Sara wanted to look for John and Max, but she didn't want to leave Jess alone. If she was awake, she could tell her she would be right back, but it felt kind of wrong leaving her alone

What if she wakes ups and finds herself all alone surrounded by strangers?She would panic, be afraid and maybe even cry

On the other hand, if she wakes up and finds both John and Max by her side, she would fell safer than with Sara alone

At least, that was what Sara said to herself when she decided to look for the other two

So she got up and started to look around to see if they may be around the wounded

There were more wounded that she could count(she could only count to  30) so she felt a little dizzy when she saw so many wounded all around her.Some were screaming in pain, some were crying, some were quiet and some were sleeping. Meanwhile, paramedics all around were taking people on stretchers or putting them on black bags for some reasons

Sara couldn't find John or Max anywhere, so she decided to leave that zone and look the place she last saw them

First she went where she last saw Max, since it was near, but found the place empty and with no one near

Sara was tempted to ask around and see if someone knew where he was but decided to look for John first just in case

It wasn't really far since the two kids and Sara hadn't pushed Max very far, but it still took her a minute or two to find the place

She found all the debris and broken wood all around the place, but John was nowhere to be seen, just like Max

Not knowing what to do, she decided to do what most kids would do in this kind of situation

Get help from a grown up

And the only grown up she trusted at the moment(besides her big brother max) was the paramedic that just help her

He found both of them, so she was sure he would know where they took them

Luckily, her memory wasn't of a fish, so she remember how he looked like

He had the green clothes, long brown hair and a piercing on his nose. The piercing and the hair were kind of uncommon in men, so  it caused an impression to some extent

After searching for a few minutes, she even got it right at the second try. The first one was a girl with long hair in case you wondering

He even recognise her when she talk to him since he made a weird face as soon as he realised who she was. Sara didn't notice at the time, but it was probably a mix of panic, worry and sadness

"Hey little kid, why are you here? I told you to stay with your friend, won't she fell lonely without you by her side?"(paramedic) said while patting her head

"I want to find my two brothers first, so we can all be together"(Sara) said bluntly

As soon as the paramedic hear her say that, he showed a pained expression while looking at her and kept patting her head. I am sure that if he had some candy on him, he would have given to her without a second thought

Instead, all he could give her was the hard truth or a filthy lie

"Your two brothers were taken to the hospital like most of the wounded.Only those that needed immediate attention stayed behind"(paramedic) chose to avoid the truth

"Oh"(Sara) said with a disappointed voice while looking at the floor

She wasn't sure what to do now that she couldn't find Max and John, so she just stayed there for a while trying to figure out what to do next

"Why not go back to your friend?you can look for them later"(Paramedic) decided to give her a hand when he realised she wasn't moving

"Ok"(Sara) said with a low voice and trying not to cry at that spot

Slum kids know that crying bring more troubles than solutions(for them at least) so it was a bad idea to cry at there

All she could do was hold her tears while going back to Jess

She didn't know how long it took her since she was depressed and walking a little slower than usual, but when she arrived, Jess was nowhere to be found

When Sara realised Jess wasn't there, she started to panic, not knowing what to do. She looked all around her without finding her no matter how hard she looked, so instead decided to ask anyone near her

Sara found and old guy near to where Jess was, and decided to approach him to try her luck

"Excuse me, sir, did you see where my friend go?"(Sara)Asked the old guy as politely as she could

"A little kid with a purple shirt?"(Old guy) asked back

"Yes!"(Sara)said a little excited

"They took her in a stretcher to the hospital like the rest"(old man) said to Sara

"Thank you sir"(Sara) remember to thanks the old man after relaxing a little

Even though she forgot to thanks the paramedic with everything that happened, she remembers what he told her a few minutes ago. All the wounded were taken to the hospital, and Sara was wounded

It didn't take a genius to put two and two together

All she had to do now was go to the hospital and find her family
Note: Sorry for the short chapters, Xmax time is a mess and I am trying to put a couple  of daily chapters to add some content. I will try to make them longer

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