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Chapter 27: Interrogation part 2


"So I guess you heard the rumor that we kidnap little children, and you just believe it?"(boobs) play dumb

"I know it's true! You have my two brothers"(Sara) said with no doubt

By this time she was completely sure they had them, even if it was a form of denial

"Fine, let's just say for arguments sake that we did kidnap them, what did you think  would happen if you ask around about us?"(boobs) fished for an answer

"I wanted to find my brothers' location and rescue them"(Sara)Said her master plan carefully planned

It sucked......

Don't expect a masterful plan from a little kid guys. It was already decent the way she tried to get information, she just didn't expect someone to tell on her

"Did you think a little kid like you could take on all of us and rescue your brothers? Dream on kid"(bald) tried to taunt her

"If I couldn't, I would have ask help from uncle Muscle, I am sure he would have found a way!"(Sara) fell for it

"Then why not ask help from the start? If you are so close, he could have come himself instead of doing everything yourself"(Boobs)

"He didn't like it when I asked about you, so I have to find the information myself"(Sara) said a little embarrassed

She depended a lot on Uncle Muscle and felt a little bad for doing this behind his back, but finding her family was too important to be left alone to luck or chance. She wanted to find them no matter what, even Jess that she kind of knew how she was

It is true that she didn't properly consider the dangers of doing this, but even if she knew it was more dangerous than she thought, she would have done it anyways. It was that important to her

And as for the other 2(3), from the looks on their face, they understood a little more about the situation

If they believed what Sara said, she knew and worked for Prometheus(as they called him) but he refused to help her searching for information about them, so she came alone

Actually, they did believe her, since what they said next kind of confirmed it

"Was she telling the truth?"(bald) asked boobs

"Yeah, or, at least, she believes what she said. She could be brainwashed for all we know"(Boobs)

"Na, Prometheus was a villain, but he had some principles. He wasn't the type to alter people's minds"(bald)

"Mmm, let's see. What do you plan to do if we let you go kid?"(boobs)

"Keep looking for my brothers"(Sara) said honestly

Hard to say if it was the best idea under the circumstances. Saying that would mean she was still a threat, but they probably had a way to tell if she was lying according to the conversation they just had

As for Sara, she didn't think that far. She just felt there was no point in lying

"Shit, she isn't lying, isn't she? wwhat do we do"(Bald) said while panicking a little

"No idea, sir?"(Boobs) finally addressed the third guy, hiding on the back of Sara

"Well, scaring her would be a possibility, but considering she knows Prometheus and may even be in good terms with him, it is too dangerous to try. Sara, right? how does Uncle Muscle treat you?"(guy 3) Said the guy as he appeared in Sara's line of vision

Unlike the other 2, that had developed parts all over their bodies, and were around 20, the third guy looked more normal. He was 25-30, had an average face with black hair and a pair of glasses, was around 1.75m and it looked like he didn't train his body at all and had a calm expression on his face

Compared to the bald guy just beside him, it was like an elephant and a mouse beside each other. The funny part was that like an elephant, you could see the fear in the bald guys eyes, and in boobs too

He was the leader of the group, and probably more than just that

Not like Sara noticed all that. To her, it was just one more guy appearing, and an answer of why she heard some laughter on her back

"He cook me food and give me jobs"(Sara) admit, but didn't felt like telling all he did for her, it was none of their business

"So you do jobs for him and he pays you food?"(third guy/boss)

"No, he give me food and I do jobs for him"(Sara) It sounded similar, but the meaning is different

"So, I guess they are close?"(Bald) asked the boss

"It could also mean she is just thankful and he is taking advantage of her"(Boobs)

"Uncle Muscle isn't taking advantage of me!!"(Sara) said in an angry voice

She didn't like that someone was bad mouthing someone she cared about

"Fine, fine. Sorry for doubting about Uncle Muscle"(boobs) said apologetic

No point in arguing with a little kid

"So, what do we do with her sir? kill her, release her, threatened her?"(Boobs)asked his boss

"Mmm, hard to tell. We can't release her just like that since she wants something from us and won't stop until she get's it. Both threatening and killing her may piss off Prometheus, and no one wants that. I guess we have no choice but to kidnap her and see how Prometheus react"(Boss)

"But sir, we can't look after a kid. We are too busy to look after her properly, and if she managed to get away, she may jeopardise the whole operation"(Bald) said while waving his hand in refusal

"Who said we would be looking after her. I was thinking more in the line of granting her wish"(boss)

"You don't mean sending her there, right?"(bald) asked a little scared

"Why not? we have a hole system that looks after kids, it's impossible to escape, she will be monitored all day, and as long as we don't put her on the dangerous experiments, she should be fine. It's perfect"(boss)

"And if she has powers?"(boobs)

"We have one for powers too, you know? It just works differently than the one you two came from. I am sure you fought some guys you never saw before that had strange powers"(Boss)

"I thought they were the special projects"(Bald)

"Na, just from the other facility. Any more questions? We don't have all day and we still haven't dealt with the kid"(boss)

"Sorry boss"(bald/boobs)said apologetic

"Knock her down then, we are taking her to the research facility"(Boss) said while pointing at Sara

Sara, meanwhile, was confused by the whole situation, but before she could sort out everything they said, Boobs sprayed her face with some gas and was instantly know out


Note: Thanks again for the help Neiden. Any help is welcome, it doesn't has to be the whole chapter

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