I don't want to be a hero

by dogber7

What is this about? That is what you are asking yourself, or you wouldn't be reading this synopsis

Well, it's not really complicated. The story focuses on our main character Sara. She is a slum kid, that had most of her loved ones killed and even got kidnapped and experimented on

She got super powers thanks to the experiment(Yay) and enough material for 40 years of therapy in the process(Not yay?) if she lives long enough. Superhero world isn't a kind place, ya know?

So, the kid got powers and a target

Simple, right? Except, she isn't strong enough to take them down, and it's not like she can live on revenge alone. She has to eat, sleep, etc

What then? Does she train to get stronger? Does she find a job? Team up? Searches for an alternative source of power? Waits for others to take her of her revenge? Gathers money and pays other to do the job she can't?

If the everyday life of a kid with super powers and those around her interest you, give it a try

Genre: Slice of life - Super Heroes - Comedy - Science Fiction - Action- Fantasy - Mistery
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Introduction ago
Characters ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Bad start ago
Chapter 2: Ominius ago
Chapter 3: All hell broke lose ago
Chapter 4: Going down ago
Chapter 5: Help Please! ago
Chapter 6: Healing ago
Chapter 7: Searching ago
Chapter 8: SNAAAAKEEE ago
Chapter 9: Pizza ago
Side Story: Angel ago
Side Story: Angel Part 2 ago
Chapter 10: Stuff kids hate ago
Chapter 11: Getting clothes ago
Chapter 12: Homeostasis ago
Chapter 13: News ago
Side Story: Field Test F07 ago
Chapter 14: Uncle Muscle ago
Chapter 15:The end of happy times ago
Chapter 16: Goodbye Kid, take care ago
Chapter 17: Inevitability ago
Chapter 18: All Alone ago
Chapter 19: One year ago
Chapter 20: Where are they? ago
Side Story: Angel part 3 ago
Chapter 21: I am a bad guy ago
Chapter 22: Informants ago
Chapter 23:Old friend and Greatest Enemy ago
Chapter 24: Master of knowledge ago
Chapter 25: Hood guys ago
Side Story: Class ago
Side Story: Uncle Muscle ago
Chapter 26: Interrogation ago
Chapter 27: Interrogation part 2 ago
Chapter 28: Pink ago
Chapter 29: Tests ago
Chapter 30: Who are the hood guys? ago
Chapter 31: Scream contest ago
Side Story: Wolf Lab Valentine ago
Side story: History Class ago
Chapter 32: From horror to horror ago
Chapter 33: Learning some ugly truths ago
Chapter 34: Knowing the place ago
Chapter 35: Mei ago
Chapter 36: First fight ago
Chapter 37: Need more training ago
Chapter 38: Revenge Match ago
Side Story: Mei ago
Side Story: Jess ago
Chapter 39: Newton third law of motion ago
Chapter 40: Free Pizza Friday ago
Chapter 41: Great after party! ago
Chapter 42: 2 years ago
Hiatsu ago
Chapter 43: Stalker ago
Chapter 44: Lab ago
Side Story: Rachel ago
Side Story: Doctor Pill ago
Chapter 45: Sneaking around ago
Chapter 46: Command Room ago
Chapter 47: No way out? ago
Chapter 48: Consequences of trust ago
Chapter 49: Teleport ago
Chapter 50: Hard Fall ago
Side Story: Angel ago
Side Story: Uncle Muscle ago
Chapter 51: Long Day ago
Chapter 52: Who are you? ago
Chapter 53: Retelling of the last 2.5 years ago
Chapter 54: Best week ever! ago
Chapter 55: One bad thing dealt with, two to go ago
Chapter 56: Happy Meal ago
Side Story: Makombo ago
Side Story: Mei ago
Chapter 57: Road trip ago
Chapter 58: Small Vacation ago
Chapter 59: Meeting a pig ago
Chapter 60: Talking with a pig ago
Chapter 61: A day of work with a pig ago
Chapter 62:Life goes on ago
Chapter 63: My every day life ago

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The rise of Evil, cute and sarcastic but who knows what and how it will happen?

A Fun story following an interesting character.

This story has an interesting narrator which the reader will come to understand in time however the strong cynical flavor is fun to read.


There are flaws with Grammar but they are understandable as the Author has said they are trying to learn English and they have improved in grammar over time.


If you like crapsack worlds with a super hero twist try this out it combines cuteness seriousness sadness and many other feelings.


Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Job

I hope to see more hope you improve did I mention that I love the story so far Good luck dude.........


I like it for its simplisity



Its simple, i like the story and the MC ^^


I just read the first 5 chapters and I already have a hard time continuing, for one the grammar is not great, quite often there are just wrong words like good instead of got, which is confusing. But whats even worse is the mixup of the gender, when there suddenly is a she instead of he it gets super confusing, like "is this a mistake, or is he talking about that other person now?".

Personally I also really dislike the writing style of a storyteller, where the reader gets "ironically" asked to to something or "jokes" are explained as if the one talking is waiting for praise. I just don't like it it breaks the flow and immersion of the story.

Maybe I will continue reading at a later date, but this first few chapter already got me to shy away, even through I didn't even get to the real story.


Slow pace is fine, but this? Naw.

Pro tip: Don't review yourself and give it a 4.5 score whilst admitting your grammar is lacking. I'd say it frowned upon seeing high rated self reviews. If you want to explain something, add it to the synopsis or as a authors note in a chapter. Or even have an extra chapter detailing it for those whom want to read it.

Story so far (ch 35, NO SPOILERS): Could be condensed into 15 chapters and that's being charitable. The pace is slow with barely any events happening. It starts off interesting with things happening at a fast pace. Then it is followed by about 10 chapters which could be skipped for the most part. Slow pace is fine if it has purpose AND drive. I felt like you were attempting to do some character development, but there was none.

The slow pace suffers further by having the structure of 1 line paragraphs. Look at any story that has any form of descriptive creativity and you will find what the problem is. You do not have paragraphs, you have 1 liners... over and over and over and over again. Slow pace + this combo is really not good or worthy of your... 4.5 star rating.

Honestly, the story could be interesting. But considering how I feel after reaching ch 35 I'll be shelving this one. Hey maybe the author will decide to fluff out some chapters? Who knows, Might give it another try then.

Final Note: This submission isn't part of the worst finds on RRL. Id say if you have absolutely nothing else to do, and have time to kill... Go for it.