Against the Odds: A LITRPG Apocalypse

Against the Odds: A LITRPG Apocalypse

by Roto

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Slated to be executed, Aaron's prospects in life are bleak. However, with the introduction of the system, he gains the chance to escape. It won’t be easy, monsters run rampant, and demonic alien invaders have turned the prison into a stronghold. Not to mention the prison’s original inhabitants - the most dangerous criminals in all of America.

Faced with overwhelming odds, his only hope of victory lies in using every dirty trick in the book. Luckily for him, as the self-proclaimed best thief in the world, his bag of tricks runs deep.


Hi Everyone,

If you want to learn a little bit more about the book before deciding whether to read it, I've included a bullet point list of some of the things that the story features:

-A strong but not overpowered protagonist.


-Characters that make reasonable decisions and have more personality than a box of cardboard.

-A standard litrpg progression with plenty of level ups and blue screens.

-A highly customizable Skill system. For example, with enough Skill Points, Mana Bolt can be upgraded to shoot out multiple orbs at once, follow targets to become undodgeable, or simply hit harder. Anything is possible with the right combination of Skill Paths.

-Interesting fight scenes

-A morally grey main character. They’re not mustache-twirling levels of evil, but they’re no stranger to crime.

-The apocalypse

-Frequent updates

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Urza Ironclaw

There is nothing objectively wrong with the story. Grammar and spelling are fine. The prose works. I don't really like the characters, but that is just my opinion.

To the problems:
A) Alcatraz has been shut down since the 60s. If this had been about a group of tourists on Alcatraz it would have been more interesting.
B) There were no executions that took place on Alcatraz Island. They didn't have the facilities for it.
C) I seriously doubt someone would have been sentenced to death for being a thief. That isn't a capital crime.
D) People are usually held more then a couple weeks before execution.
I get that this could take place in an alternate reality beside our own and some suspension of disbelief is needed. I just feel that the suspension of disbelief should be for the fantastical elements of the story and not for the basis that could be believable.

Overall, not bad, I just didn't like it.


My review got deleted so here we go again.

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: A Whole New World

I don't often go read LITrpg's to psychoanalyize them, I read them for fun!

I read hem to watch the numbers go up and up and the MC destroy their enemies. That said, this story fulfills that wonderfully. It was a throughly enjoyable read, and will continue to be, as I will keep reading it.


So far it's really good, yeah how fast he adapts is weird, but but hey he is a so called self proclaim "master thief"


Its good so give it a chance, that's really all I got to say. I'm a big fan of litrpg post-apocalypse, and this fits the tea.


also hey he drew penis's and I respect that, even tho the warden is pretty sus, you know what I mean


Quite the lovely little novel here so far If I do say so myself. 

A lovely take on the lit-Rpg System with unique characters and a fun setting that really bring back childhood fascinations. Everything isn't explained at once and that's okay, the author makes sure to leave quite a bit of room for future chapters and monologues. I also like how much of the system and things aren't explained it leaves quite a bit open for future expansion. The author even manages to avoid the #1 Lit RPG trap by avoiding describing something as " the best " or the strongest skill, leaving themselves stuck as for expansion into greater things. So far the humor has been on point and the MC has just been a blast to read. Figuratively and Literally of course. 

So far I'd have to say that the author's biggest strength is their ability to write and introduce fun and nuanced characters. 

I especially like chapter 13, to be honest, it really shows what goods the author has up to offer up in this fun little world. 

Great job Author, have a taco !!! I also recommend carne asada and jalapeno poppers, their absolutely amazing. 


Are the tables weird or is that just me?

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: Davy Jones' Locker

Like, the barriers meant to be on the outer edges are actually inside the blue instead of surrounding it? Is that just me? Is it intentional perhaps? Yeah, it just has to be a design choice or something.

Anyway. Gonna keep this short. I like the characters, even if there are some personality quirks that I had to question slightly. Self-consciousness is something the guy has got to work on. Style is alright and the grammar is better than average. 5/5 from me.


Delivers what tags promise

Reviewed at: Chapter 15: Prize Tower

My remark at the end of the second chapter was: readers get invested in the character / protagonist quickly. Since the MC is believably a criminal that took story telling skills. It's a pity reviews are required to be fifty words or more long  I tend to stop when I've said what I had to say