Borne of Desire

Borne of Desire

by Fuggmann

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A man given a new lease on life finds himself amongst pokemon. From his memories of pokemon as a whole, he assumes the power of pokemon and the world around him runs on convenient fate, rule of cool, and cheesy friendship just like any other anime. Unfortunately for everyone else, he's 100% right.

NOTE: If Borne of Caution is an attempt at a coherent and realistic look at pokemon, then, Borne of Desire is the opposite. It's all the mindless indulgence I DONT want in a serious story. It's a very seat-of-my-pants for-fun project and is written with no storyboard. Updates will be inconsistent and quality cannot be assured. Not to be taken too seriously.

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des émotions et un point de vue surprenant

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

Bien écrit, le prologue est satisfaisant ( et assez drôle quand au pourquoi de l’évenement déclencheur) en introduisant tout les éléments nécessaires à la compréhension du personnage (son histoire, son travail...) même si la raison pour laquelle il à été envoyé dans pokémon est assez floue contrairement à Born of Caution. Les dialogues sont bien écrit et on y voit la construction et les sentiments de personnage différents. Le personnage principal est agréablement surprenant, on le connaît assez bien pour connaître sa ligne de conduite mais pas ce qu’il va faire alors que les évenements se pésentent à lui (je parle ici de la rencontre avec d’autres dresseurs connus). l’histoire est particulière mais à une « logique » satisfaisante et le fait de le voir discuter avec des pokémons est assez drôle (le principe des tropes comme « règle du cool » omniprésent est bien transcrit même si ca ne peut pas être au goût de tous), les chapitres offrent du contenu (il y a moyen de faire trois chapitre court avec un seul) et sont bien écrits (je n’ai jamais eu besoin de relire quelque chose pour le comprendre). J’attend avec impatience le prochain chapitre, le seul « défaut » que je trouve à l’histoire est la vitesse de parution et j’aimerai (même si je suis probablement égoïste, clin d’oeil à Pops) que l’auteur revienne à sa vitesse précedente (2 par mois). Vous faites du très bon boulot !


Having read the author's other pokemon story i didn't imagine the new one would be different enough to warrant the separate story or wouldn't measure up in quality. I gotta say i was completely wrong. I love the different take the new story takes in the same world. Top notch writing on this and the author's other story borne of caution. 


I just knew it was going to be good

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

I can't even say I'm surprised because after reading borne of caution, I knew the story was going to be good and I was not disappointed. I'm so happy I get to read another story written by you specially one in the Sinnoh region now that BDSP and PLA are the most recent games.

I cannot wait to see where you take this story and how the plot will develop overtime I am so excited.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us.


Characters feel really genuine and human

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

I like it as much or even more than your other novel .

For some reason characters feel more genuine and humane here.

Like they are truly expressing there emotions without any censorship .

A better friendship and more emotional without anything feeling contrived.


More emotional. 

Also maybe I like protagonist thinking this with tropes better. Dude is kinda dumbass though.




A lighthearted comedy style story with a heavy focus on slice of life. The story pokes fun at normal power of freinds/love and how different the world is from ours. 

While this book is for a lack of better words 'Fanfiction' the writing and story telling is so genuinely good that it doesn't matter. If you want a nice upbeat story about a trainer and pokemon read it. 


sefea waaew

I'm glad I gave it a chance

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

The description threw me off, I only gave it a chance because I enjoyed born of caution and saw some very good reviews.

I found the premise actually very original 

The idea that the physics in this world follows a shounem anime logic and that he can somewhat abuse such system is not something I've seen before, much less in a pokemon setting



I'm surprised to say that I enjoy this story more than born of caution. I do understand it's a somewhat whacky world, but the main character is (after the first 1-2 chapters) very likable (I like that although not totally open he puts some effort into teaching a little of what he knows to others, he doesn't hoard all of his knowledge) and his interactions with the "original" characters like Paul and expecially Ash is always entertaining.

Can't wait to see them going on gym battles and putting the power of friendship to good use.

Also, even though there are few chapters, there are a lot of pages


Engaging and Realistic Twist on SI

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

This story has been an amazing twist on Pokemon anime SI's with a lot of potential going forward. You can see that it has been well planned out. The only point of note that I would have is that 7 of the 8 Sinnoh gyms are 3vs3 battles. Possibly the windfall from winning a gym battle would be able to meet the costs of catching other Pokemon too. Otherwise I don't see any plotholes int eh story that wont be solved by strong Lucario does strong things.


This one is AmAZIN!! though it takes a lot of time it satisfy my freaking needs of stories/ novels

another thing is i dont know what to say anymore cuz i know i kinda support u (not sure)
you have inspired me to write a pokemon based story though im still not starting


When writing Pokemon fics, most people either try to make it more rational (see Borne of Caution) or just go along with what canon does. This takes canon and leans into it in a way that is incredibly enjoyable. I came in expecting a somewhat cracky fic, but instead I find a story that somehow embraces shounen anime tropes and still stays vaguely serious. Honestly, this is everything I want from a not too serious story.


Fuggman at it again with another well written pokemon story. I look forward to see where he takes this one. The world building is great so far and the characters are enjoyable. I already wish that there were more chapters available to read. 

yada yada yada 50 word limit. When more chapters are out I can have more to say.