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Chapter 24: Master of knowledge



To some, it is as simple as putting your butt on the chair and start pedaling

To others, it is a torture chair of hell full of humiliation, sadness, suffering and disappointment

As you can probably guess, to Sara, it was the second choice

It all started around 6 months after she started making deliveries for Uncle Muscle

After she got the hang of using the cell phone to locate new places, Uncle Muscle felt more confident in Sara's abilities and decided it was about time he started increasing her range of action

Since she was a kid, she could only travel a limited distance by foot, so the obvious conclusion was to give her a bicycle and expand her area of operation

Besides, a bicycle would have a basket, so she could carry even more stuff if necessary

It was a win-win for Uncle Muscle, and even for Sara, it would save time from the usual deliveries

Well, that is if thing went as he planned

Except there was a tiny little problem

A bicycle wasn't an expensive thing, and Uncle Muscle didn't lack money, so the problem wasn't there

Both Uncle Muscle wanted Sara to use a bicycle and Sara to learn how to ride one, so there wasn't there

The problem was Sara's ability to ride one......

She sucked

Really really bad!!

Well, maybe I am being a little harsh, since Uncle Muscle never bother to teach her personally, and since she fell from the bike a few times, she grew more scared each time, leading to more falls

It was basically an endless circle

After a while, she basically gave up, and Uncle Muscle offered to put training wheels, wich she fervently refused

Let's just say that training wheels were embarrassing, and as a kid, Sara wanted to avoid stuff like that

She may have searched in the garbage for food, asked for money, wore horrible clothes, and a lot more that would embarrass a lot of different people, but that is irrelevant to this point

Thanks to tv brainwashing mixed with the memory of the laughter from her schoolmates when another kid brought his bike with training wheels made her refuse the offer

It is like when you wear a shirt you like and suddenly a person or numerous people say it looks horrible on you. It has an effect on you

Anyways, affected by her environment, she refused to use training wheels, and since she was afraid to ride thanks to falling all the time, she basically gave up on using a bike and Uncle Muscle decided to leave it alone for a while at least

Uncle Muscle might have wanted to wait until Sara had grown up a little more before trying again, or saw that it wasn't really necessary. Basically, he didn't push her to learn, and Sara wasn't in a hurry to learn it either

But now things were different

There was no way she would be able to reach a place where the hood guys were active by foot (if she didn't want to walk like 3 hours to reach there and 3 hours to go back)

So if she wanted to pursue her desire of finding more about the hood guys, she had no other choice but to learn how to ride a bike or use training wheels

The thing is, just having more determination won't solve the original problem, right?

Normally, yeah

But she had grown up, ya know? and I don't mean in the physical sense, but on the mental sense

Since the last time she tried, she found a great teacher that could solve her problem

A master that knew almost every single thing that there is to know about anything

The teacher was so great, that he was constantly bothered by questions of strangers from all around the world, but he always answered with the best of his abilities

I am talking of no one else but the master google of course!

She just opened her browser and wrote "how to ride a bike" on it

Simple and effective

The information came from one of her classmate in school, saying how Master Google taught him how to beat a boss in a game by just typing how to and adding the boss's name

Sara even used it one time to beat a boss from one of the few games Cat left behind(the none violent ones)

Since Master google helped her beat a virtual enemy, Sara was sure she could use Master Google wisdom to beat her enemy in the real world, the bike

And he delivered, as expected of master google

After asking Master Google, it took her to a video that showed her the steps to beat the boss

Exactly like when she tried to beat the video game boss

The only difference was that instead of using a virtual avatar, she would use her own body

She knew it wouldn't be easy, but it was her only option if she wanted to find the hood guys

The video showed her the steps she should follow to ride the bike properly while giving some encouragement to try again if it failed the first time

Sara, with no other choice, decided to take the bike Uncle Muscle gave her outside and give it a try

It was a complete failure

But the failure didn't discourage Sara

Oh no

She kept trying

Like with the game boss, she knew it could take more than one try to succeed, so she tried again

And again

And again

And again

And again

And again


By this point, Sara was kind of wondering what was going on

Besides the annoying part of failing constantly, she was bruised all over the place after falling off the bike so many times

She stopped trying for  a second and started thinking on a solution to her problem when she suddenly heard a voice

"hey, little girl, let me check the bike for a second"(voice)

Sara suddenly heard a voice and was caught completely off guard. She was so focused on the bike, she didn't realize when some guy started watching

It was a teenage boy that probably found amusing watching a kid fail time after time in trying to ride a simple bike

The boy didn't even wait for Sara to say something, he simply approached the bike and took a look at it

he took a look at the chain, then he tried to move the pedals, and finally looked at the handler

He saw a dial on the left handle, move it and tried to move the pedals again. After moving them a little he started laughing a lot, and I mean a lot....

It took him a minute to finally calm down, but when he finally calmed down, he handed the bike back to the confused Sara

"Try now"(boy)

Sara, confused after the sequence of events, decided to try instead of arguing back or ask questions

The moment she tried to pedal, she was surprised at how easily the chain moved unlike before and was glad that it finally worked

She could even ride it just fine now!

It went from impossible to easy as pie

Delighted of finally being able to ride the bike, she stopped cycling around and got off the bike

"Thank you!"(Sara) said sincerely to the boy

"No problem kid"(boy) said while trying to hold his laughter and walking away

"Bye!"(Sara) said cheerfully to the boy since he was leaving

And the boy simply waved a little  walked away

Meanwhile, Sara was grateful for what the boy did. She didn't know what he did, but she was sure he fixed what was wrong with it and now she can finally ride it

With the bike working properly and she being able to ride it fine, everything was in order for her to go to the places the hood guys usually worked

Her dream of finding Max and John was one step closer

By the way, in case you didn't understand why the bike didn't work and what did the boy do, it turned out it was a geared bike and he simply switched the gear from 5 to 1......


Note: Thanks for the help with the grammar Neiden and sorry but nope. Spanish speaker, not french

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