Borne of Desire

Borne of Desire

by Fuggmann

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A man given a new lease on life finds himself amongst pokemon. From his memories of pokemon as a whole, he assumes the power of pokemon and the world around him runs on convenient fate, rule of cool, and cheesy friendship just like any other anime. Unfortunately for everyone else, he's 100% right.

NOTE: If Borne of Caution is an attempt at a coherent and realistic look at pokemon, then, Borne of Desire is the opposite. It's all the mindless indulgence I DONT want in a serious story. It's a very seat-of-my-pants for-fun project and is written with no storyboard. Updates will be inconsistent and quality cannot be assured. Not to be taken too seriously.

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Inventor of Sex 2

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Really, how does this novel not have more views?! 

I know there's only three chapters right now, but come on, it's a story by Fuggmann, inventor of sex 2!

...also, it's a pokemon fanfic by the author of the most popular pokemon fanfic on this site. They know their stuff.

Great author in general, as well. They come to the table with the kind of quality you see in bookstores, and even some of the bestseller lists.

Fun style, less cautious MC with more genre savviness than his last work. Still rather down to earth, though. It's nice to see a MC be genuinely excited for the fantastical situation they are in.

Great set up for the story, we are only three chapters in, but I'm excited and can only hope for more!

Absolutely no grammatical mistakes as well, which is actually rather rare. You know you're reading something different when you have to get into college level sentence structure if you want to complain about grammar.

Great characters all around, you really get that 'almost everyone is super nice' vibe you always get from the real pokemon. Y'know, because the pokemon are a great influence, and all that.



Maybe it's supposed to be taken seriously. Honestly not sure about it yet, seeing as the author has an unquenchable love of making everything as closely themed to the originals as possible. Gonna keep this review short so the Grammar is better than most of what this site can produce, the style is actually interesting to read, and the characters, while not having much light on them yet, seem engaging enough to hold for a few thousand chapters  

Medicine Inc.

When I saw the title of this story, I was worried it would be nothing but smut. To be fair, the word desire can be interpreted in a very lewd way. That being said, I am happy to report that for now all that trashy stuff is nowere to be found. Instead what you will find is a heartwarming bond and a great use of tropes. The only complaint that I really have is the fact that I have to wait for the next chapter. Heres hoping for more to come!


I might actually end up enjoying this more than Borne of Caution. The writing is as good as ever, with a great blend of self-aware parody and actual serious emotional scenes. So far really good and worth a read. lorem ipsum delgata arturest aslpotn houk yelatino follovia  monduras terria nohantes kama sou helptfa thoebs heldut sdufrysa workt trsent ahor orsthbdsa dfghsd asyadb thadgaeth trhssdjukjhs juordtyarg uyfdkdjiu                                       


Local pokemon aficionado strikes gold once again

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

Fuggmann delivers once again. If you are already familiar with his other story then give this a go right away, Im sure you will enjoy it. 

On fuggmann and this work as a pokemon fanfic

For those new to either 2 works by fuggmann I can only recommend leaving any hestitation to jump in the realm of fanfiction at the door. Fuggman's stories are marked by excellent worldbuilding and compelling characters you might not instantly attribute to any work of pokemon fanfiction. Even without the pokemon link, his works so far easily have the merits to stand on their own. 

Writing style wise, the flow is excellent. I have not been bothered by any major grammar mistakes and though I do not necessarily enjoy some of the more rigorous uses of bold text here and there that is more a personal taste question than an indictment.


While the world building so far has been excellent, it is clear that there is a heavy focus on character driven arcs as well. This review has been written as of chapter 2 but already you could say we have started to resolve 2 character arcs and I hope to see more in the future.


Good story so far, shows promise. The author has already proven before that he can deliver some good stuff: Come on and give this one a go.


I came here after catching up to the latest chapter of Borne of Caution. I needed some more good pokemon stories and pleasantly found this. Fuggman has already shown in Borne of Caution his skill to create an amazing story, so I'm really looking forward to this. Some things I absolutely love about their work is the way they incorporate characters from the actual pokemon series, and expand them into so much more. The journey with teamates and the interactions with pokemon are amazing. So far our mc Julian is still getting accustomed to his new world and hasn't started his pokemon journey, but I'm definitly looking forward to it. Opposed to the mc of Borne of Caution Lee, it seems like Julian is gonna be more interested in pokemon battles. This is what I wanted in Borne of Caution, a player who could make use of the knowledge developed by many of the people from Earth and expand on it to become an amazing pokemon trainer, however Lee ends up wanting to be more of a professor rather than a trainer. Perhaps it might change, idk but that's how he currently feels as of chapter 24. Anyways, I still love it since Fuggmann just makes the simple experience of it all so nice. Idrk how to describe it. While my fond memories of playing pokemon in the past does play a role in it, it wouldn't matter if Fuggmann didn't have the skill to create lovable characters (ppl and pokemon included), describe in wonderful detail the journeying through the world and experiencing new locations (it's just so nice to imagine not being bogged down by work and getting to explore), and so much more. Author is amazing. I'm also glad that they stuck with portraying the pokemon as inteligent beings and not just pets here in Borne of Desire, and can't wait to see who he adventures with, his battles, and his journey. 


Borne of Caution, but a different (better?) genre

Reviewed at: Chapter 3

Basically the title, I liked Borne of Caution to the point I'd rec it in spite of it using 'realism' in a world where the realistic isn't and the impossible is commonplace, this is taking it from the other direction and actually using the unrealistic parts mostly as they come, which I heartily approve of! The Style and Grammar are of the quality expected, that is excellent. The Story is, to me at least, even more compelling than the amazingness that was Borne of Caution, due again to the aforementioned utilization of the Tropes and mostly ‘unrealistic’ bits of the pokemon games and anime rather than ignoring them in the name of making things more like our reality. As for the characters, what we've seen of them so far at least, they have actually had depth that's normally difficult to convey in such a short period.

There’s not much else to say due to how short the story is currently, though really I can’t wait to see how the plot develops even if I wish the timeline was shifted a bit so we could see more of the early movie plots being an influence.

*shakes head*
But that’s besides the point, the author is doing excellently and I can't wait for more.


Once again, terrible... that there isn't more

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

I loved borne of caution. This is less about the emotions and realism, but I am loving this one almost as much and I only wish there were 50 more chapters to binge.

I might even enjoy it just as much once we have more time to get attached to the characters (and borne of caution is one of my all time favorites)

The only critic is the assigning numbers to power out of the blue felt jarring and maybe could have been introduced slower by testing rather than stating them.


pretty much the best pokemon fiction i've ever read, and very nice way of standardizing how closely pokemon relate to irl animals

overall very good, also good grammar and other things, the only downside is the erratic updates but even so they are rather often so no complaints there either.


Fuggman at it again with another well written pokemon story. I look forward to see where he takes this one. The world building is great so far and the characters are enjoyable. I already wish that there were more chapters available to read. 

yada yada yada 50 word limit. When more chapters are out I can have more to say.