Night's fury



13) Reina kidnapped ?? Yagami and the power of light!


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_The others are trying to catch up fast as they can, their only goal is to rescue Reina without letting Warhammer's organization take as much as they want arcane energy._

-Ash: His element is water right ?? How is he way faster than us ??

-Satomi: His power level is higher than ours, this is the only explanation that I can come up to. I can't fell Reina's power anymore.

-Magnus: I still can, it's getting weaker though. Hey look, I think this the dungeon where they are putting Reina.

_A huge gate comes across our friends. Trying to enter the dungeon, a huge guy blocks their path. He looks straight at Satomi, felling that she has the highest power level, he makes a quick push towards her. Ash blocks the attack with his sword 😳. _

-Ash: Keep going guys. We don't need to waste time here. I'll catch up after finishing with him.

-Katsu: As you can clearly see, I can't let Ash take him alone. I don't want him to get hurt.

-Ash: I'm not a baby 😠😠

-???: And you think that I'll let them do so???

_The guy pushes Ash back and then tries to attack Satomi again, but Katsu blocks it as well using a strongnwind attack. Then Ash runs straight to him and punches him with a huge amount of demonic energy that made the guy fall down._

-Ash while yelling: Just keep going, we'll take care of him!!!!

_The others continues their path. As for Ash and Katsu, their mission is to defeat this one first._

-Katsu: Don't hold me back.

-Ash: That goes for you !!!

-???: What can I say?? For someone like YOU to be able to make me fall???

-Henry: I'm Henry from Warhammer's GANG !!! Remember the name! Cause it's the last one that you're hearing!!!

-Ash: We'll see about that!

_Nobu still not healed from Reina's last attack!! Even so, he's still trying to stand up and help the others to rescue his friend. He's struggling so hard to stand up, but he still can't do so._

-Yagami: Nobu!!! Don't push yourself so hard, the shock that Reina gave you was so strong, your body can't keep up this way.

-Nobu: Then heal me!!! I'm not going to stay here and do nothing!!!

-Yagami:Beleive me, it's better for tou to heal your body naturally. If I do heal you, you may feel some pain after using energy!!

-Nobu:I don't care if I'm going to feel pain or not. I NEED to go and help Reina before it's too late!!!

-Yagami: But Nobu!!!!!!!

-Nobu: Why are you afraid of this pain more than I DO ??? My biggest fear is to be useless, none of us want to be useless and especially me. You told me that a true friend is the 9ne who stays by your side when you need it the most. Here I am trying to stand up, here I am calling for your help and you don't want to help me!!!

_After hearing those words, Yagami looks right in Nobu's eyes. He sees a strong such a powerful spirit and an amusing fire of hope. He summons his weapon. A golden staff with an orb and magical runes turning around it._

-Yagami:( What did I just think about?? Paingnof a body or whatever it is will never stand a chance against the will to help someone. I can do something, so I won't stay with no actions. Light magic: blessing of the sun.)

_Thanks to Yagami's powers, Nobu becomes inside a sphere of light. All his wounds are healed and he becomes able to move his body again. It even healed his chi as well._

-Yagami: Sorry for the late action. Now go and rescue our friend. As long as you can help of course.

-Kaeya: Hey Nobu!!! Thank the gods I did catch up to one of you.

-Nobu: What is it old man??

-Kaeya: You're catching up to the others right?? Just continue the operation as fast as possible. The mansion there is going to explode soon.

-Nobu: How did you know ??

-Kaeya:Shinso said so. They don't want Reina's powers that much. However, they want to kill you NOBU!

_Nobu's heart rate elevates so much. He focuses on locating the presence of one of them, and then runs as fast as he can._

-Nobu: It's not only Reina's life!!! All of their lives are on the line. If I can't come on time, it'll be over!!!

_Henry has spikes magic. He can make any mortal thing spikes and he control their size as well. Ash and Katsu now don't have a place to put their feet on. They are using so much energy on only flying. Henry strikes the earth with his hands and breaks some rocks. He makes those rocks fly and then gives them the form of spikes. He lands a hit on Ash. The poor boy starts falling and a huge amount of spikes are under him. Katsu gets his friend before falling and he throws him at Henry all along with wind arrows. Henry creates spikes on his hands and gets ready to hit Ash. However, Henry's hand was targeted by Katsu's arrow, so Ash takes his sword and makes his move. Henry creates spikes all over his body and implants his feet on the ground so he won't be blown back by Ash's attack. So Ash, creates a demonic cord and catches Henry then tries to make him lose his foothold. But he didn't have enough strength to do so._

-Katsu: You need a hand ???

_Katsu creates a strong wind current under Henry. Then, Ash generates even more demonic energy to keep up with is rival. Henry is now flying in the sky. Ash takes the power that was making the cord and condenses it in his sword. He flies straight to Henry, attacks him with his sword and unleashes the demonic power. The first enemy is down now!!! Ash and Katsu return to the floor, unleashe their weapons and then smiles to each other._

-Katsu: I'm surprised you was able to keep up with me 😌

-Ash: Are those words supposed to be for me???

_After that, Nobu catches up to them and finds that those two were able to defeat Henry._

-Nobu: Good job guys you defeated on of them!!! Now only two are waiting.

-Ash: How did you know??

-Nobu: there are another two presences that i don't know. I guess this answers it?? Anyway, take this guy you and go away. This dungeon will explode and I need to hurry up.

_The others found two paths in frontnof them. Magnus and Satomi wnt together and Sayuri went alone. Nobu felt that Sayuri is alone, so he made helping her his first priority for now. Suddenly, Magnus and Satomi come in a huge and empty room. There is the second guy there. He makes his first move by summoning some kind of serpents to attack them. Magnus wears his gloves and enhances them with his metal, then he starts punching them._

-Magnus: I think it's time for you to go, Satomi.

-Satomi: Let's take care of him together!!

-Magnus: I can hold him down on my own. And Reina wants to see you alone after all. Don't worry about me. I'm sure one the others will come and help me.

_Satomi takes her chance and continues her path. The guy starts smiling and then says._

-???: So you're supposed to stop me! It's okay. I'll take care of you and then go and kill that girl.

-Magnus: If you say so mr. Stupid Summoner.

_The summoner gets angry and summons another huge snake to attack Magnus. Magnus hardens his body with steel and then stops this serpent with one hand and generates a huge spear from his hand that made a hole inside the monster._

-Magnus: As I told you earlier, we'll see what you're going to do!!!

_Sayuri finds herself in front of the guy that kidnapped Reina. He creates a water ball and attacks the girl. Even though she tried to counter it with her shadow hands, this wasn't enough to stop the bolt from moving forward so it hits her and then makes a strong water explosion._

-???: So..... . You'll be entertaining me for a while??

-Sayuri: You're calling this fun ???

-Yamato: As long as I'm facing weakling, I, Yamato, Warhammer's right arm, will be having fun playing you life. Sayuri of the shadows!!!!


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