I know what you are thinking, you are trolling me again, right?

How could the MAIN CHARACTER die just like that

What would be the point of all this story if that was the case

But let me ask you one little thing

If you are suddenly tossed into a lab full of crazy scientists, doing inhuman experiments of all kind and forms, how sure can you be that you are actually you and not a clone, a person with fake memories, a cyborg, someone from a parallel world or who knows what else?

Because I sure as hell don't know for sure

And if you include the part about Sara being a hostage, even if she died on the operating table, they had to find a way to make it look like she was alive

So yeah, I am not sure if Sara survived the surgery or I am a clone, someone from parallel universe, a different kid that they put her memories and did some plastic surgery, or a homunculus(human imitation)

All I know is that I woke up in a room for two, and my last memory was of Sara resting on a chair after having to choose if I kill a dog or not(chap 29)

So yeah, you have been reading my life story so far, or, at least, my memories of Sara

So why the 3th person until now? Well, you have to look for the reasons why I am writing all this

All this has 2 purpose

First, check how accurate my memories are since I can't be sure if everything is real or some parts were implanted just for fun, some kind of twisted test or to fake my death

Second, to check my mental stability. I will corroborate more in future chapters, but let's just say that the other test subjects didn't have the best mental stability, thanks to numerous experiments, drugs, environment, etc

Let's just say that having an idea of how I behave before the surgery and after helps a lot in checking how far I have fallen from the rabbit hole of insanity

Sadly, after everything that the hood guys put me through, I can't be sure if I am really Sara or someone that has the same name and face

There is also the part of me not knowing for sure about everything that happened during surgery, but since I never had to go to one like that later, at least I know the person I am now it's the same person that came out of it(probably)

Well, let's not be so cryptic, ok? I am me in the end, and I may not be the original Sara, but I am Sara and will live as her the rest of my life

And what I am telling you are the memories of my past plus information I gathered here and there(yes, I managed to live a couple of years, with luck I may even reach 18)

So, let's go back to where we left off

Like I said, I woke up in a bed in a room with a bunk bed

I was at the bottom bunk bed, and a little confused with a really bad headache

Of course, I didn't suspect I was me or not at the time, all I thought was how much my head hurts and where the f I was

If I wasn't a kid at the time, I am sure I would be cursing like a sailor

Feeling like sh-t, getting thrown into unknown situation time after time and suddenly appearing in an unknown bed for the second time after being knocked out for the 3th time after passing really f-ck up test, anyone would fell like cursing like a sailor


Wouldn't last much long in a place like that

I mean, you know what was the first thing she saw the moment she got up from bed? well, actually darkness because the light were off and like before, there were no windows

I had to move around until finally I found a light switch and turn it on

Ass soon as she turned on the light, she saw the room and wasn't particularly impressed

It had a bunk bed, a closet, a desk and a bathroom in the back, with a shower, toilet, and sink

You would think that with billions they probably expended on the place, they could afford betters rooms....

Still, the first thing I did after turning the light on was to check myself

I found out I was wearing the same pink clothes again, but this time, I found something else, a scar on my arm, with an identical one on the other

The moment I found them, I run to the bathroom, and I looked all over my body, finding scars all over the place

But the strangest part wasn't having scars all over my body, but that they were already healed

It makes you wonder, how long was I out?

Usually, one would scream or panic at that time, but before I could even react, I saw movement from the top of the bunk bed from the mirror reflection

The moment I saw movement, I instinctively turned around to see who it was, making me forget about the scars for a second

And what I saw coming out of the blankets helped me forget for more than a few seconds


I mean, what came out of the blanket was something out of a horror movie

Not the disgusting type like a zombie or Freddy

But actually a werewolf

I mean, a freaking werewolf was sleeping on the top bunker!

It had the teeth, all hairy, with wolf-ear and a wet nose


Then, a screaming contest started






And for some reason, the werewolf started smiling like it won. It looked kind of spooky with all those teeth actually

"Are you ok?"(werewolf)said with a girly voice, it really didn't fit the scary face

It took me a couple of seconds to catch my breath, but I finally managed to say a few words

"You are not going to eat me, right?"(Me) asked while still being a little scared

"Why would I eat you?"(werewolf)turned her head to the side in a cute way

"Because you are a werewolf, and werewolf eat people?"(me) asked while questioning the statement a little

It's not like I met a werewolf before, right?How would I know what they actually eat

The werewolf, not understanding my answer, took a look at its hands and.....


Did I say already that the place was full of mad scientists?

Note: Thanks for the help Neiden  =D
 by the way, I haven't decided yet if she is the original Sara or not, since it could be an interesting arc in the future

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