Superhero angel

Of course, Sara knew who she was

After searching the net a lot for a whole year, she knew the names of all the known persons in the different groups

Sara knew all the names of the Mafia and Heroes involved, and the names the press gave to all the hood guys

So the moment Uncle Muscle mentioned Angel, Sara knew exactly who she was, and even remembered a little about her from the incident

Let's just say Sara's memories of her weren't exactly good ones, so she didn't show a pretty expression when she heard the name

Besides, she was one of the reasons Cat had to leave town, so Sara really didn't like her

"Can't we just go to her and ask if I can see Jess?"(Sara)

"Kid, she is a superhero, and they are pretty serious about their secret identities.I am not exactly in the heroes good books, and if I try to find her secret identity, I will be targeted and be forced to leave the city like Cat, or arrested, or killed"(Muscle) confessed

And it was the truth

People that tried to uncover registered heroes secret identities were usually caught before they got close, and were imprisoned, killed or completely disappeared

It was thanks to the help of numerous powered Hackers, Clairvoyant and others that worked to stop stuff like that. Add their work plus the serious consequences of even trying, and most were too afraid to try

It was one of the biggest perks of belonging to the hero association

Even if a normal civilian tried to uncover one of their favorite heroes secret identities, they were usually warned first and arrested later if they keep trying

News network were sued for trying and the reporter fired and sometimes imprisoned for going against the law, so no one was safe

The only exception would be criminals and vigilantes(not registered heroes), but they were a problem of their own

Usually, uncovering their secret identities meant death. And not only of the one uncovering, sometimes it included their families or anything they cared about like their companies or houses etc

Basically, uncovering people's privates life was a taboo that no one broke unless you were insane or had nothing to lose

The only exceptions were the public powered, people that were insane or too dangerous to leave alone, criminals or vigilantes that no one liked and the calamities

So when Uncle Muscle warned her of the dangers of finding a hero secret identity, she didn't know what to say

"Can't I just go and say I am her sister?"(Sara) asked after thinking a little

"Wouldn't work kid, for starters, you weren't in the system with her, so they won't believe you if you say that. To make matters worst, heroes are paranoid, so they wouldn't let an unknown kid, with known affiliation with bad guys, to meet a superhero kid"(Uncle Muscle)

"But Uncle Muscle isn't a bad guy"(Sara) with absolute certainty

How could a guy that took her for a year without complaining much be a bad guy? At least, that was what Sara thought

Reality doesn't work that way

"Half the time I work with people that don't follow the law, wich make them bad guys. Me working with bad guys make me a bad guy, and you working for me, makes you also work for the bad guys, making you a bad guy. Believe it or not, I am a famous guy kid, and you working for me makes you famous. There is no way the heroes, that should know, or would found out the moment you come out, that you work for me, would let you even come close to Jess"(Muscle) tried to explain

Of course, even if Sara could be considered smart for a 6 years old kid, she wasn't smart enough to understand all that. TO be honest, sometimes when Uncle Muscle talked, she just nodded and pretended to understand

If it wasn't such an important thing, she would probably gloss it over and just follow whatever Muscle Uncle said

"I don't understand, why can't I see Jess if I know who has her!?"(Sara)said a little stubbornly and angry

But it didn't catch Uncle Muscle by surprise, instead, he just filled his glass with more whiskey and after a few sips, he talked again

"I will make it simple. Heroes hate me, and you working for me makes the heroes hate you. Someone that hates you won't do you a favor, even a hero"(Muscle)tried to explain as simply as possible

"But heroes are the good guys, and good guys help people"(Sara) tried to argue back

"Heroes follow the law(most of the time), that is all. There are good heroes and bad heroes. Just because they are heroes, doesn't mean they are good guys. Besides, if you even try to talk to a hero, as his jobs command, they will send you to an orphanage and be done with you instead of trying to help you"(Muscle)

The moment Uncle Muscle said the word orphanage, Sara got a little scared. When she was on the streets, she heard the name sometimes and even asked her brother Max about it. According to him and some of the other kids on the street, it was a bad place where they made kids work hard all day, give them little food, and punish them if they didn't do what the adults wanted

Of course, not all orphanage were like that, and they could be considered the minority, but the majority of the slum kids that escaped from one and were on the streets belonged to one of those 

This made the story repeat itself and a common understanding in the streets was that they were a horrible place

So the possibility of going to one really scared Sara, especially when she consider that she might never see Uncle Muscle or Cat again or find her missing family

"How can I see Jess again Uncle Muscle?"(Sara)said with puppy eyes

It wasn't intentional on her part, but it was incredibly effective on Uncle Muscle

He even drank the content of his glass in one gulp to calm himself a little

"Kid, I promise I will do my best and find a way, but for now, go back home and try to not worry too much. I am sure you will be able to reunite with your family one day"(muscle)lied to calm Sara down

Sara, on the other hand, just agreed, and after taking the usual bag and saying a barely understandable goodbye, she left Uncle Muscle place, she had a lot to think about

Note: sorry for the delay and thanks Neiden for the help with the grammar

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