"Do I really have to do it?"(me)

"You don't have to do anything, but if you want to get away from the media mess, yes"(manager)


I knew it was a bad idea the moment they said we were attacking that f.cking factory

I will take full responsibility, said the a-s hole Unicorn

All he did was look better on camera when he took the blame

Meanwhile, I was blamed for most of the deaths simply because I can heal people!!!!!

What the f-ck do people expect!!!!???

I can't revive the f-cking dead!!!!

I am not god!!

Calm down, calm down

Sh-t, why am I in this mess??

Aegis got scot free thanks to the coma and sniper doesn't give a sh-t about press and all that

The only one affected even more me was the b-ch, thanks to having to deal with the press plus her crush in a coma. I would even feel sorry for her if she wasn't such an a-s

"Fine, I get it, but it's completely unfair I have to do something like this"(Angel)

"It's not about what is fair and what it isn't, the world never worked like that. If you want people to like you, you have to do stuff that they like, simple"(Manager)

Yeah yeah. Why are people so hypocritical?

They don't give a sh-t about homeless people, but heroes suddenly screw up, and they suddenly matter

A-s holes

"But is adoption really the best move? Can't I just donate some money to charity or something"(Angel)

"Do you even have the money to donate? I know how much you spend, so don't give me that bull sh-t"(Manager)

Shoes are important dammit!

"Fine, but can't I just work for a charity or something? Like going to a hospital every day for a month or give soup to the homeless"(Angel)

At least, I wouldn't have to look after a kid for years

"Unless you want to look like an a-s hole, you shouldn't do that right now. It is the move most celebrities and politicians do all the time, and nobody buys them anymore. Adopting, on the other hand, is way more serious, and in this case, it shows you actually feel responsible for what you did. You may even get even more popular if you play your card right"(manager)

Great, now I have another reason to hate politicians. How many do I have now? 3000?

"F-ck, did I ever tell you I hate this sh-t?"(me)

"Only all the time"(Manager)

At least, you get pay for listening to them. I have to pay when people complain to me.....

Maybe I should get a shrink

Naa, too expensive, and would look bad if people find out

"Let's say I am ok with doing it, can I actually do it? I am not married or even with a stable couple"(Me)

Heroe life and love life really don't go well together

"Usually, yeah. But you are not only a recognised hero that has worked for the institution for years, you won't be taking a normal kid. The reason your application was accepted was for a number or reasons

First. politicians and the heroes association wanted to make heroes look better, so they gave a hand. Second, by being a powered yourself, you are technically more "prepared" to look after a kid with potential, even if they haven't awoken it yet. Third, you are a hero, so you already proved you are truth worthy and not a sociopath"(Manager)

"So basically, you are saying that I am the scapegoat to make it look like the heroes aren't a-s holes, right?"(Angel)

Awkward silence...

"Yeah...."(Manager) confessed

Make it 3001

"Do I, at least, get some compensation?"(Angel)

"Not on paper, but we can probably strike a deal like an increase on salary later on or preferential treatment"(Manager)

Well, at least, there is that

"Fine, get me something extra and I am in"(Me)

<strong>Some time later - Orphanage</strong>

"I am glad to have you here Angel. Thank you for deciding to take one of our kids under your wings"(orphanage director)

Public face public face. Don't make sarcastic comment on stupid pun, don't make sarcastic comment on stupid pun

"Thanks for granting me the opportunity"(me)

Great work at self-control, yay!

"My pleasure, there is nothing I wish more than granting this kid a place with a good family they can call home"(director)

I wonder how much is true, you would be out of a job if everyone was gone

"I hope I am ready to take such a big responsibility"(me)

I hate my public face

"I am sure you will do fine"(Director)

"If you don't mind me asking, how many kids can we choose from? considering they need to have potential and were present in the incident"(manager)

Thank you, any more nice act than that and I may consider shooting myself

"I feel responsible for not been able to help more at the time, so at least, I want to make it up for one of the most affected ones"(me) lied

It was the line we practice for me to say when people asked or talked about it

"I understand. In the hospital, we checked every kid that was there, and we found 7 kids with the potential. You can choose any of those 7"(director)


"isn't that too many? how many kids were inside the factory that day? 200?"(me)

"It's not because of how many kids were inside but how many orphan kids had the potential. Since the development of the machine capable of detecting if a kid has the potential of becoming a powered or not, some parents gave up on their kids when they found out. Some end up on the street and some end up here. That is why there are so many"(Director)

Have I said already that I hate society?

A-s holes

"That is the world we live in, right?"(Angel)

Probably not the right world considering I usually put a nice act, but that is the nicest thing I can think off after hearing sh-t like that

"Sadly, yes"(Director)


"Excuse me, can we look at the candidates?"(manager)

Thanks for the save!

He really earns his keep

"Ah yes, there are 4 boys and 3 girls with potential, here are their files with a photo. Choose who you like and we can go and take a look"(Director)

"I would like to look at the girls first. I think a girl would be easier to raise"(me)

A boy would be too hard to handle and I don't have a brother so I have no idea how to raise one

Besides, what if he falls in love with little cute me? I don't want an Oedipus complex

"No problem"(director)

3 folders then

Let's see what we got

Folder number one

Maria, 7 years old, potential not awaken. The face is ok, she looks a little skinny but it's understandable under the circumstances. Black hair may be a problem since it would look opposite to my blond hair. Still, it's not a bad option

Option number 2

Jess, 5 years old, potential not awaken. Jess? short for Jessica? I guess I can register her as Jessica and call her Jess for short if I take her. She look cute enough, and even though she looks like a boy with her short hair, it can grow. Besides, with her blond hair, she could pass as my actual daughter

Still, I feel like I have seen her before for some reason. Did I heal her that day?

No, the only blond kid I healed that day was 7 and a boy

Then from where.....

Ahhh, yes!

She was with that other kid that begged for help that day

I remember feeling bad for that kid and was glad when I saw her besides another kid later

So she was trying to rescue her?


If I actually buy the sh-t I am saying, and I am trying to compensate for the people I couldn't save, the kid would be the right choice

Besides, her age and looks are perfect

I may have to find someone to look after her sister, but besides that, she is perfect

"Ma'am, I think I made my choice"(me)
Note: Thanks again for the help Neiden. The 3 kids/girls mistake made me remember the joke about a newspaper report saying"A plane crash killed 30 people and 3 Mexicans" 

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