Hero for Hire

by arcadiablade

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy
Can a hero be bought?
Can he go save you for money?

A boy was paid in teaching the heroes. He can insult the king, make a princess cry and only save people at a cost. He is a bastard that everyone hates but why? Find out as we go on a journey with a former hero as he wants his reward, in cash.
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Word Count (VII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The return of the hero ago
Chapter 1: How much? ago
This is not a chapter ago
Chapter 2: Big Bro ago
Chapter 3: How to spend the money? ago
Chapter 4: An old Aquiantance ago
Chapter 5: Miaka, the fox-beast girl ago
Chapter 6: The encounter with a demon ago
Chapter 7: Miaka gets serious ago
Chapter 8: The final Training ago
Chapter 9: Pierce at the heart ago
Chapter 10: Fake Death ago
Arc 2: You will never be forgiven ago
Arc 2 Chapter 1: The new teacher ago
Arc 2 Chapter 2: A kind introduction ago
Arc 2 Chapter 3: Vengence ago
Arc 2 Chapter 4: Yumiko's Heart and Touya's rage ago
Arc 2 Chapter 5: The Encounter ago
Arc 2 Chapter 6: Memories (part 1) ago
Arc 2 Chapter 7: Memories (Part 2) ago
Arc 2 Chapter 8: Memories (part 3) ago
Arc 2 Chapter 9: Memories (Final part) ago
Arc 2 Chapter 10: A warm heart ago
Arc 2 Chapter 11: Master and desciple ago
Arc 2 Chapter 12: The pendant ago
Arc 2 Epilogue: The goddess smile ago
Arc 3 Prologue ago
Arc 3 Chapter 1: The transfer student ago
Arc 3 Chapter 2: The shackles that bind him ago
Arc 3 Chapter 3: Close call ago
Arc 3 Chapter 4: Return ago
Arc 3 Chapter 5: Long Time ago
Arc 3 Chapter 6: Excecution ago
Arc 3 Chapter 7: Transform ago
Arc 3 Chapter 8: Dragon form ago
Arc 3 Chapter 9:The Goddess’ Play ago
Arc 3 Chapter 10: Assassins and the masked girl ago
Arc 3 Chapter 11: Haru vs the masked girl ago
Arc 3 chapter 12: The end of his princess ago

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Interesting premise, inconsistent personality

The story itself has an interesting plot, which i can see going and developing in several ways. The style of writing is good, with a third person view of the main protagonist allowing the author to put a significant amount of focus on other characters as well, giving readers a wide perspective of the environment and the MC’s interactions.


The grammar though, is horrid, but it is always an aspect that can be improved with a little effort and continuous writing. Or, the author could just get a PR. The thing that irks me the most though, is the main character. The author changes his personality as he sees fit, as long as it barely explains the Mc’s actions. For example, for an ex-hero who hates the kingdom and refuses to help, while it is arguable that he would help the kingdom for money, his attitude seems to take a sudden 180 degree turn when interacting with the new heros that he is supposedly going to train.


I hope that the author keeps his writing in check and makes sure there is some consistency in not only the MC’s personailty, but also any future key characters to come. A good way of doing so would be to plan out in detail what you would write, considering each character’s actions before actually putting it down in writing.



On a side note, here is my fiction, please do check it out. 


  • Overall Score

Interesting idea but the grammar is terrible

It looks like it could be a good fiction but the grammar is terrible,since the idea is actually interesting i´ll give this 2 stars but this fiction needs a PR urgently if it´s going to be successful.

  • Overall Score

Looking forward to the story's progression

seems very interesting. the story makes a new twist on the classic "hero", and actually gives him a spine.  looking forward for more updates

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It's a good story, has some nice characters and decent grammar. 

an while i do like the story quite a bit my only real issue with it would be the multiple non linear revisits of what happened in the past. while it adds some great details to the story it feels like there are so many of those moments that the story in the current time line seems to be left behind.

doesn't stop me from reading it though :)

hope to read more of it in the future

  • Overall Score

i like the story,backround,characters,plot...all are good,i'm only annoyed about the grammar

Kirito Kirigaya
  • Overall Score

Well as long as i overlook the grammar , the story it self is really interesting for me and i can't wait for more ~

  • Overall Score

this ficjtion is a pure garbage.. the illogical bullshit  of the mc.. hes overpowered that he defeated the demon king but then he didnt put revenge at his enemies ... the mc is pure bullshit whos only a talk that cant do a shit...