When Sara returned to Cat's hideout, she knocked on the door and waited for Cat to open

The door had a camera at the side, so when Sara knocked, Cat could see it was her

"Welcome back"(Cat) said as soon as she open the door while going out a little and looking at both sides

"I am back"(Sara) said cheerfully

After looking around a little, Cat finally showed a relaxed face and let Sara get inside while closed the door behind her

"Did you get the clothes?"(Cat)

"Here"(Sara) showed the bag in her left hand

"Good good. Go to the bathroom and put some new clothes. Meanwhile, I am going to cook something"(Cat)

"Ok"(Sara) said and went to the bathroom

When she came out a little while with her new clothes, Sara found Cat cooking hamburgers and some instant mash potatoes mix

Sara decided to sit at the table and while looking around, she saw a photograph of the destroyed factory on the laptop screen

Her curiosity got the best of her and she decided to approach the laptop

What she saw was an article besides the picture that Sara couldn't stop herself from reading

The article said

The truth behind the deaths at the Old Scoundrel Factory finally revealed

"After the incident that took 70 lives and countless wounded, most people were wondering who was to blame for all this

Some blamed the irresponsibility of the heroes, others blamed the Irish mafia that owned the place and has been using that place for shady deals for years

But unexpectedly, it turned out it was neither

Forensic evidence shows that it was actually a sabotage made by the new third party

Little is know about this new group besides all of them using grey hoods and all of them being low-level powers, but it is believe that it is a new rising suicide cult

This theory comes from the facts that every single person the heroes managed to catch died after having ingested a pill shortly after their capture

If you add that all of them dress the same and belong to a specific group of people, the likeness of this being true is really high

No statement have been shown from this new group, but the forensic evidence is unrefutable, making this cult a dangerous group that must be avoided at all cost"(Article) said

Sara read the whole article, and even though she didn't understand all the words in it, she understood who was to blame

Before,  she was not only confused from everything that happened but also didn't understand exactly why the factory felt down

Now, on the other hand, she knew there was someone to blame

Someone to sent the anger she felt when the blind guy was on her brother spot

Someone to blame for all the misfortune that she had suffered in the last few days

And someone to help her forget the sadness she felt inside

Meanwhile, Cat was busy making the hamburgers, the mix and even bread with a bread machine

So when she finally finish making the food and was just about to put the plates, she found Sara looking at her laptop

The moment she realised what was inside, she quickly closed the laptop, but after seeing Sara's expression, she realised it was too late

"Did you see it?"(Cat) asked a question she already knew the answer

So it didn't surprise her when Sara nodded in agreement

"F-ck"(Cat)said in a small voice

She sighed for a moment and looked at Sara in the eyes

"Did they do it?"(Sara) asked before Cat could say her next question

"Who?"(Cat) didn't want to make assumptions

"Was it the hood guys who did it?"(Sara) asked while trying to hold her anger

Cat was surprised for a second and looked the other way

"According to the news, that is what happened"(Cat)said while still looking away

"Why did they do it?"(Sara)

"Nobody knows for sure, but most people believe they did it to get away"(Cat)

"Will someone catch them?"(Sara)

"I don't know"(Cat)

"oh"(Sara) finally said with a low voice while looking down

Shortly after, Cat patted her head

"Let's eat, ok?"(Cat) said while trying to cheer her up

"Ok"(Sara) Agreed

And shortly after, they started eating

Sara again tried something delicious she never had before and cheer up a little

But she wasn't in bliss like before, she was still processing what she read

Meanwhile, Cat was quietly eating her burger

Afterwards, Cat went to brush her teeth with Sara and watched some kid movies with her in the couch

Since it was Netflix,  it wasn't hard to find kid movies, and after two, Cat put her a kids tv show and went to her laptop

Meanwhile, Sara was delighted with all that, and for a moment, she forgot the anger inside

It was already nighttime when Cat called Sara to the table, and they ate some spaghetti

Again, something new she never had before, but she wasn't in complete bliss like the first two times. Still, she was in a far better mood than in the afternoon

Even Cat had a better expression than in the afternoon after seen the cheerful smile of Sara

Cat even watched some chapters of the TV show with her afterwards and send Sara to sleep when it was getting late. She gave Sara a blanket and let her sleep on the couch

Cat, on the other hand, went to the other door beside the bathroom, where her room was

"Good night Kid"(Cat)Said while turning the light

"Good night big sis"(Sara) said back to her

And close her eyes, but not her mind yet

She started thinking about what she read, and what she felt

She wanted to do something about those hood guys, but she didn't like how big sis looked when she talked about it or the factory

Believe it or not, children are really perceptive of other people's mood, especially when the child makes a living of peoples feelings

So she noticed Cat's sadness and didn't like it

Sara felt grateful for everything that Cat did for her, so seeing her suffer made her fell bad

But that didn't mean she gave up on her brothers or doing something about the hood guys, she would simply try to find about them on her own
Nothe Thx again for the help with the Grammar Neiden

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