"I should ask you that, you know? We did gang up on you"(Sara)

"But but but, are you ok, did I hurt you?"(Me)

"We are fine, just some scratches. Well, you did focus more on Mei, so she may be grumpy later. I even took her down easier after thanks to that, but we are ok"(Sara)

Good, I hate that noise, I always lose myself when I hear it. Luckily, Sara and Mei never hear it, I wonder why?

They say they never lose it when they fight. Is it because they can't hear the noise?

I whish I didn't either

"come on, cheer up, we know you couldn't control yourself, we are not mad. Come, I got a lot of points, so I can ask for some chocolate and meat"(Sara)

meat!? Chocolate!?


"yeah, chocolate meat, just don't be disappointed if it tastes bad"(Sara)

How could it taste bad? it is chocolate meat!


Chocolate meat, Chocolate meat, Chocolate meat, Chocolate meat, Chocolate meat

It is almost done!

"Here, try it"(Sara)


Chocolate meat!

Let's eat!!!!

crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch


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