7 hours before the fight at the factory

I wanna sleep!!!

I took the day off dammit!!!

"WHAT!!"(me)screamed to the phone

"Something came up and we need your help"(voice)said over the phone

It took me a few seconds to realize who he was. Can't someone sleep in peace for a change?

"Can't you ask someone else for help? It's my day off!"(me)

"The other healers are either busy at the moment or unfit for the mission. Can you come, please?I will owe you one"(Unicorn)

"You owe me like 300 already!"(me)

"Pretty please"(unicorn)

"I wanna sleep!!!!"(me)

"Please!?I won't stop bothering you until you agree"(Unicorn)

Yeah, he always does that when he really wants something

"Fine!Fine! but I want double rate for the extra time, ok?"(me)

"Deal, I just sent the meeting place to your phone, see ya soon"(Unicorn)hang up after that

B-stard, at least, chat a little. It's no fun if it's all business

Aghh!!! I wish the hero association would pay better rates. Sometimes I wonder if I choose the wrong profession

Should I go private?

Let's leave it for another day, let's get ready

6 hours before the fight at the factory

I had taken the day off, so the sudden call forced me to quickly dress up and join the rest in a meeting point

I found Unicorn, Aegis, the b-tch lighting, sniper and Missing on the meeting point all waiting for me, which made me a little embarrassed

Hey! I got a call at the last minute, don't give me that annoyed face....

"About time you showed up "angel" if you didn't put so much makeup, maybe you wouldn't take so long"(b-tch)showed her loooooooove like always

I don't know why she hated me so much, not like I would just take the punch

"Makeup is a beautiful woman mask, too bad you have to use an actual one"(me) said mercilessly

She even went all red and was just about to start running  when aegis put a shield between us

"Calm down you two, we have more important things to discuss"(Aegis)

"Fine!/Fine!"(me/Blue L)

"Well, now that we are all here, let me tell you about the mission"(unicorn)

I looked around, and everyone stop what thy were doing and paid attention. Good thing about heroes is that most are kind of similar to boy scouts

"As you all know, the Irish mafia has a factory full of people that they use as a trading place, you all know which place I am talking about, yes?"(Unicorn)


Sh-ty place

"Well, today they are doing an important deal with a new group, and from the looks of things, it is a pretty big one. Most of the time we leave them alone since it is only small deals, but we can't let them do whatever they want. The bosses back at the heroes association sent me the info, and I agree that something must be done. Do you guys agree?"(Unicorn) Said while looking all around

The other three instantly nodded, and while I wanted to run as soon as I heard what the mission involved, I accidently nodded under the pressure


Everyone know that the factory is a media sh-t storm!!!!!

One wrong move and your hero career could be over!!!!

And this fools agreed!?

"Great!Glad to have everyone on board"(Unicorn)


"Excuse me, aren't we too few for a mission like this?"(Me) asked

The more people are on board, more people to share the responsibility if something goes wrong

What am I even saying, something always goes wrong

"Too many would be bad since there are civilians involved. Everyone here is really good at avoiding collateral damage and capable of defending themselves"(Unicorn)

"Yes, but we still need to take care of the enemy while not letting any civilian get hurt. Won't it be too hard with only the 5 of us?"(Me)

Don't give me the cr-p that heroes always win or something. It would be hard enough for this team to take just the Irish a-s holes, you want to take a new team also?

"It is fine, from one side, we have Cat and Red Eyes, which can be easily taken down by me Blue lighting and Aegis.The new guys are only a "D" class group of 20 according to the intel we got. Sniper can easily take care of them. Besides, if anyone gets hurt, we have you there to save us"(Unicorn)

It looks doable, and the intel is usually spot on. But isn't the new force kind of weak?

I can't get away, can I?

"Fine, but if something goes wrong, I will put all the blame on you, ok?"(me)

"No problem, since nothing will go wrong"(Unicorn)

Let's hope you are right

1 hours before the fight at the factory

We make a battle plan, with different contingency and after we had everything ready, we follow Missing to the factory

The idea was simple. Aegis would counter Red Eyes lasers, blue lighting would distract Cat while Unicorn would quickly take her out. Then, both Blue Lighting and Unicorn would focus on Red eyes, follow by what is left of the grunts and new guys. Sniper would focus on the new guys and grunts while I hide behind Aegis or Unicorn and heal anyone hurt afterwards

If there were too many hurts, Doctor Pill offered his help after the fight. The association contacted him since he had a clinic close by, and he agreed to help only after the fight was over since he can't heal himself, unlike me

If we have a problem, it would be that we couldn't take action before the new guys showed their content, since they didn't have a criminal record. If someone was filming and they showed that we attacked before they did anything illegal, they could walk free of charge even if they attacked back, since it could be considered self-defense and other bureaucratic bullsh-t

Thanks, Mr layers and "concerned citizens"

WE even had to give them a chance to surrender or the self-defense could still work under certain circumstances. They even used that loophole last time a hero team attacked the factory

Still, even with all the bureaucratic bullsh-t, the plan looked good on paper

Let's hope it works

Minutes before the fight at the factory

After waiting on a corner and been careful of avoiding any grunt that passed by, an hour quickly passed and the new guys finally showed up

The new guys arrived like they owned the place and one that looked like the leader sat on a chair

"Did you bring the money?"(leader?)

"Here it is, did you brought the stuff?"(Red Eyes) said while showing the briefcase with money inside

Sadly, even if it looks suspicious as sh-t, showing a briefcase full of money isn't exactly Illegal

"Of course"(Leader?) said while showing his briefcase

Inside you could see hundreds of yellow pills


It was at that moment that we could finally show our selfs and ask them to surrender

No one expected them to do it, but it was something we had to do if we wanted to avoid problems later. Besides, we could take advantage of the confusion and surprise to quickly take them out

"Surrender now and no one will be harmed. We have the place surrounded so there is no escape"(Unicorn)said in a really threatening voice

I expect them to panic like most would in this case. Instead, both criminal parties look at each others, lifted their briefcases, and after a small nod, they throw it at each other


Did they know!!!???

It was too coordinated to be improvisation

Wait! does that mean................

Note: thx Neiden for the help

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