21/7 20:07

Field test F07 going fine so far

Mr P confirmed the heroes presence and that they asked for his services

The buyers are already waiting and confirmed not only having the compensation for our products but even brought their two powered at the requested location

Decoys confirmed inside, enough to provide cover when fighting against the heroes

The buyers were already informed of the heroes "probable" appearance and how to proceed when the heroes attack

Proceed with Field Test F07?


22/7 12:22

Return Successful

Disposal of compensation complete

Starting analysis of Field Test F07

Analysing Video feedback

Attaching video feedback

Analyzing data from subjects I022 and I034

Attaching data

Sending report

Internal messenger system 22/7

Seriously Jorge, why must we send all the reports so mechanically 14:12

If we don't, Monica starts b-tching around all day. Besides, it is easier to read and saves time. You would go nuts after reading hundreds of reports full of unnecessary stuff 14:13

Fine! but it's still a pain to write 14:13

How did it go? 14:14

Fine, I guess. Better than we expected and worst than we hoped. They could hold their own, but they slowly lost ground as time went by 14:15

At least, you got out fine 14:15

No problem there. As soon as the fight started, I caught the money and ran away as fast as I could 14:16

Did the teleport work fine? 14:17

Yeah, no problem there. Vomit a little after the teleportation but that is normal. Did we really have to dispose of all that money?It feels like a waste 14:19

You know they could be marked, right? it was too risky for so little 14:19

I wouldn't say 3millions is little, but I get it. It still feels like a waste of money though 14:20

We waste money in stupid stuff all the time, what is a little more? We spend 50millions a few months back because you wanted a playroom  14:22

Point taken. And don't act like you don't use it from time to time  14:22

I was trying to make a point!  14:23

Fine fine 14:23

Anyways, how many came back? 14:24

Half, some died after the ceiling fell down and others were captured  14:25

Did the pills work?  14:25

Phil said they worked fine. Poor guys  14:26

Yeah, but nothing we can do about it. If we didn't put a safety measure, everything could be compromised. Besides, they knew what was at risk, they should have tried harder   14:28

Still, it doesn't leave a good after taste   14:29

Don't feel so bad. At least, we got a lot of useful data out of it 14:29

Yeah, but was it worth it? 14:30

Yes it was 14:30
Note: thanks again for the help Neiden

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