She brought the two kids to Max, and after a surprise reaction from both of them, Sara told them to grab a side and start pulling

She would bring him to the healer and fix him for  sure

So the three of them started pushing. They were young so they didn't have a lot of strength, and Max was bigger and heavier than them, making it harder for them

Still, they didn't give, and little by little they advanced

They kept going, little by little, using all their strength the best they could

The two other kids got tired after a while and took a rest, but Sara didn't and kept pulling and pulling and pulling. It didn't matter she barely moved him, even a little bit helped

And after a minute or two, when those too saw how hard she was trying, they went back to give her a hand

This kept repeating for a while until an adult stops them

"Kids, let me take over"(adult)

Sara turned to look and found a guy in green clothes. Basically a paramedic

Since Sara knew an adult would do a better show than her, she move aside without hesitation and left him to do his work

She saw him crouching and grabbing his hand, do something with his wrist and shake his head a little while cursing in a small voice

"Bring a bag!"(paramedic) said aloud to another paramedic while putting a black wristband

Of course, Sara didn't understand what all that meant, so instead, she wanted to know if he was going to be alright

"How is he?"(Sara)asked

The paramedic looked at her with pity

"Do you know of someone else hurt?"(Paramedic) avoided the question instead

But instead of realising he was avoiding the question, Sara realised that John and Jess may be in danger

"Yes! please follow me"(Sara) said while grabbing the paramedic's hand and pulling him

And unlike "angel", he follows her to both John and Jess side. As for the two kids that helped her, they also follow Sara

As soon as they arrived, the paramedic showed a worried expression and crouched near John first while grabbing his hand and doing something with his wrist again. Again he shook his head and cursed a little but he didn't ask for a bag like before.Instead, he just put the black wristband

After doing that, he went to Jess side, and did the same actions he did before but this time with a little difference. When he grabbed her hand and did something with her wrist, his facial expression relaxed a little and he smiled

He put one arm around her head while the other near her butt, and he slowly pulls her up in a prince carrying way

The paramedic slowly turned around and started moving back where he came from while carrying Jess on his arms

"What about John?"(Sara)asked

"Someone will look for him in a little while, but this little lady is in more danger at the moment"(Paramedic)said half truths

"Oh"(Sara) said reluctantly

For the look of things, she did all she could, and now it was time for the grown-ups to handle things

All she could do was follow the paramedic until he brought her to other wounded people. After putting her down, the paramedic put a yellow band on Jess's wrist and gave Sara a Green wrist to put on.  After that, he told Sara to wait there and then he left them to attend other people

Sara decided to do what he said and sat beside Jess while looking around to see what was going on

She first saw Angel near her, healing people. For the look of things, as long as she touched them, she could heal them. She usually healed 2 people at the same time(one with each hand but sometimes she healed someone with both hands

When she touched someone, the wounds all around the body would heal, and when she used both hands, they healed faster

The more wound the person had or the deeper the wound was, the longer she had to stay

After healing a person, she would get up and search for a different one. She always checked the wristband and then she would either look for a new one or she would check the pulse. Then she would either order a bag while putting a black wristband or heal the person

Meanwhile, another person on the other side was doing a similar process than Angel, meaning he would check the wristband, and heal when the condition was right

There were a lot of police, firefighters and paramedics moving around and doing different stuff

Unicorn was talking with some reporters with an annoyed face and Blue Lightning or Aegis were nowhere to be found

It was while she was looking around that the other healer approached the two of them

He was a 30-40 years old guy in a white lab coat, messy hair and pouches all around his body

He took a device from one of his pockets and put it on Jess's ear, then he made a small cut on jess, grab some of her blood, and put it on a different machine. He thought for a second, took a syringe and use it on her arm. After doing that, he marked<span style="background-color: #f5f6f5;"> the </span>wristband with a pen and took a look at Sara wristband

"Well, since I am already here let me check you for a second. Don't move for a second while I use this tool, ok?"(L coat) said while taking the ear thingy

"ok"(Sara) agreed. After sitting down, she felt pain in some parts of her body, and if he also helped people, he should help with the pain

After she agreed, he use the thing on her ear for a while and then she took a small scalper

"Now, I am going to do a small cut, don't move"(L coat)

Sara nodded and grit her teeth a little

The healer grabbed a finger, made a small cut and put some of the blood on a small machine

He gave put a band aid on where he cut and then he looked at the screen for a second. After a while, he took 2 pills of different colors from a small container and gave them to her

"Eat them"(L coat) said after giving them to her and he got up

"wait, is jess going to be fine?"(Sara) Asked a little worried

"She shouldn't move much for a couple of days, but she should make a compleat recovery, don't worry"(L coat) said with a smile and left them to keep doing his work

Sara, on the other hand, sat again besides Jess to keep her company. Besides, she still felt some pain in some places

But then she started to think again and realised she didn't know what happened to John and Max

So she decided to get up and look for them

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