You can probably guess what happened when I say they didn't have to pay for the demolition cost, right?

Let's just say they wouldn't have a place to come back after that day, so it actually didn't matter if they stayed or not. Well, they didn't know that

Not yet at least

To them, it was another "beautiful" day on the slums, full of fun and happiness, and rainbows, and unicorns, and candy and other "wonderful" things

Life was "great" for them as you can probably guess, and the best part was that their life had all those things I just mention

The deal involved "candy", they were happy and having fun at the moment, and soon they would see a "rainbow", a "unicorn" and other beautiful and deadly things

I mean, you probably guessed, but soon they would get invaded by "superheroes", throwing around their powers and making a mess of everything

But like I said before, let's not just jump ahead

It all started simpler. First came their  landlords, ordering them to move away but stay near. With no other choice, everyone on that side took their stuff and moved to the other side

That was when Max decided to stop teaching us letters and started reading a book so everyone would calm down and don't panic

The landlords brought the usual grunts, all dressed in a cheap suit, black glasses and probably a "piece" under their clothes

But unlike usual, they also brought 2 of their supers, Cat, and Red Eyes

Cat, like her name suggested, liked to dress like a cat, with the ears, tail, and claws on her fingers. She usually dressed sexy in all black leather and sneakers(to some disappointment). her abilities were muscle memory, great kinetic vision, and great agility, so she can basically mimic any martial arts she saw, making her a master of close to close combat. Besides, her claws were extremely sharp with poison on their tips, making her an "A" list villain

Like Cat, Red Eyes also was an "A" class villain, but different in both the way he dressed and his powers. He liked to wear expensive tailored suits, usually red or black according to his mood(red that day) and a pair of red glasses. His power was laser eyes, that he could control at will, so the glasses were actually unnecessary, just a fashion thing.He lost power the further away he was, and it drained him the more he used his power, but at close range, he would disintegrate a normal person easily

And since this two were two of the three heavy hitters of the group, and they usually brought only 1 for the special deals, which made this special deal extra special

Not like the kids and the rest of the bystanders notice.Even though they have seen those two from time to time during special deals, and knew they should stay as far away as possible, they didn't see the difference between seen one or seen two, even if it was the first time they saw the two together. All because it wasn't their problem, they were just bystanders

Well, some of the old guys did leave, even when they knew everyone was watching then leave and wouldn't be able to come back. Those probably managed to put two and two together and were wise enough to get the f-ck out of there before it was too late

As for the rest, they either didn't notice, didn't care enough or decided to gamble

And for the 4 kids, and most of the other young kids? they didn't notice and paid the price later

Some say ignorance can be a blessing, that wasn't the case this time

Instead, they kept on listening to Max story while the Landlords waited for their sellers to show up

They had to wait an hour, but they did show up in the end

It was a group of people in gray robes, all covering their faces with hoods, kind of intimidating I must say

Meanwhile, Max stopped reading since all the bystanders(including the kids) looked at the new arrivals in a curious gaze

They knew the usual buyers and sellers, so when someone new appeared, curiosity got the best of people

Anyway, one of the robes guys was carrying a suitcase and approached the two supers from the mafia that were sitting on a table on one side, and took a chair on the other side while the rest stay standing

"Did you bring the money?"(robe guy)

"Here it is, did you brought the stuff?"(Red Eyes) said while showing the briefcase with money inside

"Of course"(Robe guy) said while showing hs briefcase

Inside you could see hundreds of yellow pills

It didn't take a genius to see it was a drug or something like that

And it was the moment he showed the pills that they show up

The heroes

They didn't show up guns blazing, instead, it turned they were there from the start

Among the group was Missing, a guy that could make himself and anything near unnoticed. You would notice him or those he disappeared as soon as someone got close or he stopped his ability, but it was great for infiltration missions and for surprise attacks

He also brought Unicorn, an "A" class handsome hero dressed in grey with a cape and a mask with a horn on his head.  He liked to call himself the defender of beautiful woman and he was the stupid though and strong kind

Angel, a pretty lady in all white with a mask and wings on her back. She could heal almost any injury in a matter of minutes, and even regrown limbs

Blue lighting, an "A" female speedster dressed in an all blue suit with white lighting around

Aegis, an "A" hero capable of making force fields that could be used to protect or encapsulate people

And outside was Silent Sniper, a thinker with amazing accuracy and different kind of shots according to the situation

They were an "A" list group of superheroes that should be perfect for the situation. They would be great for both attacking, and making sure no bystander gets hurts, so they were pretty confident in dealing with the situation

And you could tell by how they suddenly appeared to threaten both "criminal" groups instead of a surprise attack

"Surrender now and no one will be harmed, we have the place surrounded so there is no escape"(Unicorn)said in a threatening voice

Instead, both criminal parties look at each others, lifted their briefcases, and after a small nod, they throw it at each other

For the looks of things, they were prepared in case something like that happened, because as soon as cat and the robe guy each catch their respective Suitcase, all hell broke lose

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