It was after Unicorn throw a guy to a supporting pillar that the building couldn't hold the roof weight anymore and the building went down

Let's just say it wasn't pretty afterwards

Some bystanders  got out, but most were buried under the selling or walls or pipes etc. The same could be said about the heroes, mafia and hood guys

They were all buried

And what about the four little kids? Well, unlike most bystanders that were close to the door, max though  it would be safer to get under cover away from the rest and wait it out until the fighting ended

This allowed them to watch closely the fight and move to a different place if someone approached

It wasn't a bad idea considering they wouldn't be able to get out for a while if they stayed close to the door, and most of the firepower was shoot near there

But it didn't help much when the building falls down

In the end, they were buried like the rest

And they died

The end

Did you fall for it?

I guess not if you are reading this

So yeah, Sara didn't die, she was unconscious for an unknown amount of time, and when she woke up, she find herself surrounded by debris and a broken table

Before the building fell down, Max ordered the kids to get under the table, but in the border

Something that he learned in the school, and was a common safety class that the government taught everywhere thanks to the constant dangers involved powered fights

The principal behind staying in the border of the table instead of the center is simply because the weak  point of the table is the middle, so it is safer to stay in the border, near the legs

And they precisely stayed near a table in case something like that happened, or to use it as cover if some strange attack came their way

This save Sara's life, but what about the rest?


Let's just say that Sara won't considers that day a day of celebration for coming out alive

Both John and Jess looked fine, just pass out with a little debris on them. The problem was Max

He was too big to fit in the table with the others, so he only managed to cover part of his body, while leaving the rest out

And the part that he left out was cover in debris

Sara panic when she saw that, she may be young, but even she knew that if something heavy falls down on you, it was bad

She run to his side and tried to wake him up, over and over again without success. She could see him breathing barely, but he wouldn't

So when she saw what she was doing wasn't working, she decided to get an adult helps, and what would be the best choice?the heroes of course

Like every kid, she admired the heroes that fight evil and helped the helpless

She believed that if anyone could help her family, it would be them

Innocence, right?It wouldn't take long for her to finally lose it

Why? because heroes are a-s holes

When she arrived at the heroes, she found Angel healing Aegis, after been burnt half to death. Blue lighting was nowhere to be found and Unicorn was rescuing the people near the exit(where everyone gathered before the collapse)

Sara saw Angel healing Aegis, so she realised she could help her family, so she didn't hesitate and approached her

"Miss, I need your help, my brother is in danger. Please help him!"(Sara) said to Angel when she approached her

And Angel looked at her for a second, and then returned her focus to healing Aegis

"Kid, I can't move right now. Bring him over so I can heal him"(Angel) said while still trying to heal Aegis

"But but but if we don't hurry he may die! please come help me"(Sara) still tried to convince her while pulling her from her arm with one arm and pointing to her brother direction with the other

Angel, on the other hand, force her to let go of her arm, and with an annoyed look responded

"Kid, I can't move from here right now, if you want to help your brother, bring him overhear or ask Unicorn to do it for you"(angel)while pointing with her chin to Unicorn direction

She was basically getting rid of an annoying person. Not like the kid realised

Instead, she just ran at full speed towards Unicorn

She found him moving debris and taking out bodies under it, probably trying to find any survivors

Somewhere moving to the side or asking him for help at his side, so some people survived the collapse

When Sara approached him, she tried to grab his attention like a few of the other survivors, without much success

He was moving all over the place at a faster pace than Sara could follow, but she didn't give up

And after a while, after following him all over the place and saying unicorn over an over again, he finally decided to pay attention to her

"What do you want kid"(Unicorn) said while still moving around and trying to rescue as many as he could

"My brother needs helps, please take him to the healing lady"(Sara) said while feeling a little glad her words finally came across

"I am trying to help as many as I can kid, point me to his direction and I will see what I can do"(Unicorn)

"He is over there"(Sara) said while pointing at a corner far away

Unicorn looked at the direction Sara pointed at and he showed a serious expression

"I can't go there kid"(Unicorn) said while still moving debris and taking bodies and people

"Why not!"(Sara)

"Too far away, by the time I got there and back, I could have helped 10 people in a similar situation like your brother.Besides..."(Unicorn) was hesitant of saying something else

"Please help him. He could die!"(Sara)

"I can't help you, kid, you will have to find someone else or do it yourself"(Unicorn) said while still moving all over the place

Sara insisted a little more, but after realising he wouldn't help, she started asking some of the survivors

She asked any adult she could find, but they were either to hurt to move, busy looking for someone or something, or just didn't care

So with no other choice, she asked help from other kids, but they acted like the adults. They were either to hurt, too busy or an a-s

She only managed to get the help from 2 kids that knew Max and were of similar age than her

After seen no one else would help her, she took the two of them to where Max was to see if they could move him or at least help him

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