"I know the answer but I must ask anyway, do you have more clothes?"(Cat) asked reluctantly

Witch Sara answered back by simply shaking her head

Not really a surprise actually

"And all your clothes are buried, right?"(Cat)asked again

And Sara nodded this time

"Where did you get clothes then?"(Cat)

"From the church"(Sara)finally talked

Which caused Cat to show a surprised expression for a second. Not because Sara talked, but simply because she realised it was a little obvious if you thought about it

Cat pondered on the answer a little bit, and after a while, she nodded to herself as if she finally made up her mind

"It was the church near the factory, right?"(Cat)Finally said


"Ok, let's do this, put those clothes and come eat something. Afterwards, I will give you the directions on how to get there, and you will ask for some clothes, ok?"(Cat) said

And Sara nodded

"Do you know how to read?"(Cat)

"A little"(Sara)

"Ok, I am going to write the directions and explain them to you, put on your clothes and come to the table"(Cat) said while getting up and leaving the bathroom

Sara let go of her towel and put the dirty clothes she was wearing before

It wasn't anything special. It was some underwear, a pink shirt with a pony and a blue short. It was in the middle of summer, so it wasn't cold outside

The pony shirt was actually her favourite one, so she usually wore it at home or under another shirt so it didn't get ruined

I guess she was kind of lucky for wearing it that day, even if she wore it most of the time at home. Silver lining I guess

Still, after putting on her clothes, Sara left the bathroom and sat on a table where she found some cereal and milk

It was actually dehydrated milk, but since it was the first time Sara actually tried cereal with milk, she didn't care

It was bliss time for the small minute it took to finish it

With a sneak flash on the side

Sara even put more cereal and milk a second time to have another minute of bliss time

Meanwhile, Cat was writing something on a paper while looking into her laptop and taking sneak pics on the side

When Sara finally finished eating her cereal,  Cat sat by her side and started explaining the content of the paper

It was a map that started by the house and showed all the way to the church, including landmarks and street names in case she got lost

Sara saw the paper and read all the names of the streets and landmarks while asking anything she didn't understand

Like what is a Starbucks or stuff like that

Cat also wrote left in her left palm and right in her right palm so she doesn't forget on her way

Cat also told her, that if they asked why was she so clean when she was a street kid, she must answer she was forced to take a bath at the clinic

Then, she told Sara to repeat what she said to put it to memory

Finally, Cat rubbed Sara's head and told her it should be ok

Sara smiled back at her and approached the door with confidence while saying goodbye before leaving

"Bye bye big sis. See you soon"(Sara)waved before closing the door

"Good luck kid"(Cat) said with an anxious face

And with that, Sara was finally outside

She didn't have a clock, so she didn't know the time, but the sun wasn't all the way up  yet, so it was before midday

The day was kind of hot but not unbearable, so  staying by the shadows of the building would be enough to prevent a heat stroke

Even a little kid knew that been too hot was bad. If you fell better by been in the shadows of a building in a hot day, why wouldn't you do it

So, by following the excessively detailed instructions while staying in the buildings and trees shadows, Sara slowly walked to the church while double checking all the landmarks

If you are wondering why she had to go to all this trouble instead of just buying new clothes, it was simply because they couldn't

Cat couldn't go out and buy the clothes since she was wanted at the moment. Same problem if they order online since she would have to open the door and receive them

Sara, on the other hand, wouldn't be welcome at a store with the clothes she was wearing, and being too young didn't help. Even if she showed the money, the store would suspect she stole it, take all the money and call the police

Their only option was to get clothes this way

Not like Sara realised all that, for all she knew, you only get clothes from the church

The concept of charity was something she didn't exactly understood

And she knew she needed clothes to change, so even if she didn't like going there, it was something she had to do

Luckily, she arrived there without a problem and was received by a nun

"Hello little lady, what bring you to gods house"(Nun)

"I lost all my clothes and I need new ones"(Sara) said honestly

The nun saw her for a second, and after seeing her clothes, you could see a sign of pity on her eyes

"Were you at the warehouse the other day?"(nun)asked while still showing some pity

Sara nodded without hesitation or realising what that look really meant. Well, she didn't know what it meant, but she was used to seeing it all the time

"Did  you go to the hospital?"(Nun)asked

Sara nodded again

It wasn't a lie since she actually went there. Besides, Cat instructed her to say she took a bath there if they asked

"And you went back to the streets afterwards, right?"(Nun)

"yes!"(Sara) answered without hesitation, or lying

The nun probably meant she got away from the hospital before they took her to an orphanage, but Sara left simply because no one paid attention to her

The nun, misunderstanding what she meant but still understanding she really needed the clothes, sighted in the end

"Follow me"(Nun) reluctantly said

There was nothing the Nun could do. Most of them realise over time that some kids prefer the streets over living on an orphanage. And considering how some of them were, it wasn't that big of a shock

This left the Nuns with no other option but to "support" their way of living or leave them to fend for themselves

This nun chose to give Sara a hand

She took Sara to a room where they store all the donations and picked a couple of clothes for her

After the destruction of the factory the other day, the church received an increased amount of donations, so they could afford to be a little more generous than usual

Sara ended up receiving 3 shirts, 3 pants, 3 pairs of socks and underwear, and a small coat

Only one was in perfect condition since most donations were used clothes from people that grown up and couldn't use them anymore or too ugly for them

It's not hard to guess how "pretty" was the one in perfect condition

Not like Sara complained, she was to receive new clothes

The Nun put everything in a plastic bag and handed it over to Sara. Since it wasn't heavy, she grabbed without a problem

"Thank you"(Sara) said while bowing

Something her big brother told her to always do when someone did you a favour

"May god bless you child"(Nun) said back to her

And with that, Sara left the church after waving at the Nun from afar

She remembers the way back, to some extent, and with the help of the excessively detailed paper, she shouldn't have a problem getting back

But first, she had a couple of places she had to visit

Note: thx Neiden again for the help

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