Nothing much actually

The kid is around 3 years old, ya know?

At that age, you are barely smarter than a monkey

If you are expecting anything more from something with intellectual level of a monkey, you read to many books

Go watch some news or something and get some common sense please, then come back and kept reading, pretty please

Well, now that you have more common sense, or had it in the first place, let’s keep with the story

What happen next was that the little kid got up, run o te taxi at full speed, stop it, took out the crazy guy from where he was sitting and after beating the crap out of him, he took back her money


Didn’t I just say to get some common sense? If you even thought for a second it was true, go back and watch some news, or read history books, I don’t know. I am starting to worry about your sanity

Maybe see a Psychiatrist?

Anyway, like I said, she was a little kid barely smarter than a monkey

All she could do was watch the a-shole run away with her money

I don’t think she even understood she took her money

She just stared into space and let time go past

That is what they told her to do so that it was what she was doing. If she didn’t she wouldn’t get to eat later and other bad things that are kind of pointless to explain

Anyway, that was just an excitement moment in a dull life of a slum kid trying to earn enough to eat

Later, a grown up kid would come for her, and take the money to the handler, that would then give them so food, sometimes. Most of the time they would get a "good work" for him, and would have to find their own food

You are probably thinking it is unfair, right? Sadly, the handler actually has a good reason to take the money, even if it make it look like an a-shole(and he kind of was, actually)

The place Sara was begging would be considered a spot. To get that spot, you have to pay for it or you get kick out by others

This others been: the police, mafia, villains, heroes, others from the slums, etc

So you pay money for protection

The better the spot, the more expensive it is, and it changes who you pay. Sometimes it is the police, sometimes it is the mafia, etc. Sometimes you even have to pay multiples factions to keep it, since all want a slice of the cake

And how could a little kid handle all that? Instead, kid had to pay a handler, that then would give them a spot, and use the money they got so they wouldn’t get in trouble with the local authority

In an ideal world, that would be it. Sadly, there are always a-sholes that want a slice of the cake, so there are always fights among groups and the little man(kid in this case) has to pay for it

As for the little kid, besides not understanding all this complex stuff, she didn’t find herself involve in all that trouble

Lucky for her, she was well fed and take care off, thanks to a big brother she had(or at least dressed as a boy, since most slum girls did it for safety)

No idea if he was actually her real big brother, but since she can remember, he always took care of her and two more kids

She would take her to her working place, and return for her a few hours after.Then he would collect the money she and the other two kids he looks after earned, and after paying the handler, he would find or buy something to eat for all four of them

Again, not an uncommon situation in the slums. Usually, big kids would take care of the small kids, and in exchange would get a share of the money

And it wasn't like there was a lack of kids. Thanks to modern medicine and campaigns, there wasn't a lack of people, but supers fights did cause deaths, leaving behind a lot of orphans. So in big cities, there were a lot of little kids that needed someone to look after them. There were a lot of different organisations that look after the orphans(good and evil), but in the slum, usually big kid took care of small kids, and grown-ups look after big kids

If the big kid was an a-shole, he would take all the money, and barely feed the kids he looked after. Luckily, the big brother wasn't an a-shole

He was 3-4 years older than her, so even though he wasn’t an adult, he was big enough to handle a few kids

And besides, he took care of her really well under the circumstances. She was well fed, and he would his time to teach all 3 how to speak, and later how to write and count

He always said that the two most important things in life are knowledge and money. If you have them, you can get away from any kind of situation

And having one helps get the other. The more money you have, the easier to get knowledge, and the more knowledge you have, the easier it is to get money

That’s why he usually went to school when he could, and would get them food and whatever he learned back to them when he did

And when they grown up, he always said they should do the same

I don’t know if he came up with it or someone else told him that

I, at least, believe he had the right mindset under the circumstances

And he would stick with it for two more years, but only two more

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