Sara found herself sitting on a chair in an empty building surrounded by 2 hood guys

Let's just say things didn't look good for her

It is true that she wanted to find them, talk to them and ask them some questions, but her idea was in a more "safe" environment for her

Who would want to be at another person mercy?

And for the looks on their faces, she could tell they weren't happy with her

One was a girl around 20, with black hair, big boobs and dressed in the typical grey clothes with a hood like every hood guy

The other was a 20 years old bald guy with the same clothes as the girl and a seriously buffed body. Even more than Uncle Muscle

The girl had a little pity in her eyes while the muscle guy had anger in them. Let's just say Sara was really scared the moment she woke up

The last thing she remembered was three guys suddenly appearing and hen suddenly throwing some kind of spray to her face and then everything went black

She didn't know how long she was out, but when she woke up, she found herself looking at this two hood guys and her first instinct wasn't to scream, it was to run away as far as she could

It was one of his big brother's lessons. If you see something dangerous, just ran

Sadly, the moment she tried to run away she found out she was tied tightly to the chair, with no way of getting free

"So, are you awake little girl? Why not answer some of our questions"(bald) said while looking really threatening

"Calm down a little, let the girl breath a second. Are you ok kid?"(boobs)asked Sara in a soothing voice

But Sara was not only really really scared, she was panicking on the inside and wasn't paying proper attention

"Hey kid, kid, wake up. Are you ok or not? nod if you are ok"(bald) said  while clapping in front of Sara's face

Sara finally managed to compose herself a little(she was still scared) and managed to nod a little shyly

"Be a little nicer, please. Kid, can you tell me why were you asking about us?"(boobs) said with a "kind" smile

But Sara was still scared. It took all she had to just nod a few seconds ago, so answering back a difficult question was beyond her at the moment

"Talk kid"(Bald) said in a threatening face

Wich had an opposite effect obviously

"Stop that, she won't talk if you keep scaring her with that ugly mug of yours. Let's go slowly, What is your name kid?"(Boobs) said with a smile and a kind voice

It was a nice attempt and an unsuccessful one.  Kind voice or not,  Sara was still scared and panicking inside

"Calm down, kid, we won't hurt you. We just want you to answer some questions. Can you please tell me your name?"(boobs) kept her cool

So Sara musters all the courage she had and finally decided to talk


"What a pretty name, it suits you. Now, do you know who we are?"(boobs) kept her smile

"Hood guys"(Sara)Said seriously

It was the name she usually called them, but it was the name she used. They never said their organisations name yet, but most called them The Grey Cult. The moment Sara said she called them hood guys, the bold guy took his hand to his mouth and turn his back from Sara trying to hide his giggle while boobs smile crumbled a little and showed a real smile for a moment

Sara could even hear contained laughter behind her for some reason

It took them a moment to finally calm down

"Sorry about that. Now, let's go back to what we were talking about, why were you asking questions? Did Prometheus send you?"(Boobs) said with a kind voice and her "smile" from before

"Prometheus?"(Sara) never heard that name

"You know, one of the first Supervillains. A big guy old guy with almost as much muscle as this guy. Works as an informant at the other part of town. The Logo you wear on your bag belongs to him"(Boobs)

"You mean Uncle Muscle? he told me his name is Frederick but I like calling him Uncle Muscle. Never heard that photesus something name before"(Sara) said a little doubtful

The words took a few seconds for the other two(actually 3) to register, but unlike with the hood guys reference, the moment they started imaginings a great super villain of the past suddenly been called Uncle Muscle, they broke into laughter

It was like imagining a thought guy suddenly appearing in a tutu, the image didn't fit right and they couldn't hold themselves

This time, bald guy started laughing without holding back and boobs joined him in the laughter, Sara could even hear a third person laughing in her back

Meanwhile, Sara didn't know where to hide. She didn't know why they found it so amusing and found the situation quite embarrassing

The minutes passed and passed and while the laughter slowly calmed down, Sara was getting redder and redder

When they finally stopped, everyone was red and with tears in their eyes, just that Sara's tears and red face were from different emotions than the other 3....

"Are we sure she works for Prometheus? It looks to me she could make a career in the entertainment business"(Bald) said while still smiling a little

"There is no mistake, the logo IS from him, and his civilian name IS Frederick, she just didn't know his villain name"(boobs) said with a serious face, and not smiling this time

It looked like the good cop and bad cop reversed, but it was more likely that they showed their true faces for a second. Still, they quickly realised their mistake, and Boobs went back to her smile and bald guy went back to his scary face

"Sorry about that little Sara, we lost our composure for a second. Going back to our previous question, did this Uncle Muscle, as you call him, send you here to gather information?"(Boobs) said with her old friendly smile

As for Sara, she calmed dow a little, and after seeing then laughing so hard, she kind of lost the fear she had, even though she still felt a little embarrassed, but still managed to speak normally

"No, I wanted to find you, not Uncle Muscle"(Sara)

This surprised boobs a little, probably since it was the last answer she expected from Sara

"Why?"(Boobs) asked a little confused

"Because you kidnapped my brothers!"(Sara) said a little angry, after remembering why she went to all this trouble

And boobs and bald didn't show surprise but comprehension and a little pity. The thing is, unlike Uncle Muscle or Cat, that would show pity because they knew they were dead, the look was for a different reason

It was because they believed her and knew where they would have to be if it was true


Note: probably will be realising more chapter the next few days. Thanks for the grammar help Neiden, and I was planning to make Class part 2 explaining the history of supers(doing it later thx to valentine event) but it basically started in word war 2 and was revealed to the public in the 70 thx to a calamity

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