I will make it short

Sara didn't find them on the hospital, not even Jess

The reason was simpler, the hospital was a mess. They were in a state of emergency thanks to all the wounded, and no one wanted to pay attention to a little girl. They either ask her where her parents were, tell her to not bother her or send her to a guard

And to make matters worst, sunrise was approaching

Why does it matters, you ask?

Think for a second what she did every single day since she can remember? Every single day. It didn't matter if it was sunny cloudy or rainy, summer autumn, spring or winter. She always went to the same spot every single day

And since she was four, she even went and come back alone

Yes, she was worried about her family, she wanted to see them no matter what

And yes, she didn't have a full grasp about money and how important it was

But she couldn't do anything there, no matter how hard she tried, so her best option was going back to her routine and hope that maybe Max would find her like he always did

Her spot wasn't far from the hospital since a hospital usually has good traffic, and with no hope of finding her family there, she went to her spot like usual

She tried to go back to her place and get her stuff, but the place was surrounded by the police and with a yellow line to stop people for coming in

Instead, with no other choice, she just grabbed a can and put it beside her on her spot

And she waited

And waited

And waited

And waited

All alone on her spot, hoping that someone would come look for her

When night came, realising that no one would come for her, she grabbed the can and tried to go home

But of course, the place still had a yellow line and some cops there, making impossible to come back

Instead, she went to a back alley close by and started to gather a couple of cargo boxes

She used them in her spot as cover, and as a bed at night(since and actual mattress usually gets stolen)

And as for the money, she hid it at a hiding spot Max showed her before. He had two different hiding spots that he alternated from time to time, and he used them to hide any excess money since the place where they sleep was a dangerous place to keep anything valuable

Why two placed? he learned a long time ago that if he kept everything in one place and it was discovered, he lost everything in one take

Sara didn't think that far(she was a 5 years old dude), but anything that Max said was like gods words to her, so she follow them to the letter

Anyway, she hid the money and decided to sleep in a back alley close to her home, or at least, that was the idea

It was when she was gathering the Cargo boxes that she hear

"Hey kid, come here"(???)Said a woman's voice

And a smart kid would run like the wind when she hears something like that. Any smart kid would know that was the favorite phrase of kidnappers

Sara wasn't a smart kid

"What is it miss?"(Sara) said innocently

Would you be surprised if she got kidnapped 5 seconds later?I don't

And the options were innumerable, it could be a psycho looking for its next prey, a lolicon(sounds better than the other word), a mad scientist(no lack of those on this world) etc

But the gullible Sara didn't know that. She, she was warned a few times by Max, and his words were everything to her. Sadly, she was lonely, afraid, not thinking straight, and happy to talk to anyone in this kind of situation

Rooky mistake. Never let your mood dictate your actions, especially in dangerous places like a dark alley late in the night

What are your chances of something turning out alright?Not good I tell ya

Not good at all

With her lucky strike, would you seriously expect that she could finally catch a break?

Didn't I tell you to watch more news or something a few chapters ago? The advice is still standing

What do you seriously thing happened when she approached the voice?

A.Got kidnapped

B.Got killed

C. 18+ stuff


Well, let me give you a hand

First, option C it's not gonna happen in this story. it's not like it won't happen ever, but I just won't write about it and probably just skip it or gloss over it. And lucky for her, and maybe unlucky for some of the more perverted readers, option C didn't happen

Option B didn't happen or there is no point on telling this story. Well, there are some supers that came back from the dead, and there has been a Zomby attack or two. Reanimation is not exactly something impossible in this world. Still, not option B

Which leaves us with option A and D

After making all this build up, you are probably expecting option A, right? Or maybe, if you realised I am a troll narrator, you are expecting D, since that is what a troll narrator would do

Well, there is also the 3th option, wich is you expecting me to know that you know I am a troll, which would take me, the narrator, to chose option A since it would be the option  you wouldn't expect from a troll after all the build up

Confusing, I know

And the correct answer was D in case you are wondering

 I wonder how many got it right

What Sara found out after following the box was actually Cat, hiding under a couple of cargo boxes

"Kid, can you give me a hand? I will make it worth your time"(Cat) said while still hiding under the cargo boxes

"Ok"(Sara) didn't hesitate a second

And no, it wasn't out of the goodness of here heart that she did it, or because she wanted the reward, it was simply because she knew who she was. Everyone in the factory knew who Cat was since she was one of the landlords of the place. Sara was warned multiple times by multiple people that anything she said was the law, something even Max said, so she didn't even hesitated when she asked Sara for help

Besides, Sara liked how she looked. Like any kid, Sara liked cats, so she find the way Cat dressed cute

Red,  on the hand, was scary

"I need you to follow me to the corner, and tell me when it is empty"(Cat) Said while still hiding in the Boxes

"Ok"(Sara) agreed

And the two of them approached the corner of the back alley, near the street. Sara looked at both sides of the street while Cat was hiding in the cargo box

She kind of looked like a certain operative with a snake as a nickname

And when the street was finally empty, Sara warned Cat, and she moved the cargo box while only showing her feets

She told Sara to follow her and warned her every time she saw someone, and every time Sara did, Cat would stop until the coast was clear

Sometimes they moved without a problem, and sometimes they had to wait a couple of minutes until they could move

One time they even had to wait an hour until they were finally alone

Meanwhile, since Sara had the can on her, every time they stopped, she would put the can on the floor and ask for money like alway

It was even Cat idea since it helped to blend in with the environment, making it harder to spot the inconsistencies

They moved slowly like that until they arrived at another back alley with a long staircase

They went up the staircase and when they reached a door, Cat finally got rid of the box, and with a set of keys opened the door

"Come inside kid"(Cat)said while entering inside and turning the lights

Maybe it wasn't option D in the end.........

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