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Sara fell asleep shortly after finishing her meal, tired of a long day without sleeping. Even when she tried to sleep a little in her begging spot, the worry she had didn't let her relax enough to manage to sleep profoundly, only a light sleep

It  was only after finally eating something and manage to tink of something unrelated to everything that happened that she finally relaxed enough to instantly fall asleep

The next day, Sara woke up on the couch with a blanket over her

After looking around a little, she found Cat on the table using a laptop and drinking some coffee

"Good morning"(Sara) said to cat

It was a habit since she got from her brother, that always said good morning when she woke up, so she always answered back, or said first if she woke up before him

"Good morning kid. Go brush your teeth and take a bath.The bathroom is the left door over there"(Cat) said while pointing at the bathroom door

"Brush my teeth?"(Sara) showed a confused face

Meanwhile, Cat showed an expression of shock. Was it possible she didn't know what brushing your teeth was? was what her face said

"You don't know what brushing your teeth is?"(Cat)Surprised

Sara, on the other hand, shake her head

It must be understood that she was raised by a kid from the slums. I can't say for sure if Max knew what brushing your teeth meant, but he probably didn't know or didn't like it like most kids. As for Sara, since she didn't watch TV, she never saw a Colgate add or learned from a grown up or in school about it

Besides, dental care isn't something a slum kid can really afford

Still, it was a big shock for Cat. It was one of the thinks you first learn when you are a kid, like it or not

"Follow me kid"(Cat) said while getting up from her chair and going to the bathroom

Sara followed her shortly after

Inside, she took a package with two brush inside, one blue and one pink, and open it

She gave the pink one to Sara and she took the blue one for herself

And she taught Sara how to brush her teeth

I could explain all the process, like Cat explaining and showing while Sara tried her best to imitate, and kind of failed thanks to using a brush too big for her

But you do know how to brush your teeth, right? What a youtube video otherwise

Anyways, Cat managed to teach Sara to some extend all the process of brushing your teeth and told her she must do it 3 times a day

Sara, on the other hand, wasn't happy about doing it 3 times a day but decided to do it anyway since big sis for her to do it

Who is big sis? Cat obviously. Cat told Sara to call her big sis for now on while explaining how to brush her teeth and Sara agreed without hesitation

To Sara, Jess was only her sister, John her brother and Max her big brother, so she didn't mind calling Cat big sis. Besides, Cat had been kind to her so far, so she was even a little happy when Cat said that

Why wouldn't she? Kids are simple, you are nice to them, and they like you. You are not nice to them, and they hate you. Cat was one of the few people that had been nice to Sara in her whole life, so of course she would be happy to call her big sis

Even if she forced her to do two of the things that small kids hated to do the most, brushing your teeth, and what would come next

The infamous and completely hateful thing for kids called taking a bath

It hasn't been explicitly told in the story, but it isn't hard to imagine that the hygiene of a slum kid isn't exactly the best

And by not the best I mean even a street dog smelled better than Sara

A bath is an unnecessary luxury for a slum kid. Besides, it was unproductive since smelling like sh-t helps get pity from people, allowing them to earn more money

So even Sara, that could only count to 30, would be able to count how many times she took a bath

Not like she actually counted, but she could

IF you add the months of time without a bath, plus all the dust and blood from the factory and who knows what else, she looked like a mess

Luckily, Cat forced Sara to eat the pizza with a napkin, or she may also have to worry for a stomach infection

Well, she may have to worry anyways, since Sara didn't eat "clean" food all the time, or even bother to wash her hands

Anyways, Sara looked like sh-t, so Cat forced her to take a bath after brushing her teeth, and I must tell you, it wasn't easy

Not because Sara refused to take a bath. She may not have wanted to take one, but she didn't want to defy Cat

No, the reason was the layer of dirt Sara had developed over time

It was really hard to take off

They only had a cheap sponge and regular soap, so it was really hard to take all that dirt and who knows what else from Sara's skin

And it's not like her hair was much better

Even a super powered person with muscle memory couldn't find a way to solve the problem

All that Cat could do was simply work hard until the problem was solved

Sara had so much dirt on her, that the water in the bathtub almost turned solid

Well, not really, but you get the point

It was definitely a death wish try to even drink a little bit of it

They worked for who knows how long, but they finally succeeded after a long time and effort

At the end of it, Sara almost looked like a normal 5-year-old girl (except for having her skin all pink and been a little skinny)

Cat felt a sense of accomplishment and Sara felt hurt all over the place, her opinion about definitely didn't improve after all that

Happy ending, right? welllllllll, not exactly

There was a tiny little problem they had to solve after all that trouble

Can you guess it?

Cat had a nice place, with electricity, running water, gas, cable, internet necessary tools and food

The place was designed to solve any daily necessity that Cat would have in case she needed to lay low for a while

<span style="background-color: #f5f6f5;">Any daily necessity that Cat would have it the point I am trying to make</span>

After doing all that hard work, and finally cleaning all the dirt and stuff Sara had on her, she still had to wear something afterwards

And all she had to wear was the dirty mess that she was wearing before.......

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