A room full of Tables with chairs, screens and headphones connected to them

That is where the nurse took the group

It would look like a classroom, except it didn't have a blackboard, windows or even a clock. Only the tables, a desk and two extra chairs

Oh, and an extra nurse waiting inside. But like the one that brought them there, she didn't say a word, she just stayed put on her chair

All the kids follow the first nurse inside the classroom and started looking around, but as soon as the last kid got inside, the doors closed, followed by a locking noise

Basically, they were trapped with no explanation of what to do next

Well, no direct explanation at least. Even if not all of them got it, some of the kids(including Sara) instantly realised that they were supposed to sit on one of the chairs

The two nurses sat near their desk, and when one of the kids tried the door, it was closed as expected, so their choices were to wait indefinitely while standing up or just sit on one of the chairs

It didn't take long for some of the kids to sit first, and for the rest to follow

Sara and Mei sat beside each other, and Sara put the headphones on her head. She took a look at the screen and saw images of a hand with a wristband touching the screen in a loop

Sara decided to give it a try and touched the screen with her pink wristband

"Hello-Sara"(Voice) suddenly spoke, scaring the sh-t out of Sara

It took her a moment to realise that it came from her headphones

"Now-you-are-going-to-answer-a-series-of-questions-.-Please-take-your-time-and-answer-only-with-the-thruth-.-If-you-need-to-go-to-the-bathroom-raise-your-hand-and-a-nurse-will-take-you-there"(voice)said mechanically on the headphones and the screen

"Question-1--Can-you-read?-you-can-say-yes-or-no"(voice)said on the headphones again while offering yes and no options on the screen

Sara said yes and the screen and voice went to the next question

Basically, it started testing if she could read and count, asked her age and if she went to school, what year she was and how much did she know. Could she count, knew the ABC, etc

But after the knowledge questions ended, the voice started asking more personal questions like her favorite animal, if she were an animal which she would be, which she wouldn't be, favorite color, etc

The questions looked endless, but she kept answering one after another like she was in a trance. She didn't even pay attention to her surroundings, and after who knows how long, the questions finally ended

"Please-don't-remove-the-headphones-and-wait-for-instructions"(voice)said finally and Sara finally woke up from her trance

She started looking around and found that most were still answering questions and only a few were looking around or watching something on their screens

Moments later, a kids movie started to play on the screen and Sara started watching it while looking around from time to time

She wanted to talk with Mei but she was currently answering her questions, so Sara reluctantly watched the movie and waited

It was actually the old Mage of Oz from who knows how many years ago, but Sara still enjoyed it

Still, she didn't manage to watch a whole lot of it since a message suddenly pops up

"Follow-the-Nurse"(Voice) and text said and the movie stopped playing

Sara looked around and found some of the other kids were also getting up from their seats and approaching one of the nurses so she did the same

Meanwhile, the rest of the kids were still answering questions in full concentration

Moments later after she got close to the nurse, the nurse opened the door after she heard a *ping* noise and went outside the room, so all the kids follow her

They were back on the hallway again, and the nurse took them to the dinner again

Like before, there was food on a table to grab, but this time, it was more lunch orientated instead of breakfast, and the room was a lot more empty than before. when they arrived the first time, there were around 80 kids all around the place, but at the moment, there were only 10, including her

The place was big enough to have more than 100 kids, so with only 10, it looked pretty empty

Still, all of them were somewhat hungry, so they didn't hesitate to grab something and they ended up sitting all at the same table

After a while, a kid raised his hand and asked if he could go to the toilet, and for the first time ever, the nurse did something

She pointed at a door on the far side of the room that said bathroom.....

The kid didn't hesitated a second and started running at full throttle to the bathroom while the rest just ate in silence

A while later he came back, and some of the kids follow his example and at some point, even Sara went

Surprisingly, the bathroom was normal. There was one for boys and one for girls, so the wasn't a urinal in hers, only 3 toilet stalls and 2 sinks

After doing her thing, she checked herself in the mirror and didn't found anything strange, so she just went back to the table and waited

She did ask the kid beside her what they asked him about(it was a boy) and all the questions were the same as hers, but he did manage to answer a few more about knowledge, since he was 1 year older

They keep talking about the questions when the annoying speaker talked again the message "follow the nurse" in different language

The kids, already use to it, just approached her and followed her to a new place like usual

On their way, Sara saw a different group of kids going to the dinner, so for the look of things they were taking turns or something

They also passed the room they took the test and the one she woke up in, but the doors didn't have windows, so she didn't saw what-what was happening inside

Instead, they kept going into a new room she didn't visit before. The nurse went inside first and the kids follow, like they did before, and the door made a locking sound, just like before

The room, this time, had 5 chairs with a helmet on it

Sara instantly realised what it was for since she had used that helmet as a "medical exam" to enter her old school

It basically told you if you had the potential or not

Since it was a private school, they had the privilege of not allowing students that didn't pass the "medical exam" to enter

Some parents complained about it, and tried to sue some schools, but it all turned unsuccessful thanks to the fear of Calamities(and even normal powers), that they were private and that there were schools that did accept them

At the time, she was a little excited with the possibility of becoming a superhero and maybe develop a power that helps her find her family

She was pretty disappointed went she find out she was normal, and part of her hoped that the chair was wrong

Well, knowing what the chair did and wanting a second opinion didn't make her jump to the chair at the first chance, it still looked pretty scary

And it's not like she was 100% sure that was what the chair did

"Sit on the Chair and put on the helmet,.........."(speaker) said again in different language

But no one dared to do it, so the voice repeated again after a few minutes

"Sit on the Chair and put on the helmet,.........."(speaker)

and again

"Sit on the Chair and put on the helmet,.........."(speaker)

and again

"Sit on the Chair and put on the helmet,.........."(speaker)

Until finally, Sara decided to sit first and just put on the helmet. She knew there was no way out of there until they all did it, so she may as well do it sooner rather than later

And it is not like it was uncomfortable or anything, it was just put the helmet, wait a few minutes and it was done

In theory, it checks your brainwaves to see if the manage to find the 4th dimension or something like that

So she just did it, and in a few minutes, it was done. She knew because it made a strange sound and a light turn red

"Are you ok?"(boy) asked the one she was talking to at the dinner

"Yeah, I think it is to check if we have powers. Red is normal and green is powered. I did a similar test before to entering school"(Sara)

Most kids there were from poor families or slum kids, so they never did the test and didn't know how it worked. The moment they found out it was to check for powers, they were more willing to give it a try and test their luck

As you can probably imagine, most kids want the powers. Sadly, most people usually develop a grudge when they fail, and since the chance is around 5%, a lot develop one

Even with this group of 10 kids, only one little girl had the potential in the end

You could even see the envy in the rest of the kids eyes, including Sara

Little did they know, that their wish would be granted

Note: Thanks for the Grammar help Neiden :)
As for the bathroom mistake, we say bathroom to both the toilet one and the one with a bath in Spanish, my bad :P

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