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The narrator of the main story. It is also one of the characters of the story and if you think about it, it should be too hard to figure it out


Our main character and the focus of the narrator. Raised in the slums by her big brother, have numerous traumatic events from heroes and refuse to follow their paths when she gets some powers of her own


Sara's big brother and practically her parent since he is the one who raised her. He took care of her and two other kids in the slums and in exchange he took the money they earned by begging.Something happened to him when Sara was 5 and she never saw him again


One of the 3 kids Max took care of


The other kid Max took care of. all four of them were brothers and sisters in name but were still a family


Class "A" Villan with "C" level threat. Works for the Irish Mafia and has Muscle memory and enhanced reflex. She also wears some claws with poison, capable of penetrating even reinforced skins

Red Eyes

Class "A" Villain with "B" level threat. Works with Cat for the Irish Mafia and  has the power of throwing Lasers through his eyes. He can manipulate power and intensity without problems


Class "A" Hero and team leader. Has toughness and strength as his powers


A helper class hero. Can heal anything she touches, including limbs. The larger the damage, the more she has to stay healing

Blue Lighting

Class "A" hero. Female speedster


Class "A" hero. Capable of making force fields that could be used to protect or encapsulate people


Helper hero. Can make himself and anything near unnoticed. You would notice him or those he disappeared as soon as someone got close or he stopped his ability

Silent Sniper

Helper Hero. A thinker with amazing accuracy and different kind of shots according to the situation

Doctor Pill

Helper Hero. A thinker that use different pills, bandages, creams and shots to cure people

Uncle Muscle

Real name Frederick. Used to be called Prometheus in his villain days and now works as an information broker

Mei Lin

Friend from the research institute, telekinetic powers


A friend from the research institute. Half wolf


Rival from the research institute. Speedster


S class hero

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