After finally learning how to ride the bike, Sara was ready to go looking for the hood guys, kinda

First, she practiced for a couple more days to get used to the bike and started using it to go to uncles place and school

Uncle Muscle even gave her a new place a little further away than usual to test Sara

It went without a problem

The bike had a place in the middle of the handlers to hold her phone while riding and allow her to see the GPS function of the phone, so it was relatively easy to get to a new place

Since some streets had a special lane for bicycles, she didn't have to worry about getting run over by a car most of the time, and she rode really carefully when there wasn't a special lane

Traveling by bike was a lot faster than just walking, and after a few days of doing errands for Uncle Muscle, Sara felt confident in reaching the hood guys zones of activities

If there was a problem, it would be that they were far away places

To reach there, Sara needed to travel for an hour or two to reach her destination, plus the time she would spend there and the time it would take her to come back

Basically, it would take a long time to reach her destination, so she could only travel on a day where Uncle Muscle didn't have work for her

Funny thing is, thanks to her been able to ride a bike, Uncle Muscle had more jobs for her since she could travel longer distance now

She had the tools to reach the destination, but not the time......

Still, in the end, Uncle Muscle gave her a day off after a while, and Sara finally could go to the place

And let me tell you, it was hell for Sara

She managed to reach her destination in the end, but not without some effort and perseverance

She even had to take a few small brakes on the way, since it was a long trip for a small kid

But she made it

And take two of her plan started

She chained her bike, took her bag with candy with her and started looking for small slum kids to help her find information about the hood guys in exchange of candy

It wasn't a bad idea, but it didn't go as good as planned

For starters, she didn't know anyone in the area, so the kids were more wary of her than near her old neighborhood

The second problem was that since the hood guys were active in that zone, people were afraid of them

No one liked a rat, so telling information off dangerous people near you to a complete stranger was a bad idea. Basically, she didn't found any clues about the hood guys on her first try

It would make it look like her two hours trip was completely pointless but to Sara, it wasn't

She used to live in the slums like them, so she understood that they were afraid of talking bad things about the leaders of the area

When she tried in her old neighborhood, no one was afraid of talking, but at the same time had nothing to talk about

Here, on the other hand, had something to talk about but were afraid to do it

Even if it was harder and more frustrating, it was better to try at a place where they have something but refused to give than a place where they didn't have anything useful to give, even if the things they give where easy to get

All she had to do was try a little harder

The first day may have ended as a failure, but she didn't give up

She went back home for the day, slept like a log, and went back to her usual routine of school and Uncle Muscle until her next free day

Her week was mostly going to school, visiting Uncle Muscle and when she had a day off, she would take the long trip to the hood guys area

She always brought different candy on every trip and asked around to different kids about what they knew

Just for talking to her, she would give them some candy, and the more they knew, the more candy she gave

Some kids were smart enough to realize that if they asked for money, she would hand over some to them in exchange for the information but most kids were happy with the candy

Sadly, no one told her where to find them or how they operate

All they knew, or at least, all they told her was that they sold pills in the neighborhood to some of the dealers and then go away after collecting the money

They also told her how they fought with a couple of heroes a few times or how happy the dealers were with the product but no one told her where did they come from or at what time or place they would appear

It was probably a safety measure to prevent surprise attacks by the heroes, and a frustrating one for Sara

She could have tried other places, but she thought the result would be similar or worst, so it was better to develop friendly relationships with the people of that place and wait until they open up

luckily for her, Uncle Muscle reputation was strong enough that no one dared to bother her in a bad way thanks to her bag

It was thanks to the bag and been a kid that she managed to ask around(even if she was unsuccessful at it) and she kept trying for three months until finally got what she was looking for

Of course, she kept going to school and working for Uncle Muscle in the process while going there on her days off, and she kept doing it for three moths without rest

And finally, after three moths, she finally got some answers, kinda

She arrived at the place like usual and started asking questions about the hood guys to the kids she got along the best, like usual. The information they had was the usual, and everything was going as usual until something unusual happened

Three hood guys appeared out of nowhere and kidnaped Sara

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