Ti Lepus Dies, A Dark Lord Story

Ti Lepus Dies, A Dark Lord Story

by Gibbs505

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Ti Lepus, is a planet in turmoil, who can save it? Deadly forces scheme to break with the Empire and its Sovereign, spreading lies and committing act of vandalism. Some stand against the terrorists while others seek to master them and bend them to their evil design.

Rentap Dressiler and Trem De Markus are friends who resist these forces; one will be destroyed along with his family in the fight against murderous forces who would lead the planet to its destruction. The other may save it …

Leja Leves; the councillor who cunningly hides his leadership in the campaign against the Empire orchestrated by Nikie and Kirkrup Di Frim who are his unwitting dupes. He would die before admitting defeat …


Cami sis Nep; an innocent fourteen year old girl who is caught in a fight between powerful competing forces but who may bring great change to her planet, even as she risks loosening it as well as her life…,

But … The wild card …

The Dark Lord, Supreme Ruler of the Empire, an entity with strange powers and skills who is working behind the scenes to effect change before it is too late …. Will he succeed?

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Word Count (15)
1st Anniversary
Group Leader (I)
Table of Contents
76 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Part One, Tinder Chapter One. ago
Chapter two. ago
Chapter Three. ago
Chapter Four ago
First Interregnum: Present Day ago
Part Two, Sparks, Chapter Five ago
Chapter Six. ago
Chapter Seven ago
Chapter Eight ago
Chapter Nine ago
Chapter Ten ago
Chapter Eleven ago
Chapter Twelve ago
Chapter Thirteen ago
Chapter Fourteen ago
Chapter Fifteen ago
Chapter Sixteen ago
Chapter Seventeen ago
Chapter Eighteen. ago
Chapter Nineteen ago
Chapter Twenty ago
Chapter Twenty one ago
Chapter Twenty Two ago
Second Interregnum ago
Part Three. Smoke. Chapter Twenty Three. ago
Chapter Twenty Four. ago
Chapter Twenty Five ago
Chapter Twenty Six ago
Chapter Twenty Seven ago
Chapter Twenty Eight ago
Chapter Twenty Nine. ago
Chapter Thirty ago
Chapter Thirty One ago
Chapter Thirty Two. ago
Part Four, Flames Flicker. Chapter Thirty Three. ago
Chapter Thirty Four ago
Chapter Thirty Five ago
Chapter Thirty Six ago
Chapter stop. ago
Chapter Thirty Seven. ago
Chapter Thirty Eight. ago
Part Five; Heat; Chapter Thirty Nine. ago
Chapter Forty. ago
Chapter Forty One. ago
Chapter Forty Two ago
Chapter Forty Three. ago
Chapter Forty Four. ago
Chapter Forty Five. ago
Chapter Forty Six. ago
Part Five. Conflagration Chapter Forty Seven. ago
Chapter Forty Eight. ago
Chapter Forty Nine ago
Third Interregnum ago
Part Six. Blaze. Chapter Fifty. ago
Chapter Fifty One. ago
Chapter Fifty Two ago
Chapter Fifty Three. ago
Chapter Fifty Four. ago
Chapter Fifty Five. ago
Part Seven. Holocaust, Chapter Fifty Six. ago
Chapter Fifty Seven. ago
Chapter Fifty Eight. ago
Chapter Fifty Nine ago
Chapter Sixty ago
Chapter Sixty One. ago
Chapter Sixty Two ago
Chapter Sixty Two, Part two. ago
Chapter Sixty Three. ago
Chapter Sixty Four. ago
Chapter Sixty Five ago
Chapter Sixty Six. ago
Fourth Interregnum ago
Part Nine. Descent and Envoi. Chapter Sixty Seven. ago
Chapter Sixty Eight. ago
Chapter Sixty Nine ago
Chapter Seventy ago

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The story is pretty decent with good characters who don't feel like cardboard cutouts, and the plot feels natural and not forced. 

If I have any complaints, it would be the setting of pure oppression, and the dark Lord. Modern writers seem to think this stuff is ok if it's not meant to promote said behavior, but I bet many full blown neonazi racists enjoy watching shows like family guy and never realize it's a joke. Therefore, I don't enjoy any media that does this. I also don't enjoy that the "good guy" is the totalitarian dark lord universal dictator. It really doesn't matter what he believes, people should oppose him just for what he is. It reeks of North Korean propaganda. Dictators don't put the public first, because if they did, they wouldn't be a dictator. If the guy was just a warlord who didn't OWN planets, and destroy them for leaving, it wouldn't bother me, but he does, and the story tries to portray him as some unbeatable dictator for good. No. That's cognitive dissonance insanity that rather ruins the story. This could be fixed by removing the whole blow up your planet if you leave, and just having him help with cleaning up corruption. It's one or the other, not both, and if you choose the war, then there should be a valid opposing force. Otherwise it's just a novel promoting oppression and dictators. Seriously author, sit down and think about how you are writing this, and there needs to be valid reasoning for these plot points. Maybe there's a reason, but it wasn't made, at least nothing that makes sense. Warhammer for example has reasons, while this guy has none.

Other than that, the story is enjoyable. It just needs work on justifying itself, and maybe the dark Lord shouldn't attack planets for leaving if he really is good. Being a peacekeeper makes more sense for his personality.


The names are at least original enough. Can't say I've ever heard of a cast of characters named such things. Maybe there is a reason for that.

Anyway, Style is nice enough, though the pacing might need some work to become balanced enough. It just feels like some points were either slowed down of sped up too much for comfort. While this did bring me out of my immersion, I wouldn't call it the most terrible thing. Still enough to lower the rating tho.

4/5 from me.