Start of the fight

Yep, we are screwed

They threw everything they had as soon as we revealed our selfs


And there is no f-cking way those new guys are "D"

Aegis second shield can't hold off all those powers plus the machine guns, no way

Thanks to that, Unicorn can't move, and blue b-tch can't fight Cat alone

We are on a f-cking stalemate, and to make it worst, both Cat and the Leader guy are escaping with the briefcases

Which would make this operation a complete failure

And we have no way of stopping them

Blue b-tch is busy with the grunts and new guys since trying to take down Cat alone is too dangerous. Her Kung fu mixed with her reaction speed can land nasty hits, especially to a speedster. Even unicorn would have troubles alone if she used Aikido on him

Basically, she is a pain in 1v1

And for the looks of things, Silent Sniper has no way of hitting them and has no other choice but to hit the grunts and the new guys

Or not, looks like the new guys are unhurt

Do they have barriers or something?

It's so frustrating to only be able to look....

But if I try to do something else, I will only be a bother

<strong>5 minutes after the start of the fight</strong>

Finally, things are looking good. Most of the grunts were taken care off

Unicorn even has some room to kick some a-s! hell yeah

I think both Cat and the leader guy must be already out of here, but if we managed to catch all this grunt, new guys and Red Eyes, we can make it look good on the press

Still, these new guys are annoying as hell. Did the "C" guys make a group or something?

That could be dangerous

10 "C" can take down an "A" guy with some effort, even 8 if they have good compatibility. If it wasn't thanks to my support, both Aegis and Unicorn could be down already

Still, it is nice seen them fly all over the place now. I know he is doing it to stop their healer from fixing them, but it is therapeutic when you see a pain in the a-s fly away

They are flying all over the place, I hope he doesn't end up killing one. Well, he usually holds back pretty well, so there shouldn't be a problem. Besides, the ones he doesn't hold back, they are the though ones

Like the one he is hitting now, he can really take a beating

Wow, the guy is really flying. Looks like he didn't hold back with that pu...




Where am I?

Everything is a mess around me

Why is there so much concrete on the floor?

How did I get here?Oh yeah, the ceiling fell down




F-CK F-CK F-CK!!!!!!

Where is everybody? How long was I out?

Oh! there is Unicorn

Looks like he got out ok. Well, I doubt a little concrete can hurt the guy. Where is the rest? Silent Sniper should be ok since she was shooting from outside

B-ch is fast, so she should have gotten out without a problem, and Aegis has his shield

I guess we have to focus on the civilians, I wonder how many got out ok

"Unicorn! Over here!"(me) calling the guy while waving my hand while still on the floor

"Oh! Thank god! looks like you are fine. Did you see the rest?"(Unicorn) Smiled a little when he saw me and offer me a hand

"No, I just woke up. How long was I out?"(me) asked while getting up

"No idea, but it shouldn't have been more than a few seconds. Help me look for Aegis"(Unicorn)

"And the rest? Are they ok?"(me)

"Yeah. Missing left the building after the battle started. He was supposed to follow anyone that managed to escape. I told Silent Sniper to call the authorities and help them get here. As for Blue Lighting, she found me as soon as I got up, and I told her to get Doctor Pill. I am sure we will need him in a few minutes"(Unicorn) Said while looking around

I, on the other hand, relaxed a little. We may be in a sh-tty situation, but no one likes it when a friend or co-worker gets hurt

"Darn!"(Unicorn) Said in a loud voice

I wonder what would make the boy scout say something close to a curse word, but as soon as I follow his line of sight, I realised

I found Aegis half burned and bleeding to death

I even started moving before I even thought what to do

Years of experience forced my body to work on automatic in situations like this one

So I approached him in an instant and started healing him the best I could

Sh-t! He really is in a bad shape

I can barely feel a pulse and he is really badly burn

How did this happen?

It looks like Red Eyes powers got him. Nothing else in the factory could have caused this kind of burn marks. Did he try to stop the collapse with his second shield, leaving an opening for Red Eyes?


I guess that's what happened. Since aegis would by instinct try to stop something like that, and Red Eyes would take advantage of an opening without hesitation


"Miss, I need your help, my brother is in danger. Please help him!"(????)


A kid?

Sh-t! I forgot about the civilians

Damn, she looks pretty bad. Did she say something about her brother?

"Kid, I can't move right now. Bring him over so I can heal him"(me) said while still trying to heal Aegis

"But but but if we don't hurry he may die! please come help me"(kid)tried to convince me while grabbing my arm

This is bad

I need all my power to heal Aegis. I can't waste half of it in the kid, especially when she doesn't need immediate treatment

Let's try to buy some time

"Kid, I can't move from here right now, if you want to help your brother, bring him overhear or ask Unicorn to do it for you"(me) said while pointing with my chin to Unicorn direction

Kids usually have priority, and it is more efficient to bring the wounded here or put them on the same place than having me moving around all over the place

Great!Looks like it worked

The kid went directly for Unicorn

Not like Unicorn paid attention to her

He is really working hard there. I would have puked after the 3 body, but he keep going relentlessly

Come on kid, you can do it, don't give up

Come one, come on


Finally, Unicorn paid attention

Looks like they are talking

Good good

And she is pointing to some place far away


Kid is screwed

There is no way Unicorn will go there

One of the first things you learn(if you want to live long) is to never follow a civilian blindly

I can't count how many times I heard about some hero that follow a crying civilian to a dark alley, to suddenly getting attacked by some a-s hole

And sometimes, they don't come back alive from it

In situations like that, you have to properly question  the civilian, and if you dare, follow him or her with caution

Sadly, right now not only it is too risky, it is also unproductive. Even if it is true, Unicorn can save 3 kids like him in the time it takes to save just that one kid

Poor kid

But she isn't the only one with problems

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