"Why"(Sara) asked a little confused

She didn't understand why must she work for one year so that Uncle Muscle would help her

"Kid, nothing is free in life. I promise Cat that I would look after you in exchange of you working for me. I don't really need your help, but I took you in as a favor to Cat. If you want any more from me, you must pay the price first"(Muscle) said with a serious face

Of course, Sara didn't understand half of what he said, thanks to the sudden panic she was in

"Bu-buttt...."(Sara) tried to argue back, unsuccessfully

"No buts, if you want my help, work for it kid, simple"(Muscle) Stopped her from arguing

Wich, of course, made Sara cry after processing what he said

It was like offering a candy to a crying kid and suddenly taking it away

She was already depressed before coming here and was barely holding up with a little bit of hope. When Muscle Uncle said ok, her hopes went up a lot more, so when he put the restriction of one year, the hope she already built up were completely crushed

Who wouldn't cry after that?

Not like Uncle had much choice. It was kind of obvious what happened to her family after the incident, and telling her they were probably dead after losing Cat could crush her

The best solution was to make her work while keeping her hopes ups and building different relationships with people that may keep her from shutting down after finding out

Basically, wait for the wounds of her heart to heal up before inflicting new wounds

It was the best choice for her, even if it made Uncle Muscle the bad guy

Or maybe I am wrong and Uncle Muscle wanted an incentive for Sara to work hard for, at least, one year

I am not a mind reader

Anyways, the moment Sara started crying, Uncle Muscle started panicking a lot, and the best idea that he came up was simply pat her head gently in an attempt to calm her down

"Kid, I promise that if you work diligently for one year, I will help you find your family with the best of my abilities, so calm down. It is only one year"(Uncle Muscle)tried to calm Sara with the best of his abilities

Wich had a minor effect since Sara look up to him and said

"You promise?"(Sara)looked at him with puppy eyes and tears around her cheeks

Critical hit!

It was incredibly effective

Uncle Muscle was fatally wounded

He even clenched his hand over his heart after seeing that face

"I promise kid. Now come on up so you can wash your face while I bring you something to drink"(Muscle) said while offering Sara to enter the building

"ok"(Sara)said while calming down a little

She was still sobbing a little, with tears in her eyes but, at least, she wasn't crying

The two went to the elevator, up until the last floor, and got out of it there

The hallway had two doors, one on the left and one on the right. One was Muscle uncle House and the other his office, but they were also connected on the inside also

Even so, Uncle Muscle went to the office side, open the door and took Sara to the bathroom for visits

It was a simple bathroom without a shower, but it was good enough for what Sara needed

She simply washed her face a few times and dry it with a towel after

When she came out, she found Uncle Muscle sitting in a chair by a desk, and a glass of milk on the opposite side besides a chair

"Sit over there please, the milk is for you"(Muscle) said from the chair with a gentle voise

So Sara sat in the chair, and with some effort, grabbed the glass of milk

"Thanks"(Sara) said and started drinking afterward

"no problem kid"(Muscle)said

He then waited for a little until Sara finished the milk, and then he started talking again

"Well, now I will explain to you how are we going to work  from now on, ok?"(Muscle) said with a serious expression

"ok"(Sara) tried to mimic his expression

"It is simple, you come back here every day after school or in the evening, and I will give you a job or tell you to go back home for the day, ok?"(Muscle)


"Good! Now, about the food. I will give you something to eat after a job, or if I send you home. You know how to heat food in the microwave, right?"(Muscle)

"Yes! big sis explained to me how"(Sara)

"Did she ever tell you to never ever put metal in the microwave?"(Muscle) ask just in case

"Yes, she told me numerous times"(Sara)said a little annoyed

"Do you know what metal look like?"(Muscle)

"Yes! I am not dumb"(Sara) said a little offended while pointing at a metal thing on the desk

"Ok, ok, just been careful. You can die if you ever forget"(Muscle) tried to scare her

"I won't forget"(Sara) Lied

The old man sighed and gave up

Instead, he changed the subject

He took a cell phone out of a drawer in his desk and passed it over to Sara

"Here kid, always keep it with you, ok?"(Muscle)said after passing the cell phone

Sara simply nodded

"Now, let me explain a couple of things"(Muscle) said while getting up from his chair and approaching Sara

He basically explained how to turn it on, how to charge it, how to answer calls, how to call him and how to use the map function

After making her try it a few times, he gave her a small bag with a cord, just big enough to put the cell phone so she can put it around her neck, wich she did

"When you come every day and if I have a job for you, I will give you the directions and you just put it on the cellphone map and follow its indications. Simple, right?"(Muscle)

"Uhu"(Sara) affirmed

"I may call you if something happens or if I have an urgent job. If you ever forget something or have troubles with something, tell me and I will give you a hand, ok?"(Muscle)


"Good good. Now here, take all this home and come back tomorrow at the same time. Just to be sure, put your home address in the phone and follow it. Then call me went you get there, ok?"(Muscle)

"Ok"(Sara) affirmed again

Not really eloquent, but part of her was still assimilating all the new information she just got

"Take the phone kid, so you can put the address"(Muscle) said after realising Sara wasn't actually paying attention

"Ah, yes!(Sara) finally reacted

After some effort, she was just about to put her home address when she suddenly realised she had no idea were it was

She just knew how to get there

"Uhhhh, Uncle Muscle, what is the address?"(Sara) said a little embarrassed

I am actually surprised Uncle Muscle didn't make a face palm in that moment. Instead, he wrote something on two pieces of paper and handed them to Sara

"The one that says Uncle, it is my address, and the one that says home is your home, put them in the bag when you are done"(muscle) patiently explained

Sara took both papers, and after carefully inputting the address in the phone map, she put both in her phone bag

She took the bag that Uncle Muscle had prepared for her(that had a charger and that day's  dinner) and went down to the front door with Uncle Muscle

When she was outside, she said goodbye to Uncle Muscle, followed the cellphone map to her home, and called when she arrive

Just like Uncle Muscle told her

Finally, she got inside the house and found herself all alone

Note: thanks again for the help Neiden
By the way,  the narrator is a character in the story, that is why it is not a mind reader

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