Let me tell you the story of a little kid called Sara

Her first memory isn't one with her parents or in a house or any kind of appropriate place for a little kid first memory, or a little kid for the matter

Her first memory, or the first that comes to mind when she looks back,  was of a fight between two people in the side walk

Her parents would you think, right?


Besides telling you just 5 seconds ago, "it wasn't her parents"(not like a kid around 2-3 could tell the difference), those two were two men with weird costumes

Well, not like 2 men couldn’t be their parents, since gay marriage had been legal since before she was born, and having weird taste on cloth isn’t a crime

Unless of course, the weird clothes had a meaning, like this case.One was dressed in a black shirt, black jeans, and a creepy smiling white mask with horns on it heads while the other looked like he was in his pyjamas, with a mix of red and blue with a white cape on his back

And the meaning was simple. One was a good guy, and the other was a bad guy. I hope I don’ have to point out who was who, right?

The bad guy was the one with the white cape and pyjamas, obviously

Only a crazy person would go out on his pyjamas and a cape to start a fight with an innocent shy guy that is afraid to show his face to the public, and even put a creepy mask with a horn so people wouldn’t approach him

Poor horn guy, having to deal with a crazy person just because he helped a pretty lady  to carry her heavy bag, and even went as far as go first at full speed so she could take her time to arrive home

Such a nice guy, and what does he gets? And a-s hole that is trying to punch him in the face

What times to we live in, right?

He even say it to the crazy person, trying to clear the misunderstanding, but the crazy guy refused to listen

Instead, he preached it was his duty as a “good citizen” to punish evil, and started to attack the poor guy


Luckily, the poor guy managed to dodge the punch to his face, and did a cross counter, or if you don’t know box reference, he punch his face while dodging his fist, making double damage by taking advantage of the crazy guy momentum

But for the looks of things, the crazy guy broke his nose, and the poor guy broke his hand

If you ask me, one had good reflex or something, and the other thoughtless and probably strength(not like he showed it)

Still, while the crazy guy was cursing like a sailor and holding his nose to stop the blood, the poor guy took advantage of his distraction and kick him in the balls

I kind of wonder who should I call poor now, but let’s stick with the original names so it won’t get too confusing

Anyway, the crazy guy went down for the count, while the poor guy even limped a little after that, so I guess even down there he was pretty tough, but not tough enough

And what did the poor guy do?

He searched the crazy guy pockets and took his wallet, took all the money and throw the wallet to the floor

I am sure it was to pay the medical bills the crazy guy caused, something completely fair if you ask me

Besides, after counting the money and walking away, he saw what the little kid was doing

You know, the one I told you at the start of the story? Go back if you have the memory of a fish or something

The kid was just sitting on the sidewalk, with a sign on the side and a can with some money on the other

And what did the poor guy did? He grabed one of the bills he took from the crazy guy and put it on the can

See? He was a good guy in the end like I said

After that, he just walked away while limping and still dutifully doing his job with the pretty woman's bag

As for the crazy guy, he managed to stand up after a while, grabbed the bill the poor guy left in my can, and call a taxi while holding his hand to his nose and moving in a strange fashion, and kind of crouching

Bad guy if you ask me

But I hear you saying, what are the odds of the first memory of the kid been two cape guys fighting, right?

Pretty good actually. If you live in a big city, you will find yourself in a similar situation pretty often, it is simple math

There is around 5% worldwide population with super powers. True, most powers sucks like making bubbles with your mind or changing your nails color, and some only have the potential to awaken, but never did or is so small they didn't notice

But 2% have a decent power

If you live in a city with 10 million people, it means that around 200.000 people have decent super powers

Well, you could argue that not all 200.000 people cause trouble all the time, and that would be true since a lot of 200.000 have good and honest jobs, but let's say around 10% use them to fight, that is still 20.000 people going around punching each other, and others

True, not that many in a big city, but from time to time you will see a fight here or there, and every day in the news of course

Now, if you are constantly in the streets, the place where most fights happens, you are bound to find yourself in one of this fights sooner or later

And as for why this is the little kid first memory?well most first memories are something that cause a deep impression when you were young, and if something like that doesn't cause a deep impression, I don’t know what would

So if this is Sara first memory, I wonder what will happen next

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