It feels chilly.

I don’t know why, but it feels chilly.

I curl up in my blanket to gather warmth, but it still feels chilly.

No matter what position I end up in, it still feels chilly.

I wanted to open my eyes and see what the problem exactly was only for the chill to fade away. It wasn’t immediate, but a slow and steady flow that made me think of a melting snowflake.

Soon, the cold faded as I felt warm again. The warmth was comforting. Too comforting.

Soon, I realized what kind of misfortune had befallen me. I was sick.

It took me a while to realize it since the last time this happened, I was still on my milk teeth. Also, I took proper care of my body—courtesy to Julian—but it was still a surprise, nonetheless. I tried moving around, only to realize that I was firmly rooted, wherever I was.

My breath felt hot and my throat was always on the verge of coughing, but never did. I felt like I had sucked the exhaust and the grime was now alive and sexually committed to my tonsils.

Absolutely repulsive. Its like orgasm-denial, but way worse… second only to the feeling of a spoon of yogurt being shoved down your throat… Ugh!

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..I’m really creative, aren’t I? Not for a single second did I think my mind had that much potential, but anyway.

Ads aside, the heat was rising steadily and I began to feel a bit of discomfort. It felt difficult to breathe so I just focused all my efforts into it, distracting myself from the pain. Why? Coz I don’t wanna die so young.

I heard a bit of rumbling around me and felt the touch of something cool. I still couldn’t reach out so I kept still, but the cold touch faded away.

No! Stop in the name of the Law! I thought to no avail. Realizing that it was Julian, I calmed down, waiting for something to happen and it did! It felt like a cold blanket had been wrapped around my head, lessening the pain enough for me to rest.

A little while later, I felt a cool stream gushing down my throat much to my surprise. It had a bit of a disgusting taste, but I had vague recognition of it. It was the “Medication” I used to take often in the past. Horrid memories those were, but I still treasured them…

Anyway, the heat subsided I felt clear-headed and ready for a fresh new morning!

…But, why am I still unable to get up?

I desperately tried moving about or maybe even screaming out loud, hoping to cause some change, but nothing. It was as if I had become a vegetable, unable to move my fit frame that I spent years to improve!

No way! That can’t be!

But even before I could wallow in despair and self-pity, I felt myself lifted off the soft ground and the rest was inertia. I was thrown about, dangled like a wet rag, pulled by the hem of my clothes and even tasted dust!

Dust, Damnit!

Soon, I was set down like a dirty rag that had completed its share of shit and received a moment of respite that I had been desperately begging for. With some leeway, I focused a bit at my surroundings to try and grasp where I had been transported to.

Is it a hospital? I thought, listening to the scrambled voices around me. I still couldn’t make out the sounds around me, but they felt familiar so I relaxed a bit.

Ducking. Big. Mistake.

I can’t even begin to describe what I felt the seconds after, but if I were to relate it to something realistic, I’d call it “Flashbang’s Bizarre Gangbanging Adventures”, coz that’s exactly how I felt for a time that felt like hours, years even. A screeching static invaded my orifices with breakneck intensity as I was left to wonder why chupacabras weren’t realer than capybaras’ anuses in my Secretariat’s office.

The sentence above is an apt description of my failing mental state against the ravages of the lustrous lightingales of Iowa to break beyond infinity for some massive milkers.

To hell with opium, I need my Serotonin right now! Don’t make me go Karen, Ms. Joe Mama. You’ll regret it. Deeply in your desirable vacated holes. Very much filled with my dripping regret that you would keep begging for it like—

That’s enough.

I guess so. Even I think I went a bit too far on that note. Thanks for stopping me, big deep voice that emanates from my subconscious and now holds what remains of my sanity. I might’ve gone too far deep down the rabbit hole if it weren’t for your timely intervention.

Now, where was I? Oh, right! I was being violated. Thoroughly violated.

Well, after that unfortunate event, I experienced what I could only count as bliss. It was just silence. Pure empty silence. No big white dudes with their big white equipment and the complete lack of cognitive functioning that I so desperately desired.

In any other situation, I would’ve been scared out my wits at such a horrifying loss of my senses. But after that, I’m just glad that its finally come to an end.

‘How wonderful.’ I thought, relishing in the peace that had finally dawned on me…



It’s back!

The Violation is back!

Nooo!!! Please, please, please, spare my body…?

..That’s odd. This time, it felt a bit…toned down? It felt like a mild headache, the one you get when you get when you bungee jump like a meth-fueled spider monkey or when you pull a nerve on your neck.

Still Horrifying. But manageable.

Wait! It is a mild headache. Oh, my dearest headache, how desperately I’ve missed you! I swear, if you give me another chance, I’ll pledge—wait, what’s with those weird stalker-like lines!

Since when did I speak like that?

But before I could enter a deeper form of contemplation, I came across another life-changing realization. I… I could move again!

Slowly sweeping my hair off my forehead, I tried opening my eyes only to be blasted by an overwhelming sensory input. This shock combined with the shock that I was under an unfamiliar roof was all that my brain needed to get kick started into overdrive.

Now seated upright, I swept my gaze and observed my surroundings—which somehow gave off a dark and eerie ambience, like my grandma’s abandoned well.

Duck this…” I cursed, for my fears had just come true.

Have I been kidnapped? A thought pops in my mind as I try to join the dots together. With all that I’ve been through, it’s the only thing that make sense. I’d probably been drugged and beaten and then flashbanged or something…

My family is pretty rich after all. Also, Dad’s quite famous overseas for making a few key scientific breakthroughs for a special compound that feeds on plastic but then, why are they here?

An assortment of bright colors and pale countenances that were lying all around me, some unconscious while others still reeling in the shock of their situation. Their attire matched that of my School and from what I remember, most of their families were barely above middle-class, so it would be illogical to involve them as well.

Then is it an organ harvesting gang? That’s the only logical option if it isn’t just mindless terrorism… Still, who are these hobos then?

A bunch of people in old fashioned robes were running about the room while examining the kids. They were waving around some sticks like some elementary school children while other were physically assaulting my classmates… Come to think of it, this guy’s also been peeking at me, isn’t he?

I turn to my side staring straight at the dude giving me a wary look and seemingly contemplating whether to approach me or not. Dude, you’re the kidnapper here, you know? I scoff at him and think about what to do next, which is basically looking for my brother.

Well, I didn’t need to work too hard since the blondie was asleep right to my other side. That’s one problem solved. With that out of the way, I was about to approach my meek kidnapper only to feel an intoxicatingly attractive desire to just drop and sleep for all eternity. I swear I’m not even exaggerating the intensity of that sudden urge.

I assumed it was because I was probably famished, but then I caught an unusual scene from the corner of my eye. The kidnapper was waving his wand—which made me question his sanity—but, the tables unexpectedly turned as I was questioning my own the very next second.

There was actually a thread of some translucent thing—for the lack of a better word—reaching out to the back of my head, that I somehow naturally assumed to be the cause of my delirium. Without much more to go off, I gave in, returning to that peaceful slumber while I hoped that my organs aren’t harvested by the time the police arrive.

What a ducking crazy day…


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