When the day finally came, Sara was pretty anxious, wondering what Uncle Muscle would say

The moment school finish, she left the classroom at full speed and went as fast as possible to Uncle Muscle place

Luckily, she wasn't hit by a car on the way there or something like that and managed to arrive at Uncle Muscle place without a problem and half an hour earlier than usual

She used the intercom and Uncle Muscle let her come inside like usual(door could be open from the office)

She went upstair by the elevator, rang the door bell and Uncle Muscle let her come inside

They have been doing it for a year now, so it was almost a routine

The only difference with most days was that today was finally the day

She had been waiting for what looked like an eternity for this day, and Sara couldn't be more anxious about it

She sat in her usual chair while Uncle Muscle sat on his, and she asked

"Uncle Muscle, you promise you would tell me about my family today, did you find them?"(Sara)

Uncle Muscle, flinched for a second, and instead of answering, he took a bottle of whiskey from one of his drawers and pour it on a glass

Sara saw him do this a couple of times and knew he wouldn't answer anything until he  finished his glass, or at least, drank some of it

Sara had no other choice but to wait, like it or not

Uncle Muscle slowly sipped the whiskey one sip at a time while making hmm noises from time to time

After what looked like an eternity to Sara, Uncle Muscle finally put down the whiskey and looked directly to Sara's eyes

"Look, kid, I searched searching for your family members before we even made the one-year contract. I didn't tell you sooner simply because it was at a bad time with you, with Cat gone and all that, so I decided to make you wait one year so you had time to settle down your fillings"(Muscle) said honestly

Wich made Sara really worried

She read numerous reports about the incident for the past year and knew that most kids were either put for adoption, in a hospital, death or missing

With the way Uncle Muscle said it, the first conclusion Sara came up with was obviously the worst, death

"are they dead"(Sara) mustered all her courage and asked

She was just about to cry, but she was holding it until she got an answer

"No no no no no, they are not dead"(Uncle) lied with a panicked reaction

And Sara completely bought it. Why wouldn't she? She trusted Uncle Muscle

Besides, even thought I told you the event in details, Sara didn't remember everything that happened

Or more like every time she tried to remember, she would panic, and even if she forced herself, she would end up vomiting

She even had nightmares from time to time, but she wasn't sure what was a dream and what was reality

All she knew was that they were there, and asleep while she was the only one awake. And she wasn't sure of even that

So when Uncle Muscle told her they were alive, not only did she believe him, a burden on her heart lifted a little

"Where are they then?"(Sara) finally asked after relaxing her shoulders unconsciously

"Well, that is the thing. I don't know"(Muscle)said with a pained expression

Wich caused Sara to panic again

"What do you mean?"(Sara) said a little afraid

"Well, the thing is, your brothers John and Max were reported missing, and your sister jess was adopted"(Muscle) said

And Sara didn't know how to react. Missing, adopted?what was he talking about?

"Look, about Max and John, I asked at the hospitals, orphanages and morgue but no one saw any kid with their description. I also asked survivors people that worked that day, etc, but no one saw them or knew where they were"(Uncle Muscle)lied

"But what happened to them? where could they be? why did they never contact me?"(Sara) said while been a little confused with the whole situation

"I don't know. Maybe they went to a different hospital than the rest or went to a different orphanage or something like that. I will try to find them, but I can't make any promises"(Muscle) kept the lie going

But Sara was half listening and half thinking

Missing, it was one of the three options. After the incident, some kids were reported missing, and no one knew where they were, but there were theories

One of them was what Uncle Muscle said, but the most common theory was a different one

The hood guys did it

They were the scapegoat for everything that went wrong that day, so it isn't a surprise they were blamed for it

But Sara believed it. She already hated the guys, so why wouldn't she think they were the incarnation of evil and everything wrong with her life?

She was about to ask about them being behind it, but uncle Muscle kept going

"And about your sister Jess, I found her in the hospital and one of the orphanages, but she was quickly adopted after the incident, and when I found her tail, she was already outside the system"(Uncle Muscle)  said

Wich distracted Sara from her previous train of thoughts and made her thing about Jess situation

"But who adopted her?"(Sara) asked

"I don't know, it is a confidential record. They don't tell strangers about who adopted who and it took me some time and effort to finally found who adopt her"(Muscle)

"Who was it?"(Sara) asked expectantly

"The superhero angel"(Uncle Muscle)
Note: Thanks Neiden for the help with the grammar :D

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