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Chapter 15:The end of happy times


Of course, the happy times had to come to an end

Eating tasty food, playing games, watching tv and only doing some minor help from time to time?

How long could an ideal situation like that last?

The answer is more normal than you would expect

until the end of summer

Almost every single kid would play around on summer and go back to school at the end of it

Normally, a slum kid wouldn't have the possibility of going to school, or would only be able to go from time to time like Max

But Cat wouldn't have that. She already decided to take responsibility for the kid, so missing school would kind of miss the point of taking Sara under her wing

If there was one problem about all this, it would be that Sara wasn't registered in the government data base

Well, maybe she was, but they have no way of contacting someone that would know

The government technology wasn't so advance that they stored every single newborn baby ADN and fingerprints in a computer database

So Cat was forced to create a new ID for Sara

Normally, a person would try a legal way of doing it. Since Sara was only 5 years old, it shouldn't be too hard to create an ID legally. Usually, a person can get a country's ID by being born there, having a parent who was born there or living in that country for a specific amount of time

So basically, for Sara to get an ID from their country, the best way would be for her to be adopted by Cat or someone

The thing is, Cat was a wanted criminal, so adopting her would be kind of tricky


Why the f-ck would she use the legal way?

She talked with some guys, that talked with some other guys that pay some government officials and voila, new ID

Simple, right?

No paperwork, no lines, no waste of time, no bureaucratic bullsh-t, and no pain in the a-s

Cat did have to spend some money, but she wasn't lacking in that department

Besides, even thought she obtained it in an illegal way, it was still a "legal" ID as valid as one obtained by normal means

It was just done faster

It took some work since Cat couldn't leave the house, but with the help of muscle uncle and money, it was done relatively fast

All Cat had to do next was found a good school near the place

She settled for a private school 5 blocks from the house

It went from kindergarten to primary school with a High school next to it

Cat liked since it had a nice reputation, went from 9 am to 3 pm with optional extracurricular activities and offer lunch at the place

She could pay it with her fake bank account she used to pay all the bills at the hiding place, so it wasn't a problem there

The place even had a cute uniform, which she wouldn't be able to resist to take a couple of pictures later on(something that Sara would absolutely hate)

Basically, it was perfect

And there was no way Sara would be able to avoid going there, like it or not

The funny thing was that Sara actually wanted to go there. The moment Cat told Sara she was going to school, Sara was actually happy about it

Seeing Cat face, you could tell she didn't even expect that kind of reaction, and it easy to understand why What kid would like to go to school?

What normal kid would like to go to school?

The problem was Sara wasn't a normal kid. She was a slum kid

Most slum kids dream of a normal life, like loving parents, eating three meals a day and even something like going to school

Wich does it sound better? Spend hours with people the same age you can even make friends with or staying in the streets begging all day?

Besides, her big brother Max always preached about the importance of knowledge, and since her big sis also agree with it, why would she refuse them?

So basically, both completely agreed on Sara going to school

Cat even used Uncle Muscle as the guardian so he could sign all the paperwork, and go in her place if something ever happens

And like I said before, the moment the clothes arrived, Cat forced Sara to put it on and she practically started a photography session, causing Sara endless suffering

But a happy suffering

Besides, she had a warm roof to sleep, hot tasty food to eat, free entertainment, warm clothes, new school and a big sister that look after her

She may have some anger inside her, and still wanted to find her family, but she was happy

The day after the uniform arrived, Cat told Sara to go to Uncle Muscle place so he would take her to school

Later she would have to go alone, but she went with him the first time so they could sing some papers and so they could show Sara the school and the classroom where she was going to study

There they also found out she could go to school before the year started since some parents needed a place to leave their kids when they went to work and the school provide it

Uncle Muscle informed this to Cat in one of his letters(since Sara "Forgot" about it) and after finding out, she told Sara to go there and get to know some kids before school started

Besides, it would be a good trial run to see if she could blend in with kids of normal upbringing

The simple answer? she could

She spent most of her life surrounded by kids, so it wasn't exactly hard to get along with new kids

Most were new to the place also, so there was no problem about groups or stuff like that, and since all of them were small kids, they didn't notice her "unique" upbringing

Everything went without a problem, so she kept going to school almost every day(it was optional until class started) and had fun with the kids at school and with Cat at home

She even went to Uncle Muscle pretty often to deliver letters and other stuff, and he ended up warming up to her and even smiled a little when he saw her

Life went normally like that, until three weeks later when Cat left to live in another city without Sara
Note: Thx again for the help Neiden, and I also took the advice from Leafyesyes417

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