When Sara pass over the door(reinforced door actually) she found a small apartment with no windows

From left to right,  It had a kitchen to the left, a small table in the front and a sofa with a tv on the right, and two doors on the far right

Later she would find out that one had a bathroom and the other was locked and she wouldn't be allowed to enter

Anyways, when cat enters the apartment, she turns on the lights, put down a briefcase she was carrying with her all this time, and sit down while telling Sara to come inside and sit on a chair

You could see how tired Cat was after everything that happened. She just stayed there looking at the ceiling for a couple of minutes, either in deep thought or spacing out

Meanwhile, Sara just sat there waiting for Cat to say or do something

"Thanks for your help kid"(Cat) finally say while stopping looking at the ceiling and looking directly to Sara's eyes

Sara, on the other hand, not knowing how to react, simply nodded her head, while been a little frightened

"What is your name kid?"(Cat)asked while still looking directly into her eyes

"Sara"(Sara)said in a low voice

"Nice name, it fits you"(Cat)said with a smile to try to calm her down a little

Cat waited for a few second until Sara calmed down a little, and then proceeded with her questions

"Do you know who I am?"(Cat)then said while looking directly at her eyes

Sara didn't hesitate in nodding affirmatively

"Why were you on the back alley you found me?"(Cat)kept doing questions while looking deeply into Sara's eyes

Sara wasn't sure why, but she didn't dare to look away or lie. It was probably her instinct telling her it would be dangerous otherwise

"I was looking for a place to sleep"(Sara)answer truthfully

"Do you usually sleep there?"(Cat)


"Where then?"(Cat)

And then, Sara choked a little and finally broke eye contact and said with a lower voice

"On a big factory"(Sara)with little teary eyes

"The one that fell down yesterday?"(Cat) ask while still looking at her, even though not directly at her eyes thanks to Sara looking down

Sara simply nodded and did her best to hold her tears

Cat, on the other hand, looked to the side and cursed a little

"Where you there yesterday when it fell down?"(Cat) Said after a while

Sara nodded

"Did you saw me there?"(Cat)

Again, Sara nodded

"Do you blame me"(Cat)finally asked, while trying to keep a straight face

" For what?"(Sara) Finally looked at her while still keeping her teary eyes but also with a confuse expression

The answer catches Cat off guard since she didn't know what to say. She understood from that question that Sara didn't even thought to blame Cat for everything that happen, so there was nothing to forgive

And for the looks of things, she either didn't consider to start putting blame on everything that happened or was so use to stuff like that, that she didn't even bother

Cat probably didn't know which was worst, not knowing it was her fault, or not caring

"Never mind kid. did you get hurt?"(Cat)

"I felt some pain when I sat down, but a nice doctor gave some pills and I fell better now.  But Max, Jess and John......."(Sara) almost about to cry

"What happened to them"(Cat) said a little worried

Cat didn't know them, but she was feeling sympathy for the poor kid in front of her and was fearing the worst under the circumstances

Sara managed to hold down her tears and look back at Cat

"They were taken to the hospital, but when I asked about them at the hospital, they either ignore me or told me to bring an adult. Do you think you could ask for me?"(Sara) Send a puppy eyes attack

Critical Hit

It was incredibly effective

Cat looked away with an ashamed face, not daring to look at those eyes for the first time

She could see the hopes it had on them, and knowing she had to crush that hope probably made her fell ashamed

"I can't kid, my life is in danger right now, so I can't leave this place"(Cat) said while showing a mix of sadness, shame and reluctance

"Oh...."(Sara)said a little disappointed

Part of the reasons Sara decided to help Cat without doubt, besides following the orders others said to her, was in the hope that Cat may help her in her search for her family

Sara cared more about them than anything else Cat may be able to get her. Sadly, her little idea didn't work

And since neither knew what to say, they stayed in silence for a while

At least, until Sara's stomach made a sound

"Oh yeah, do you want to eat something?"(cat) Asked after hearing the noise and realising she also haven't eaten something for who knows how long

Sara, on the other hand, cheer up a little and nodded

Question time!!!!

Cat is a super with muscle memory, that has a lot of money thanks to being working as a villain. She can perfectly imitate the movements of a 5 starts chef easier than you tying your shoelaces. Besides, she has the money to buy anything she wants

What do you think she prepared with all that amazing skills and more money that she can spend?

Microwave Pizza

She took a frozen Pizza from the freezer and put it on the microwave


It is like having teleporting powers, and order Pizza delivery

And it's not like it is something strange. Just because you have legs, doesn't mean you have to walk to work. You can take a bus or drive, even if it is more expensive and less healthy

Supers are the same, just because they can, doesn't mean they will

Besides, pizza is always great

You could tell thanks the anticipation on Sara's face when she realised she may be able to eat for the first time in her life the mysterious food that most humans being in the world call pizza for some reason

If eye's could devour, the pizza would be gone by now, frozen and uncook

She even got close to the microwave, stood over a chair and watched the pizza tour around and around and around. You could see salivating in front of the microwave, full of anticipation

She watched as the cheese slowly crisped and the pizza smell filled the room

Until she heard the microwave made the cling sound, and her face was full of hope and dreams

Cat shoosh her over and told Sara to sit in the table while she brought over the pizza

Without hesitation, Sara sat on the table full of expectation

The table was ready with two plates, two cups with juice and two napkins. Done while Sara was focusing on the pizza

Meanwhile, Cat took the pizza from the microwave, cut it in 8 portions, and serve one for the kid and one for herself while leaving the rest to the side

The bliss in Sara's face would make ou take our cellphone and took a picture, no matter how cold-hearted you were

Sara even felt a small flash of light for a second, but she didn't care, she just kept eating the pizza

Later, Cat would show the picture back to her while laughing her a-s off, while Sara pouted a little as embarrassment

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