Celestial Dominator

Celestial Dominator

by Mastah

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Meeting his demise just before his ascension to Godhood due to a minor interruption, Feng Tian finds himself back in time when he had just been a talent-less youth rotting in the slums of the Great War Zone.

Realizing what a great boon he had received from the Heavens, he vows... to take revenge- Ah, wait! Since time reversed, wouldn't his enemies no longer be his enemies so he couldn't really take revenge, right? And since he wasn't dumb enough to be bitten from the same hole twice...

Now, what the fuck is an MC who travels back in time even supposed to do? Ah, yes! Dominate the Universe with his prophetic knowledge, bed all the grand beauties,  get all the Divine treasures, and reach the peak of his life and ascend to Heaven as a true God! Maybe?


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