The moment cat and hood thrown their briefcase while trying to grab the others briefcase, the others around them started to attack

Red Eyes started to throw his lasers at the heroes while the grunts started shooting

Meanwhile, all the hood guys started to attack, and for the looks of things they were all powered

You could tell they were "C" class and maybe barely "B" class, but 20 of those were pretty dangerous

And what is all this about "A", "B" and "C" class? well, in case you don't know, it is a way to rank a person level of power

The measurement standard is how many grunts would a person be able to take out under ideal circumstances

In rough numbers, 1 grunt is 1 average 30 years old guy, so a "C" class is worth up to 20 grunts, meaning 20 guys, "D" is 10,"E" is 5, "B" is 80 and "A" is 250. The closer they are to the limit, the stronger they are considered. For example, if you are around 90, you would be a "B", 50? "B--", 110 "B+", 200 "A-",300 "A+", etc

Well there is also the helper class, that works like a multiplier, and the "S", that are monsters, period

By the way, a grunt with a gun should be considered "E", meaning 3-5 grunts. This work with other powered, meaning that if he or she has something that helps, their level goes up. For example, the claws on cat increase her power by 50 grunts approx

So in this case, if we go by numbers, and we put together the hood guys and mafia against heroes, the heroes have a little advantage

IF we go by numbers

But the numbers are only a rough estimate of people abilities under IDEAL circumstances, and the place where they are fighting is definitely not ideal for the "heroes"

The problem was the bystanders. The moment the battle started, all the bad guys run towards the bystanders while shooting anything they have towards the heroes or defending the shooters depending on their powers

The supers, on the other hand, tried their best to take as many grunts and "C" class as they could while defending from the attacks and not hurting the bystanders

With little success

It was compleat chaos basically

The bystanders were trying to get away while doing their best to avoid getting shot, cat and the hood leader were running to the escape routes hidden in the factory while Red Eyes, the grunts and the other hood guys were holding back the heroes

Red Eyes was kept in check by the reflection of Aegis force shield while Hunicorn defended both Aegis and Angel from the enemy. Missing wasn't really useful with so many people moving around, so he just left while Sniper and Blue lighting were trying their hardest to take out as many hoods and grunts as possible

Well, that would be the rough estimate, but a lot more was going on. Since Red Eyes was constantly using his laser eyes, Aegis had to focus all 100% on him, since his powers could reflect Red Eyes laser

Sadly for the heroes, this also meant that sniper couldn't shot the guy thanks to Aegis shields constantly getting in the way, so he had to focus on the grunts with guns, and the hoods. Besides, since there were civilians involved, Sniper had to use stun bullets and they weren't really effective against the hoods

Angel could heal herself to some extent, but she wouldn't survive getting shot constantly, and the powers of the hood guys were dangerous, and Aegis focus on Red eyes meant he could barely put an extra shield around him, so Hunicorn had to defend both of then and couldn't move a lot

The only one that had it easy was Blue lighting since she could move freely. Still, she had to dodge the bullets while keeping an eye on the hoods powers, so it wasn't easy

As for the hoods, they were quite difficult to put down. The have a healer that would wake up anyone that sniper or blue lighting managed to knockout(and some grunts) while having a shield and some brutes protecting the healer

In the end, Aegis and Sniper were forced to take down the grunt first so they both could focus on the hoods

Meanwhile, the factory was a mess full of holes thanks to all the bullets, Red Eyes laser been reflected around and the powers from the hood guys while the bystanders were trying their best to get out from the small exit since the heroes covered the big one

300 guys trying to geet out from a normal door at the same time while panicking wasn't exactly a fast and organised process

It also didn't help the constant shooting, fear of dead, pushing, crying, cursing, been in the middle of the cross fire etc

And to make matters worst, both Cat and Hood guy were getting away in all the confusion, making the heroes panic. If they didn't catch them, all they would have to show tot he authorities would be a couple of grunts, a lot of innocent wounded and maybe, just maybe, some weak powered and Red eyes

If they showed only with the grunts, the backlash from the wounded bystanders would be pretty bad. if they, at least, catch Red eyes or a couple of hoods, they would barely get out ok

So if they wanted to come up on top, they needed to either catch a lot of hood guys and Red Eyes, and if they wanted a compleat victory, they needed either the pills or someone important that knew who made them(hood guy)

They were running short on time,  but both blue lighting and Sniper were busy attacking and the others were busy defending. No one was free to pursue Cat or hood guy

How could they get out of this situation? the answer was simple, a defender should start attacking

"ARGHHHHH!!!"(Unicorn) Started yelling

Almost every bystander turned around to see what was going on  and saw that after the yelling, he started punching the hood guys. That yell probably worked both as intimidation to his enemies and a signal to his allies

He probably decided to go on the offensive at that moment since most grunts were taken care off, leaving him room to attack instead of just defending Angel and Aegis

He punched all the hood guys that were close to him and send them far away, making it more difficult for the hooded healer to help them

With this, it almost looked like the heroes would win, since as time went by, they had less and less opposition

But there was a tiny little miscalculation. Can you guess?

Let's think for a second:

First, there were a lot of bullets flying around

Second, red eyes laser was been reflected, not stopped

Third, the hoods guys powers were low, but flying all over the place

Fourth, Unicorn was sending some of the guys all over the place so the hood healer wouldn't be able to help them

Fifth, Unicorn sent one of the guys to a supporting pillar of the factory

Now, what do you think all this clues add up to? and absolutely crushing victory to the heroes?


Just saving the next landlord the demolition cost

And if you can't still understand what I mean with this, let me simply spell it out for you

The factory went down, with a lot of people inside, including the heroes, hood guys, Red Eyes, a lot of bystanders and our heroine with her family

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