"Ok class, today we are going to learn about powers and where they come from"(Teacher)

"Does someone know what  a 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional and a 3-dimensional object is?"(Teacher)

"No one? ok, a 1-dimensional object is usually represented as a dot or a line, a 2-dimensional object is usually represented as a square and a 3-dimensional object is usually represented as a cube. Does someone can guess why?"(Teacher)

"No? Well, the reason why is because they represent how we perceive them. To put it simply, each dimension has the properties of the one before plus some more. A group of lines form a square and a group of squares form a cube. You kids get it now?"(Teacher)

"Yes, Timmy?"(Teacher)

"What does all this have to do with powers?"(Timmy)

"I am getting there! Look, the world we live on is a 3 dimensional one, ok? We can do anything a 2-dimensional world can, plus more. Now, let me ask you this question. If powered people can do anything a non-powered human can do plus more, why do you think that is, Timmy?"(Teacher)

"Iiii  I I I doon'tt know"(Timmy)

"If you had paid more attention to the explanation instead of waiting for me to get to the point, you would have gotten it. Let's try again...... Sara, Why do you think?"(Teacher)

"Uh?Oh! yes!let see....... maybe because they are from the 4 dimension?"(Sara)

"Good! you got it almost right. It's  not that they are from the 4 dimension, but that they can access it. Or, at least, that is the most approved theory by scientist right now"(Teacher)

" No one knows for sure, but most researchers agreed that their powers are somewhat related to the 4 dimension. That is also why most people believe that the powers can be soo completely random. Some can turn into animals, some can change form, some can run fast, some can heal while others can bent spoons, throw bubbles from his mouths etc. Yes, Harry?"(teacher)

"Why do they have different powers?"(Harry)

"A yes, that is a good question. Powered people are people that have the potential to connect to the 4 dimension, but the powers they get depends on their personality or circumstances. It has been proven that if you submit people to the exact same circumstances they can get the same or a similar power. For example, twins usually get similar powers. 

Still, it is more complicated than that. Sometimes powers look the same but work completely different and sometimes they look completely different but are actually really similar

Most runners look the same, but actually, there are different types. Some generate force fields to spot the wind resistance, some can resist the wind resistance and some simply nullified it. The result is the same, but the process is completely different 

Yes Timmy...."(Teacher)

"Why some powered get more powerful with time or learn new powers?"(Timmy)

"4-dimension again. As time passes, powered people keep accessing the 4-dimension and their power grows stronger or sometimes develop a new ability. It is a mixture of talent and luck, and most powered never have an increase of powers or get new ones. Besides, meddling too much with the 4 dimension usually leads to a calamity. Who knows what a calamity is?" Francis?(Teacher)

"A monster that threats humanity?"(Francis)

"It looks that way, but it isn't. It is actually a powered that got to close to the 4-dimension. When a powered gets too close to the 4-dimension, he or she either leaves the 3 dimension forever or becomes a calamity. Basically, they usually lose their minds and go on a rampage with their powers. Any powered can become a calamity at any moment and that is why most people are afraid of even the ones that only has the potential. In reality, calamities rarely happen and most are contained without many troubles. In this country, only 200 cases were reported in the last 50 years, and only 10 of them had major casualties.It may look like much, but it is only on the level of a couple of storms each year with a tornado or hurricane every 5 years, nothing catastrophic. Yes, Susan?"(Teacher)

"Can I access the 4-dimmension like the powered?"(Susa)

"You, or any kid on this facility for the matter, can't access the fourth dimension. Not in a get powers way at least. Everyone here probably heard about tests to see if a person has the potential, and no one here has that potential. As for studies for a normal person to access the 4-dimmension, they all ended in failure

Well, "Failure". To be more exact, they always either disappear or end up becoming a calamity, so most stopped trying"(Teacher)


"Ok kids, recess is here, go grab something to eat and don't forget to take your pills"(Teacher)

"Yes, doctor Harrison!"(kids)


Note: Thnx Neiden with the help with the grammar and I hope this help clarify some of yours and other readers questions about powers. If someone has a question about something just ask and I will either try to answer the question in a future chapter or just answer back(but do it in the last chapter publish)

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