The next day, Cat woke up Sara like yesterday, and after dressing and having some cereal, she went to brush her teeth

When Sara was finally ready, Cat waved to Sara so she would sit by her side, and took a paper similar to the map from yesterday

"I need you to go out again, you think you can do it"(Cat)

"No problem"(Sara) said cheerfully and full of confidence

Cat smiled a little at her response and showed her the map she drew

"If there is something you don't understand, tell me"(Cat) said, and let Sara take a look at the map

Again, Sara asked questions about the landmarks she didn't understand, and Cat draw left and right on her hands

Finally, when everything was over, Cat make sure Sara remember the extra instructions Cat wrote and Sara had to follow when she arrive at the new place

"Remember, after touching the intercom, a voice will answer and you must tell him that Gato sends you with an envelope. Thena  muscle old man will come down and you hand it to him.Finally, you tell him you will come back tomorrow for an answer, repeat please"(Cat)

"After I arrive, I call the intercom, tell a muscle uncle that Gato send me and hand over the envelope. Then I just tell him I will come back tomorrow, right?"(Sara)

"You got it kid"(Cat) Said with a thumbs up

Sara mimics the thumbs up and gets down from the chair

"Here, and remember, not a word about me"(Cat) hands over the envelope and the map

"Thanks, and don't worry"(Sara) took them and went to the door

"Good luck kid, don't get lost"(Cat) said while Sara opened the door

"See ya soon"(Sara)said before closing it

And that was it. She was out again on the street

She felt a little more confident than yesterday, but she still follow the instructions really carefully so she wouldn't get lost

The place was further away than the church, and in a place she has never been before, so she took a lot longer than yesterday to arrive at the place

But she arrived fine anyways

The place was a not too old or too new tall building with numerous floors and apartments. It had a security camera at the door but strangely, no Janitor or security guard

Not like Sara cared about all that, she simply approached the intercom and after finding the right button, she touch it. It didn't take more than a few minutes for a deep voice to answer

"Who is it? What do you want?"(Voice)

"Bi.. I mean Gato send me with an envelope for you"(Sara)

"Gato!? Is she ok!? do you know where she is!?"(Voice)

"She is fine, but I am not supposed to say anything else"(Sara)

"Wait there, I will come down"(Voice)said

So Sara waited. It  took him a couple of minutes for the voice to show up

It was 50-60 years old white man with white hair and a body full of muscle. He had a scar on his forehead and a manly chin with an average face

When he saw Sara, he showed a serious expression

Normally, if you saw a guy like that with that expression, you would probably panic and maybe even sh-t your pants

Luckily, Sara was used to seen scary people all the time, so it didn't have an effect on her. It may even reach such a point it that she consider that kind of face normal

"Hand over the envelope kid"(muscle) demanded

"Here"(Sara) handed over the envelope without hesitation

The muscle uncle took the envelope, open it and notice it had something else besides a letter

He put the envelope upside down and he started shaking it so the content would fell on his hand

The thing is, the moment the content fell down on his hand, he notice what it actually was, and panic a little. Then he quickly put the content of the envelope on his pocket while looking around to see if someone saw him

He then relaxed when he confirmed they were completely alone. HE took the letter and started reading the content

While reading, you could hear him mumbling a little and showing a serious expression on his face

When he finished, he even started over again but finally stopped after reading it twice

"So, you are coming back tomorrow for an answer?"(Muscle)

"Yep"(Sara)said cheerfully

"Fine, come back tomorrow around the same time, but don't make me wait, I am a busy man"(Muscle) while making a go away hand gesture

"Ok uncle muscle"(Sara)said while going away

The name catches Uncle Muscle unprepared and took him a minute to react

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH UNCLE MUSCLE!!!"(muscle) finally said, but it was too late, Sara was far away and didn't even notice uncle Muscle was frustrated

She simply walked all the way back to Cat's home by following the map

But before going back, she went to Max jess and john place again to try her luck

No luck

Same people that were there yesterday, including of course the blind man, again with his wonderful and constant *clang* coin noise

She was even tempted to go kid the guy like she almost did yesterday, but she simply went back to Cat's place

Sara knocked on the door, got inside, told what happened with the muscle uncle, eat, chatted, played etc

The next day she went back to the Muscle Uncle. He not only handed her a new envelope, he even tried to make her call him with a different name, without luck

Sara refused to call him any other way

It was simply because when she was a kid, she met a muscle "lady" that worked on the streets, and "she" told her if she ever saw another muscle "lady" or uncle, Sara must present him to "her"

Since she always got candy when she did, she always called them muscle lady or muscle uncle as a habit

Sadly, the uncle "lady" was arrested a few months back and she hadn't come back yet

That didn't change the fact that he was an Uncle Muscle, so she called him Uncle Muscle

In the end, Uncle Muscle gave up, and just handed over the latter. Sadly for him, later some else would hear the nickname, and it would stick

Anyways, the following days, Sara spend her time eating tasty food, having a good time with Cat, going on errands and visiting her family spots from time to time. If it wasn't for her family missing, it could be considered the best time of her life, without a doubt

But sadly, her happy times would come to an end

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