Monsters and Maidens

Monsters and Maidens

by Ravnicrasol

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A school bus from our world gets thrown into a forest where deadly monstergirls roam feral and wild.

They need to find a way to survive and reach civilization. But what dangers and secrets await for them there?


Chapter are posted daily.

For anyone interested in reading ahead, I post the chapters 2-4 weeks in advance over at my Patreon:

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This was originally Of monstergirls and men but the rewrite has raised the bar dramatically. What was originally an okay read but really monstergirl fetish fuel has now been rasied to the level of a quality novel.

I'm excited to see how ravnicrasol will improve the already decent story with a new writing style.


A darker more realistic take on the genre

Reviewed at: Chapter 019 [Alice]

This is a really unique take on the isekai/harem/monster girl novel. As of chapter 19 there is no harem yet, but you can see where it will come from and why the harem dynamic exists in the new world. 

This story does not follow the classic wish fulfillment featuring either 1) a teenage nerd boy with no social skills who inexplicably has Mary Sues fall all over him and may or may not underservedly acquire some absurdly OP power or 2) a Gary Stu with about as much depth as a puddle and the same cast of Mary Sues and probably some backstory that establishes a unique advantage or allows for such a power to manifest upon a specific event. Instead the author chooses a teacher with clear strengths and flaws reflective of real teachers (you will likely have met a teacher like this at some point in your life) as our MC, and through Chapter 19 he has no powers at all.  Likewise the potential harem members are not Mary Sues but monster girls that are actually monstrous. 

Furthermore, the harem formation here is inherently manipulative and arises out of survivalistic need in a grimdark fantasy world where the transplantees are prey.


The surrounding cast also has some depth, and it looks like the author plans to keep fleshing out 2-3 primary characters and maybe another 5-6 side characters with continuous dedicated development. So far this has been done very well, ... 

though the subplot surrounding the troublesome kid stands out as being much weaker than the others (with an overly one dimensional villain in the stepmother and fairly one dimensional characterization of the brothers) so far. It is admittedly far far too early to truly condemn this plotline.

... and the author has been particularly successful in creating side characters with different perspectives on the same events, with each of their perceived understandings being reasonable in the context of their observational perspective and their personalities.

Overall, I strongly recommend this story if you are a fan of isekai and harem stories. If you are not a fan of harem stories, I would still recommend giving this a shot. I cannot promise that it will not devolve into the tropes that I know most harem-haters (very reasonably) loathe, but I can say that as of Chapter 19 this story is NOT on a trajectory to run afoul of them. Minus maybe the smut section trope. That will probably happen here.


Grimdark-esque take on the monster girl fantasy

Reviewed at: Chapter 019 [Alice]

I really like the attempt on monster girls being actual "Monsters", Its too early to say as of yet, but the story is well on road with a survivalistic view point with multiple characters on lead. None of the characters seem to follow common anarchical tropes or are antagonising to a fault in conflicting situations, which in my book is a plus. The story does attempt to paint elements of danger in situations and does so pretty nicely. 

That said, i would really hope to see the domineering nature of "monster girls" stay in effect and that they are at no point "tame" in any way or suddenly gain complex emotional empathy.