Frederick, or Uncle Muscle as Sara calls him, was for some reason thinking about Sara in the morning

He usually had 3000 stuff on his mind, so he couldn't afford to waste his brain power on something useless

Sadly for him, it was something that happened from time to time since he met her

If he had to be honest with himself, he had a lonely life. He was an old man already, and even thought he had a couple of girlfriends over the years and an ex-wife, he had no children

He blamed his busy criminal life when he was younger and bad parents, but part of him regretted never raising one

That didn't mean he was thrilled when Cat begged him to look after Sara

Quite the opposite, he first tried to tell her to just take Sara with her, but she kept refusing, and then he tried to come up with excuses to avoid the responsibility, but Cat ended up persuading him. She even used a favor he owed her to finally force him to accept

And even thought he reluctantly accepted, he decided to do his best at raising her, or at least, put some effort into it

He also asked why she wasn't just taking Sara with her if she was already doing so much for her

As for the reason, well, it turned out she knew that if she wanted to properly raise Sara, she had to quit her criminal career. It was too dangerous to raise a kid that could be used as a hostage by other criminals, including her bosses

If she kept doing her work, she would put Sara's life at constant risk and there was also the fact that she didn't do morally correct things almost all the time. Could she raise her properly while keeping her safe and not showing the sh-t she did? impossible

And as for the option of stopping her criminal career, there was no way she could do that. It wasn't just the money, she needed the adrenaline and lust for blood that only that side could fulfill

Even thought she liked the kid, she knew that the best thing for her was to be as far away from her as possible, and Uncle Muscle had no word to refute her. Not only did he lived a similar life when he was younger, he knew the dark side of Cat, and couldn't refuse her fears about raising Sara herself

He ended accepting looking after Sara, and now he finds himself in the serious problem of getting attached to her like Cat

For a guy that had a lot more dead friends than live ones, he knew how dangerous it was to get attached to something, but he ended up getting attached anyways

It's not something you can prevent, and it always happens because of little things

Like the different expressions and faces she showed according to what food he gave her, even though she always eats it all. Or how stubborn she was in not using training wells even thought it was impossible for her to use the bike in gear 5

He realised after she complained to him the following days and even though could have changed the gear 5 to 1, he founded funny the pouting face she showed. He even felt a little disappointed when she figure it out and could ride the bike fine

It was little things like those that made Frederick get slowly attached to her, and it worried him

What if someone used her to get information out of him or money. What if she died? He would feel like sh-t for who knows how long, especially if she dies because of him

But what option did he had? He gave his word to Cat, and crook or not, he always kept his word


The sudden call surprised Frederick

Most people contacted him by letter, text or mail, almost no one called him


"Mister Frederick talking?"(???)

"Yes, who is it?"(Muscle)

"I am her teacher, she didn't come to school today and I was checking if everything is alright"(Teacher)

Frederick(or Uncle Muscle) found it strange, so far Sara never missed a day of school, so it was weird to get a sudden call

Still, he didn't know why Sara didn't go to school, so he had to lie and see what happened

"Sorry, she suddenly caught a cold and I let her stay home. Sorry I forgot to call the school"(Muscle) lied

"No problem sir, it is the school policy to check. She never missed a day of school and always pays attention to class so there shouldn't be a problem if she takes a few days off to get better. I hope she gets better soon"(Teacher)

"Thanks, I hope that too"(Frederick)

And with that, they said their goodbyes and hang up

But that didn't change the problem of not knowing why she didn't go to school

The first thing he tried to do was call her to her cell phone and when that didn't work he tried to call to Cat's hideout but that also didn't work. He tried Sara's GPS function, but it wasn't working as well. It happened a few times when she forgot to charge it, so he wasn't panicking yet

Usually, he could wait until it was evening and see if she come, but under the circumstances, he thought it would be better to check her home and see if everything was ok

Cat's old hideout was close to his office, so it didn't even took him half an hour to get there, and since he had a key just in case, he got inside

He didn't have a problem coming inside, and when he did, he found all the lights out. He though that she was either too sick to get up or wasn't home

He decided to turn the lights and look around, but he didn't found her anywhere. He even looked at Cat's private room but didn't found her inside, just the usual stupid amount of guns and weapons

He even helped her collect some of those, so he knew what was inside and why it was locked

Still, it was worrisome that she wasn't anywhere inside, so his best option was to see if there were any clues left behind

The first thing he noticed was that his tapper food was left untouched. It could mean that she just ate something else, but considering she always eat what he handed to her....

Well, there was also the option that she thrown his food and just handed him an empty tapper

Frederick decided to look a little more before arriving at any conclusion and the second thing he found out was that her bike was nowhere to be found

That is when he started to get a little worried

His next step was checking the laptop. He simply turn it on and watched the browser history, it was the best place to find something about someone

Sadly for him, all he found were some youtube links of an annoying YouTuber called pie something and some research about stuff about the factory like the hood guys, the hero angel etc

With all this information, he had no clue where to look for here

WTF should he do now????
Note: I am planning to do a valentine side story for the event. the only thins is that the story has to advance a little more to reach the part I need for the story(since it has huge spoilers) so I may hurry the story a little. Next few chaps will be regular ones

Btw, thx naiden for help with the grammar and thx zenla for pointing out the bike part(changed a little to make it clear)

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