What now?

That was the question Sara was asking herself

So far she had worked hard in hope of satisfying Uncle Muscle's demands for her family information while looking a little bit herself on the sidelines

But now, she didn't have a motivation

Her two brothers were missing without any kind of information of their whereabouts and Jess was in a place she couldn't go

She could ask a hero to take her to jess, but she believed uncle Muscle's warning that she would probably be taken to an orphanage

And she couldn't ask Uncle Muscle to ask on her behalf since he just told her the heroes didn't like him

She had no info on her missing brothers, and had no way of contacting her sister, so all she could do was think her hardest on the sofa

It is there where she suddenly remembered something

Missing and disappearances

In her extensive research on that day incident, she also searched for clues on the hood guys and found some interesting stuff

There were a lot of  known facts like they made a living by the selling of unique drugs, all of them having low-level powers, the teams were a mixture of cyborgs and powered, and they would kill themself if they were capture

But besides the known facts, there were a couple of rumors going around

The most common one was that the group was a suicidal group of low level powered. It was known that there were ranks since there were some that were more protected than others so there was a hierarchy in the group, helping the theory of a cult

Besides the most commonly accepted cult theory, there were some other interesting theories including one that interested Sara

They kidnapped children

Of course, most people didn't believe that theory since the hood guys were practically the boogie man after the factory incident and there were a lot of nasty rumors about them

Like they catch low levels powered and brainwashed them, or that they produce all the drug circulating the streets, that they murder normal people for fun, etc

But for Sara, that already believed they were the incarnation of evil, she believed it

Not only did she believed it, after considering what Uncle Muscle said about them disappearing after the factory incident and how nobody found them yet, she started suspecting they were kidnaped by them

Or more like, she wanted to believe they were kidnapped by them

They were there, they kidnapped children, they were the reason of everything bad that happened to her and that both  her brothers disappeared after everything that happened

She even remember that they were there and suddenly they were gone, helping root on her mind the theory that they were kidnapped

So the moment she started following that train of thought, she went from suspecting that it might be true to being completely and absolutely sure it was their doing

Who else would it be?

Which took her to one obvious conclusion, she must find them and see what they did with her brothers

Since she was so sure of their guilt, finding them equals finding her brothers

But that is where the problems started

How could she find them?

They were wanted by the heroes and authorities, and the group hadn't been cached yet

How could a 6 years old kid do what heroes couldn't?

On the other hand, she didn't want to catch them, she just wanted information on them

And wasn't Uncle Muscle an expert on finding information? or, at least, that was what he bragged all the time

Sadly, when Sara asked about the hood guys, he could tell it was for revenge and never told her anything about them, so asking him was pointless

Even if she tried, she suspected that all she would get was some yelling and a warning to not even try

If asking about them wouldn't work, what other option did she have? Simple, follow his example

When she realized that asking him wouldn't work, she went for plan B, how would Uncle Muscle find them

She already spent a year working for him, and the first thing she noticed is that he rarely left home to search for information

Instead, he had other people do it for him

She never knew what the information was about, but she knew he got it from the people she meets in her deliveries and probably a lot more she didn't know

Those guys were his informants(well some of the guys she met maybe be competitors or buyers) that funded the information for him

If she wanted to imitate Uncle Muscle, she needed her own informants since asking Uncle muscle informant would lead to them telling Uncle Muscle

She didn't want Uncle muscle to find out since she would be scolded and stopped, so her best option would be to find Informant of her own

But how?

She didn't know how to get informants since Uncle Muscle never told her, and even if she found them, she doubted they would do it for free

She stayed on the couch who knows how long on thinking how to solve this problem when she suddenly realized she was starving

She took the food from the bag and heated on the microwave like usual, and thought while waiting how lucky she was of having something warm to eat

If it was her of the past, she would have done anything for something warm to eat

And that is when a flash of inspiration came

No one wanted a warm or tasty food more than a homeless person

She had free warm food and even money, but for her of the past and any slum kid, It was a luxury they would do anything to have

Since she had the extra money Uncle Muscle gave her, plus saving, she could afford to spend some with other slum kids like her

Slum kids were easy to please, satisfied with cheap stuff, would do almost anything for a little of food, knew more than what it looked like and since she used to be like them, knew what they would like the most

They were the perfect source of information for her

And she wouldn't hesitate to use them to find her family

Besides, she would be helping people like her in the process
It was the perfect plan



What could go wrong?


Note: Thanks again Neiden for the help :D

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