I guess it is kind of obvious, but after Cat left, Sara cried a lot

And I mean A LOT

But in the end, she calmed down and just sat on the couch

She didn't turn on the tv or start reading a book or something

She just laid there, looking at the roof, while being completely depressed

She regretted her indecision and felt a little more depressed every time she thought about how she could be with her big sis if she only dared to speak up

She just stayed there, completely depressed for who knows how long, until her stomach grumbled

Depressed or not, a person has to eat sooner or later

And Sara was no exception

She didn't want to move, but she hated the idea of hunger. She had been hungry her whole life, so she understood and hated hunger more than most people

Being in constant hunger is not a pleasant feeling, especially when you have a way to avoid it

This past month, besides the few first times, Cat spent some time teaching Sara how to cook and buy food

It wasn't anything complex or involving fire

Every food she learned was the type you cook in the microwave. It was simple, you take the food from the refrigerator, put it on the microwave and cook it for a couple of minutes

Cat even left behind an instruction book made by her on what food to buy, the price and how to cook it in the microwave. All this with a stupidly detailed amount of instructions

It showed how much she worried for Sara, and how much free time she had on her hands.....

I know I know, it is not exactly the healthiest food in the world, and if she eats that kind of food every day for the rest of her life, she would be lucky if she lived past 40

But she was supposed to also get her meals from the school and Uncle Muscle, so eating microwave food from time to time wouldn't kill her

And with food ready to cook, a detailed book on how to cook it and hunger in her stomach, Sara had no excuse to not eat something

So she got up from the couch, went to the refrigerator and took a frozen pizza from there

She put it on the microwave, cook it like the detailed instructions said, and put the table while she waited

Then, she took it from the microwave when it was done and put it on the table

Finally, she took a portion of the pizza, started eating it and then she started crying again

She remembered the first food she had eaten with her big sis, and she couldn't help herself

Why take the pizza if it was going to make her cry? because it was the first food she had eaten with her big sis

Of course, she would pick it to commemorate her, and(of course) she would end up crying in the end

It was an inevitability

She ate the pizza while crying and thinking of her big sis

You could say she was a M, but it was more like her way of dealing with the situation, and maybe a punishment for not asking if she could go with her

A sad thing, yes

But that is how the situation went

Cat had to leave the city because she was wanted, but if she had never been wanted, she wouldn't have met Sara. It was because Cat needed her help that they ended up meeting each other

And it was the thing that she needed help with that ended up separating them in the end

An inevitability

The only thing she could have done to stop the inevitability was to follow Cat to her new city, but her doubt on choosing her or her big brother and family and revenge sealed the deal

She would be stuck alone in the city unless....

And that was when an idea came to Sara

She may have lost her big sis, but she still could find the rest of her family

All she had to do was to put more effort into it

She was afraid to ask Cat for help since she was sad every time she talked about the factory, but Uncle Muscle should be able to help

It was a perfect idea

So she grabbed the keys to the place(something Cat gave her last week and forced her to carry at all times) and left the house

There wasn't a problem about the time since she usually went after lunch, and it was around that time anyways

She was even used to get there, so she didn't need the map anymore

She simply walked all the way there, with some hope of finally finding out where her family was

So, she touched the Uncle Muscle intercom button and waited for him to answer

"who is it?"(muscle)

"it is me uncle muscle"(Sara) said with a rough voice

Side effect of all that crying

"I am coming down"(Muscle) said, and 3 minutes later, he was down

He open the door to his building and showed a sad expression after opening

"You look like sh-t kid"(Muscle) said after seeing Sara's face

Again, side effect of all that crying

"Uncle Muscle, I need a favor"(Sara) said

The moment Sara said Uncle Muscle, his face twitched for a second, still not used to been called that

"What do you need kid? Before you ask,  I can't take you to Gato. I promised her that"(Muscle) said with a serious face

It wasn't what Sara was going to ask, but when she heard that he wouldn't take her to Cat, she got depressed a little. She didn't realise at the time, but asking Uncle Muscle to take her to Cat was an option, and now she knew it wasn't

"Don't cry kid, ask me anything else and I will see what I can do"(Muscle) panicked after seeing Sara's reaction

Probably worried she would start crying again

Sara, on the other hand, looked straight into his eyes and asked

"Can you help me find my big brother Max, my brother john and my sister Jess?"(Sara) finally asked

And Uncle Muscle put a f-ck expression. That subject was a land mine and he knew it

Cat probably warned him before hand, because Sara never told him about them, but he already knew about them for the look of things

"Ok"(Muscle) agreed

"Yes!"(Sara) was happy that she may finally find her family

She may have lost Cat, but finding her family was also something important to her

"But under one condition, you must work diligently for one year before I help you find them"(muscle) put as a condition

"Uh?"(Sara) said a little confused

I am sure this was also inevitable

Note: Thx again for the help Neiden, maybe I will some day learnt the proper use of being and been :P

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