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Chapter 16: Goodbye Kid, take care


In case you are wondering, this is not a trick or something like that, Cat really left Sara

She didn't just disappear one day while Sara was away, or was taken by the police or some hero

She left the city in her own accord

And the reason was pretty obvious, she couldn't stay in the city

The news may have blamed the hood guys but the people also blamed the Irish mafia and the heroes, wich didn't make things easier for them

From the heroes part, not only did Aegis stayed in a coma after the incident and Blue Lighting ended up quitting the job since she couldn't handle the pressure, The heroes association and all the heroes associated with it received a lot of critic for handling the incident so poorly

And as for the Irish mafia, to escape the legal repercussions, they decided to simply blame all of it to Cat who disappeared after the incident and Red Eyes who was confirmed dead after the collapse

All this meant that Cat had no protection from her ex-associates, the public hated her and the heroes wanted to punish her

If she wanted to survive, she had to seek the protection of another group in another city, that would ensure she would be safe from the hate of the locals

People from other cities wouldn't care much for something that happened far away, and the heroes of that city wouldn't be much bloodthirsty if they hardly knew the guys affected by the incident

So she didn't have much choice but to offer the drugs and her powers as a bargaining chip and strike a deal with the government, her old group and a new group from another city while not revealing her hiding place

Which made Sara the perfect helper

She could move around freely since nobody knew her, she didn't belong to any factions and needed Cat help as much as Cat needed her help

It was a symbiotic relationship that lasted one month

In that month, Cat managed to contact the Muscle Uncle via letter(much safer than using email thanks to powered hackers and thinkers) who was an information broker and friend with Cat

With his help, they managed to strike a deal with all parties and move to another city without many problems

She would have a bad reputation and would have to do small deals for a while, but everything would go back to normal with time

It was the best move she could make if she wanted to keep doing what she did

The problem with all this was Sara of course

What to do with Sara?

Cat received a lot of help from her and kind of got attached to her but not enough to take Sara with her it seems

I can't say exactly why not since I am not her or find out why but one can speculate

Maybe she was afraid of corrupting Sara

Or was afraid for Sara's life if she follow her to a new city

Or had a trauma from the past that didn't allow her to take Sara with her

Or <span lang="en">thought </span>it was the best for her

Or she simply found it annoying to take care of a little kid for who knows how long

Again, I can't say for sure

All I know is the reactions she had the day she left

Some time before a car came for her, Cat told Sara that she was leaving the city and she was leaving her in the care of the Muscle Uncle

She was supposed to go to school every day, work for Muscle Uncle in the evening and sleep in the hideout

She would give Sara the house, would take care of all the bill and make sure Uncle Muscle give her some allowance

But Cat couldn't stay in the city anymore(for reasons already explained) so she was going away

Of course, Sara was confused at the start and begged her to stay at the end with crying and all that

She already lost 3 family members, she didn't want to lose any more

And as for Cat, you could see the sadness and even a little of hesitation

But she explained again and again, that she couldn't stay in the city no matter what

It sucked, but it was the truth, she couldn't stay

So why not take her to the new city?

That was the sudden idea that came to Sara

If the mountain doesn't come to Mohammed, Mohammed goes to the mountain

She didn't know the saying, but the principle was the same. All she had to do was say it

It was true that Cat made all the necessary preparations for Sara to live relatively comfortably there, and for some reason, she didn't offer Sara to take her to the new place

But Sara believed that Cat was hesitant of not taking her to the new place, and if she asked for it, she may end up convincing Cat to take her

All she had to do was ask, simple

The thing is, Sara hesitated

Just when she was about to ask Cat if she could take her to the new place, she remembered why she couldn't leave the place

Sara had unfinished business in the city

She was still angry with the hood guys for what they did, and she still wanted to find her family. She even went to the blind guy place almost every day just to see if there was any sign of Max or the rest

If she left the city, she may forfeit any chance of finding her family or revenge

Yes, she liked her big sister a lot and knew she would be happy with her. But she was a 5 years old with the sudden question of choosing wich parent do you want to live with

Of course she would hesitate

And that hesitation, that may not have lasted for more than a minute, was what probably sealed the deal

Moments after she started wondering if she should choose her big sis or her big brother, someone knock on the door

Cat made a shh! signal, and slowly approached the camera recording while asking who it was

The guy said he was told to bring Gato with him and showed some credentials to the camera

Cat looked at the guy, put a serious face that replaced her sad and hesitation one and while grabbing a bag, she simply say

"Goodbye kid, take care"(Cat)

And left the place
Note: thx again for the help Neiden and Leafyesyes417

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