As you can probably imagine, Sara was knocked out for an unknown amount of time again. A side effect of not having a watch and falling asleep

Well, even if she wasn't knocked out since she didn't have a way of checking the time, she wouldn't we able to tell how much time had passed anyways

It could have been a few hours or a few days or maybe even more

All she knew was that she was getting tired of all the knocking out and appearing in new places already

And for some reason, she suspected this wasn't going to be the last time...

At least, this time, she didn't wake up tied to a chair but sleeping in a soft bed

It was an improvement

The other good news was that the bald guy, boobs, and their boss were nowhere to be seen

Instead, she found herself in a big room full of beds, all occupied by children. The room was all pink, without windows. All it had besides beds was a big hospital double door and some air vents

There were around 20 beds, all near the wall with a free space to walk in the middle

As for the residents of the room, it was full of girls of different ages and races, all dressed in pink clothes. It was a pink pair of pants, pink t-shirt, pink socks etc. They all also had  pink wristband and a pink band-aid on their left hand

Of course, she was also wearing those clothes and wristband

It was seriously becoming an overload of pink at this rate. The one that designed all this had a serious fascination with pink or was the kind of idiot that thought girl=pink....

The first thing Sara did was  to take the band-aid and see why it was there. What she found after removing it was a needle mark on her arm. She didn't know what it was for, but she saw that everyone had a band-aid just like her, so everyone probably had a needle mark too

So, after making sure that there was nothing else weird on her body, she started looking around and checking the situation

Around half of them were still asleep on their beds, but some girls woke up and were walking around or talking to each other

Sara decided to get out of her bed, check if she could walk fine, and approach the nearest group of girls

She could have tried the door first, but the first thing that came to mind was getting information instead of running away since there was nothing that looked dangerous in the room

The girls Sara was approaching were three Asians kids. 2 were around her age and the 3th one was a  little older and since they were talking to each other, she decided to try her luck

"Excuse me"(Sara)  said when she got close enough

"&$$%·"(older Asian)said with a confused expression in a different language

The girl wasn't speaking in English, so Sara didn't know what she said

"Do you speak English?"(Sara) tried asking with some hope

"^*$·?%=&)/·"·/($%$&"(older Asian) said again in her own language, this time with a higher voice and panicking a little

"Never mind"(Sara) give up while trying to signal with her hands that she was going away

There were more girls awake, so Sara was sure that someone should speak English, right?


Her second try was a black girl around 7, but she didn't understand a word just like the Asians girls

For her third try, she approached two tanned girls, but let's see if you can guess the result? success or failure?

Let's just say she had to try a 4th time, and this time, she even went to a white blond girl, she was sure it was going to work this time


She was even starting to doubt if she may have hit her head and forgot how to speak or something. She saw it happen in a TV show, so she was sure it was possible

TV never lie

What if she was stuck that way all her life? and if she couldn't also read? she would be left uncommunicated all her life

Sara was panicking a little(well, maybe more than a little) when suddenly

"Excuse me, I saw you trying to talk to the other girls, do you know what is going on?"(girl?)said from Sara's back

Sara followed the sound of the voice she just heard and found an Asian girl just behind her. She was around Sara's age
 and you could tell she was a little scared

She wasn't one of the group of 3 she just tried to talk to and from the look of things, she could speak English, so Sara calmed down a little

At least, her head was fine

"Not really, the last thing I remembered, I was kidnaped by the hood guys and then I found myself here, you?"(Sara)

"I was sold by the person that was looking after me"(Asian girl) said in a low voice

"Ohh......"(Sara) said in a kind of depressed voice since she didn't know how to react

Topics like betrayals weren't something a little kid could handle really well

"So what is your name?"(Sara) tried to change the subject

"Mei Ling, you?"(Mei)

"Sara, nice to meet you"(Sara) said while stretching her hand

Mei took it and both of them shake it and smiled a little

Sh-ty situation or not, meeting someone new and making a new friend was always something good

But the excitement was short-lived


A bell sound was heard all around the room, startling every girl inside, awake or not

A few seconds later, speakers at the top of the room started speaking

"Follow the nurse,***************,&&&&&&&&&&&&&,+++++++++++++,///////////////////,%%%%%%%%%%%%%"(speaker) said in different language

Moments later, a nurse opened the room doors and stood there waiting

Some girls started approaching the nurse, followed by the rest, including Sara and all the girls that were sleeping until now

Mei was just by Sara's side, and the others  girls did similar things by staying near the girls they were just talking before, forming little groups and making something like a line near the nurse

The girls at the front tried to say something to the nurse, but she just ignored them while waiting for everyone to form a line

When everyone was more or less in line, the nurse walked out of the room and started walking slowly to some place. The girls up front started walking behind her and the rest follow in the same fashion

When Sara finally got outside the room, she found a group of kids in blue clothes coming out of a room in front of theirs following a nurse just like them

Behind Sara were two more doors, also with two groups of kids, one with pink clothes and the other with blue clothes

It didn't take a genius to realize blue=boy, pink=girl

Let's say the place won't get an award for originality

Every  group followed a nurse, and after walking a little while and passing some closed doors, they arrived at some kind of dinner

It had long tables with long chairs, a place with numerous strays and another with numerous different types of foods to choose from

Translation, eat!

So some boys and girls took a stray and started choosing what to eat, and then the rest did the same

Sara and Mei went together and each chose something of their liking. Sara chose some cereal while Mei took an apple for some reason

Then, both of them Sat on a chair and started eating while the others did the same

The room was deadly silent, only hearing the sound of munching and coughs or whispers from time to time

It didn't help that most speak different languages and no one could tell which talked witch just by the looks. Well, not Sara at least. Most Asians sit together, black with black, tanned with tanned, white with white, boys with boys and girls with girls

No one told them to do it like that, but it just came to be like that. Probably since people felt more comfortable with people that looked like them or because the chance they spoke the same language increased

Sara and Mei were the first to sit on their table, but slowly, some of the kids started approaching their table and started asking if they could sit in English, which both of then just nodded and the kids sit

Like that, you could say that different groups, separated by a language barrier were formed

As for Sara's group, unlike the rest that had almost always one type of skin color, hers had a mixture of all

At the start, no one talked and just ate their food. It took some time, but someone on the table finally asked if anyone knew what was going on, but nobody answered. Then other asked how they got here and each started to tell their story

I could tell you each individual story but they were all pretty similar. All of them were either slum kids or unwanted children that got sold or thrown out of their home and somehow ended up there. People no one would miss or realize they were gone

Only Sara's story was a little different than the rest since she was kidnapped and questioned. They even started to ask questions about the hood guys and what did they do, which Sara tried to answer the best she could since she knew a lot about them

It helped her story that some kids knew about them and their shadiness. Well, that and that they were kids since adults would suspect her or think she was trying to grab attention

Everything was going fine until it happened again


"Follow the nurse,***************,&&&&&&&&&&&&&,+++++++++++++,///////////////////,%%%%%%%%%%%%%"(speaker)

Four nurses  stood near the door all of them came in and waited

Kids formed lines like before, but instead of rooms, they were organized by table. 4 lines were formed like that and when the nurse started walking, they followed her again
Note: Thanks for the help again Neiden. At least, there wasn't a been/being mistake, this time :D

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