After getting the clothes from the church, Sara knew that Cat was waiting for her, but still needed to check a couple of places

First, she went back to the factory, but the place still had a yellow line on it

There were no people around or inside, so she could pass over the line and get inside. She even hesitated a little, but there was no point

All their stuff was crushed and no one inside meant that they weren't there

Instead, she chooses to try her luck with their different spots

But before we go there, let me ask you a question Have you ever heard of homeostasis?

Have you ever heard of homeostasis?

In case you don't know and don't fell like google in it, it is the ability or tendency to maintain internal stability in an organism to compensate for environmental changes

Basically, if an external influence affects an organism state, the organisms tries it's best to reach an equilibrium again

For example, if the body is too hot, a person start sweating to cool the body down

Drink too much water? You go to the bathroom more often

Drink too little, cells break down to create water while the throat and mouth become dry, so that the symptoms of thirst motivate the organism to drink

And you are probably wondering, where I am going with all this, right?

Well, let's think a  little

1.5 days ago a factory full of homeless people that spend most of their time begging on the streets were incapacitated after it fell down. Some died, somewhere wounded and very few got away ok

All this people had to put food on the table somehow, and they all did in different ways

Some begged

Some looked in the garbage Some sold cheap stuff on the street, etc

Some sold cheap stuff on the street etc


But after the building collapsed, all this "works" suddenly became open

The spots they had before were now free to use

And some of them were pretty good, or, at least, better than others

Now imagine this

Each zone in a city has a limit amount of resources

Since each zone had a limited amount of resources, it could only sustain a limited amount of people

When too many people were in one zone, some were forced to move to a zone with fewer people or more resources to share

That way, even though each zone had a different amount of people, there was a balance

No matter how profitable a zone was, when it reached a certain amount of people, it was more profitable to move some to a different place

Each zone usually increase or decrease a few people at the time, always maintaining this balance

But what do you think it happens when suddenly a zone becomes empty?


People that had a limited amount of resources in their zone tries to move to the new zone with fewer people to share with(more for each)

So what do you think Sara saw when she went to her and her brothers and sister spots?

People already using them

In her spot was a guy without legs

In Jess, a new kid

John place? Lady with a baby

And in Max's place, a blind man

Each time she went to one of the spots and found it occupy, she went to the next one in hope of finding her family

But when she finally reached the last one, the one she wanted to check first but at the same time was afraid of doing it.... she lost hope

She lost hope when she saw the blind man

Part of her hoped to see Max just sitting there, with his arms open, saying everything was going to be ok

She wanted to believe and was afraid to confirm at the same time

So when she saw the blind man, she just stared at him, not knowing what to do

IF it had been a kid, she may have gone and fight him while screaming. If it was a normal adult, she may have shy away since there was nothing she could do

But a blind man? Part of her wanted to go there a fight for her brother spot and another part of her thought not only that it was wrong, but that there was no point

It was a fight withing her sadness and her anger

And she had this internal fight while staring at the blind man

She saw how that guy was just sitting at her brother spot, with a can on his hand making coin noises

She even felt irritated when she heard the constant noise of coins hitting the can, asking for more from the people on the street


Was the constant sound she heard

With each *clang*, she felt a little more annoyed, a little more angry and a little less sad

Why was he on her brother spot?what right did he have? it was unfair for him to be there and not his brother

What if her brother came back and found him there? he may give up and go someplace else, losing her opportunity of seen him again

Her thought reached such a point that she closed her fists, and was just about to go fight that guy when something happened

It wasn't that the blind guy notices her, or anyone tried to stop her

What happen was simply that a small kid with his mum gave a coin to the blind guy

The moment the kid did that, the *clang* sound stopped

"Thank you"(Blind guy)

"You are welcome"(Kid) said while his mum dragged him away

After hearing the kids voice, the blind mind was surprised for a moment but did nothing else

He just stayed there, without doing the *clang* sound, while showing a sad expression for some reason

Meanwhile, Sara stopped moving again. All that made her forget her anger for a moment, and when the kid was far away while the blind mind was quiet in Max spot, she just didn't felt like fighting

Instead, she started looking at her fist for a moment, thinking of what she was just about to do, when she saw "right" wrote on her right hand

She noticed the weight of the bag on her left hand and remember why she was out and that someone was waiting

Sara took one last look at the blind mind, turned around, and when back to the church

Afterwards, she followed the paper back to her new home

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